those b boys are so cool

got7 if they lived in the hood

jackson: ‘jaquarious’
- ghetto asf
- nearly all his friends are black
- probably would have those corny Instagram captions that uses excessive emojis and some lyrics from a rap song
- wears Jordan’s
- “What’s up bruh.”
- listens to nothing but hip hop & r&b
- white shirts with gucci belts
- is actually really sweet
- doesn’t wanna die so he never says the n word
- gf is most likely not korean
- people make fun of his dreads

jaebum: just 'JB’
- cool with the gangs
- probably keeps a glock with him at all times
- known to be real intimidating in the streets
- wears bucket hats no matter what
- probably likes black girls
- black long sleeve shirts
- probably has one of those square brick houses with those small driveways
- b-boys in the middle of the roads with other people from the block

bambam: 'brandon’
- stays in the house cause he scared af
- is one of those lil bad ass kids that be running around with no shoes on
- said the n word once and almost got jumped
- scared to wear his designer clothes cause he don’t want nobody stealing his stuff
- shitty android
- speaks emojis and slang
- “Do you know how to dab?”
- goes to a predominately black school
- cringe
- lives in the back where’s there’s a dead end
- referred to as the 'Asian boy’

jinyoung: james
- doesn’t actually live in the hood
- knows 5 people that do
- lives in the white folks neighborhoods aka the suburbs
- friends call him a sellout for not living in the hood
- “I don’t associate with you people.”
- zooms through streets starting with numbers or is named 'Goodwin’ or 'Jackson’
- scared to get out his car
- mad and bougie

yugyeom: goes by 'kyum’
- lives in the brick apartment complexes that’ll get shut down one day
- can dance his ass off
- scared of everything
- always in the house before the street lights come on
- plays basketball outside with one of those raggedy basketball goals
- android user
- everybody got his snapchat
- “I’m just Yugyeom.”
- bumps rap music at 10pm
- unknown SoundCloud rapper

mark: 'marcus’
- smokes weed with his friends
- skates at the raggedy vandalized neighborhood park
- rap music & nothing else
- “You wanna play basketball man?”
- tries to stay away from certain snake friends bc they’ll get him hurt
- stays to himself most of the time
- black caps
- wears yeezys outside of the hood cause he’ll get his shit rocked if he wears them while in the hood
- everyone is always at his house

youngjae: 'lorenzo’
- lives near the hood but won’t stay there
- thinks it’s too dangerous
- goes there to visit his friends
- “Oh hello!”
- always smiling even though he know he’s in the wrong environment
- friends of all color
- people always ask him to sing
- scared for life

Dating Minghao would include:

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Xu Minghao

-what a baby

-but he’s your baby

-loves to do totally age-inappropriate things with you (like sneak out of the Pledis dorm at 3 am just to meet you at a local playground and run around with you until dawn)

-((what no that never happened))

-teaching you Chinese

-then getting pissed off when you can’t form a coherent sentence



-lets you pick all of his hair colors 

-for some reason he just loves to listen to your reason behind picking the color

-“I just really like the red because you’re starting to mature and take on a more serious role in the group and… why are you looking at me like that”

-and he’s just sitting across the table like

- :^))))

-attack back hugs

-he loves to snuggle up to you at any given moment because you’re his walking pillow

-therefore, he’s VERY big on skinship

-you don’t know why, but he always thought you were out of his league

-so he likes to make sure everyone sees his arm around you or his hand in yours

-dance parties in your living room at all hours of the day

-sometimes you start a competition, but then he pulls out those fricky fricky fresh b-boy moves (because Minghao is an over-competitive lil shit)

-and you’re just like

-“ok cool bye”

-and he goes running after you and tackles you to the with one of those back hugs and attacks you with lil kisses

-“jagiiiiiii I’m sorry I loooove youuuuu”


-and you two just lay there giggling in each other’s arms until

-“…..I did technically win though didn’t I”


-surprisingly rough with kisses????

