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[translation] Free!ES Mini Message Book: Futoshi Nishiya


Futoshi Nishiya (Character Design)

Image on the left:
Thank you for watching the show!!

1. What are the highlights in the vol.7 DVD (ep.13-14)?

(Regarding Episode 13) It’s the grand finale of Haruka’s story in Free!
(Regarding Episode 14) Who would’ve thought, after all this time, the day would come when we had to draw so many of Samezuka’s white school uniform…

There were lots of combinations of characters who previously had precious few interactions, so it was quite refreshing.

2. Please tell us any secret backstage story (memories).

I feel like I’ve drawn a lifetime’s worth of high school boys in swimsuits! I’m very satisfied!! lol

3. A message to those who bought the package.

I thought I’ve already given it all in season 1, but now we have a season 2 and we could portray more of these characters in full again.  I am really thankful from the bottom of my heart.

 I feel so grateful that we’ve received so much support from everyone.

Thank you for buying this!

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My bookshelf is kind of a mess right now, since I recently moved, and got the last of my remaining things from my parents house (which was mostly books from my childhood) and then realized that I don’t have enough space on my shelf for everything I own… In addition to books, I have my yearbooks from grades 2-12, a few old textbooks, and those three big binders on the bottom shelf are entirely filled with sheet music that I “borrowed” from my high school and college choirs.