those babies are the cutest in the world

✰✰important advice from someone who loves u

if youre ever feeling self-conscious about your body, your face, your hobbies, your personality- 100% throw those thoughts away in your mind. you are perfect the way you are and YOU are literally the cutest lil bee ever. dont let others determine who you are or dominate the way you see yourself. there is so much about you that makes you beautiful in your own way; if the whole world was full of the same person, it wouldnt be much fun would it!! i love u lil bees, stay perfectly you. :)))

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Is it weird that I think Noel fisher probably has the cutest sneeze in the whole world?

you know, i’ve never thought about this but now i’m gonna think about it all day.

do you think he has a baby sneeze or does he sneeze with his whole body? does he cover his mouth with his hand or does he sneeze into his elbow? maybe he has one of those sneezes where it’s silent except for the rush of breath he lets out afterwards because he was trying to hold it in.

i’ve been awake for less than two minutes.

Picture Preference 3 {Omaha}

Mother Daughter Moment He Posts About 

Nate:    My Queen and our new Princess. Welcome to the world my sweet Y/D/N. #family #myworld 

Sammy:  Those smiles make my world go ‘round #blessed

Jack G:  I’ve got the cutest dates of ‘em all!  

Jack J:  Y/D/N is so excited to be a big sister. She talks to him/her all the time! @Y/T/N We raised an angel! 

Swazz:  Our girls are asleep and the baby boy and I have to slip in quietly. #SleepingBeauties 

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BTS Reaction to their gf having cute moans

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Jin: The first time he heard you moan, I could see him thinking you were just about the cutest thing he’d ever seen in his life. The biggest smile would be on his face and he would pepper yours with kisses, all the while trying to encourage you to do it again as his hips moved against yours. “I have the cutest Jagi in the world.”

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Suga: I could see the fact that your moans had a naturally cute and innocent sound to them being a big turn on for this one. I could see it spurring on some straight up dirty talk. Each time you’d let out one of those cute moans of yours, head pin your wrists above your head, lips by your ear as he whispered “that’s right princess, keep it up. You like it when I fuck you like that baby? Scream for me.”

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J Hope: I could see him getting even more fired up with the more sounds you made. He’d be trying hard to milk more of those sounds from you. He’d be trying new things, trying to push you to your limit. He’d want to see just what you could take. He would make it his mission to find every little turn on you had, whether you knew you had it or not. He’d be trying things you’d only dreamed about, things you’d never thought of before, he’d be pulling out all the stops for you. 

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Rap Monster: This guy would get SUPER cocky about it. Once he heard the way he made you moan, he’d be teasing you about it. “That’s right baby, that feels fucking good doesn’t it? I told you I’d make you scream tonight sweetie. Don’t ever underestimate me.”

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Jimin: He would be a mess of giggles. It wasn’t funny, and he didn’t think it was funny, it’s just that you sounded so damn cute. At first, his giggles would make you self conscious because you thought he was making fun of you. He would start peppering sweet kisses all over your face and neck, whispering sweet nothings in your ear and turning an ordinary sex session into a sweet and passionate round of love making. 

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V: Honestly, I could see this being a BIG turn on for him. Rather than getting cocky or super vocal like some of his hyungs, he’d just silently appreciate what he was doing to you, the look on his face being the one from the gif as he looked down at you underneath him, totally lost in pleasure and moaning his name oh my god i need a glass of water holy fuck and he’d maybe start showing off a little bit, using his fingers to tease your clit and add to the stimulation as he thrusted inside of you. He wouldn’t need to ask if you liked it, he knew you loved it.

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Jungkook: He’d be another one that would get really cocky hearing your cute moans. He’d become extra dominant with you, doing everything he could to break you down further. He’d think to himself “I’ve heard her moan…but I haven’t heard her beg…I want that next”. He’d keep you pinned down, your legs thrown over his shoulders as he really focused on his new goal in mind.

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  • Kendra: Okay, which one is Snart?
  • Sara: Look for the one with horns.
  • Kendra: Found him.
  • Sara: Great, grab him. Let's go.
  • Kendra: Well, hello, baby Snart. Look at you.
  • Sara: Kendra, come on. We don't have time for this.
  • Kendra: Look.
  • Sara: Oh, look at those cheeks. You are the cutest little baby in the world.
  • Kendra: Poor kid. He's gonna have a rough life ahead of him.
  • Sara: Good thing we're kidnapping him.

It’s official. I found the cutest little buck in the world. Everyone else can go home.

In all seriousness, though, look at this little man. Look at that cute Roman nose. Look at those ittle baby pedicles. Look at those teeth growing in. Look at him look at him look at him. 

I wasn’t expecting to pick anything up today. I started my morning with a naturalist training class, then decided to scope out the stretch of road where I have found literally five out of six of my deer skulls. I didn’t plan on bringing anything home–just canvassing the area to see if any new carcasses had appeared. 

I found what I believe–based on their placement–to be the scattered remains of Punk and Eva, two does whose skulls I collected last year. I picked up a couple of toe bones from them, and was on my way back to the car when I saw something white in the brush. Of course, my general rule of scavenging is that if it looks even remotely like a bone, it has to be investigated. So I did. And saw this handsome little treasure’s tiny pedicle poking out of the grass.

I spent about an hour scouring the ground around him. He was young enough that most of his growth plates were still unfused or were in the process of fusing. I only found one mandible, but I also took back several toe bones, his atlas and axis, and a few vertebrae that appeared to have deformities.

I’ve been calling him my “little treasure buck”, because one of the first things I said to him was that he was such a precious treasure. I’m thinking I’ll look up treasure-related names and see if any of them stick to him.

I’ve had him home for less than half an hour and I love him so much.