-idk why

-like they’re never just chill lil pecks on the lips

-it’s always i n t e n s e

-like push-you-up-against-the-nearest-wall intense

-even when it’s a simple goodbye right before he leaves for practice

-he’ll grab you and swing you around all of a sudden and just crash his lips into yours

-“okay bye love you”

-“um uhhhh o-okay yeah right back at ya hahaha”

-and after the door shuts you’re just like

-“frick he’s good at that”


-even right in front of him

-“Hey guys do you like this shirt I-”



-“I hate you both”

-taking you out is his number one favorite thing to do

-like he prepares weeks in advance

-he even buys you new dresses to wear so that “we can match, jagi!!”

-you must admit, he picks them well

-you guys are always the hottest couple in the place, doesn’t matter if you’re at the fanciest place in town or a KFC

-but he would NEVER allow a date in KFC

-no no only the finest for his woman

-he especially loves taking you to high dollar Chinese restaurants so you can “stop pretending Panda Express is Chinese food”

-the kind of man to hold your hand across the table and dab your mouth with a napkin while he looks at you all sweetly

-but then y'all get home and it’s


-jk but for real, nights spent with him are incredible

-really slow and sweet, just wants to take care of you

-and then you two watch the sun come up through the windows as you lay your head on his chest and listen to his breathing

-and he’s just softly running his fingers through your hair

-and really quietly, he’ll remind you that you’re the light of his life

-and you just look up at him and smile as he caresses your cheek

-so yeah Minghao would be so perfect you could never understand why he chose you

-yet he thinks the same about you

-you just live in awe of each other every day and it’s as close to euphoric as you’ve ever been

Today befor the drama happens, they are having their pregame at Kollektivet bc somehow Eskild is also going to the karaoke bar (”You said the magic word, it summons him, Isak.” - “I just said karaoke when he asked what I was doing on friday” - “Exactly”). 

This song comes on. Even is standing behind Isak while they talk with the boys and starts swaying more and more. When the lyrics say up up up up up Even whispers them in his ear until Isak turns around, a fond and somewhat tipsy smile on his face. He looks along his nose at Even, lips just slightly pouting.

And Even sings the words lowly and moves his head from side to side, sometimes flicking his nose over Isak’s playfully. At the part of I want you closer to me pulling Isak further in, with the hands that rest on his hips, which has Isak raise his eyebrows flirtily.

And everytime the part of say my name comes on, Even gives him a smooch.
On his cheek, on his nose, on his lips, on his forehead, on his eyebrow. The kisses have Isak grinning and at the one on the eyebrow even giggling. Isak puts his arms around Evens neck, trying to catch those lips and make out some. They keep swaying in the rhythm and sometimes when their mouths pull apart repeat the game of Even singing and Isak chasing.

(Meanwhile: The boys don’t even register stuff like this anymore and are in a deep discussion if Mags’ newest business idea is crap or not.)

Short flip boy headcannons

-Nadayia is taller then him so he starts wearing slightly heeled boots

-those boots make it harder for him to do his flips and tricks but he still wears them outta spite

-his brothers gym originally an American ninja warrior training gym but after remmy couldn’t pass the first obstical and so it becomes a general gymnastics gym where they teach all ages

-Irene takes a class to A)improve athletics and B)Get closer to remmy and like comfert and support him after Nadayia rips him

-Like I already see him dabing in my mind anytime he does like a cool flip or something

-would still do water bottle flips

-is a very good teacher and like now has an army of little gymnasts that love him

-is best friends with everyone of his students and like writes them all personalized birthday cards for their birthdays

get to know me 👹

lol omg so many ppl tagged me in this. i’m only doin’ it because @essiesims forced me to and i guess i owe her something for posting shiti on my dear bb boy santi’s birthday. (i’m holdin u to it b*tch)

1) Rules: tag 9 people who you would like to know better.

um i think everyone and their mother has done this already so if you’re one of those ppl who feels left out because you haven’t been tagged i tag u

i’m boring but if you want to know me i guess CLICK THIS

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i love how predebut minghao had so much swag and was basically too cool for school wearing all those swaggy outfits with those jeans and the beanie and dat hair and those cool v-signs and poses that he does and that one piercing with his dance squad but now he’s all really adorable and delicate and shy and quiet and precious cinnamon roll too good for this world .. too pure i love minghao how much u gonna bet in a few years he’s goin to show his full on swag and just b-boys everywhere like yOOOOO

Fuck Cho PD

Like he didnt learn SHIT from what happened with BLOCK B. Why would you steal from TOPP DOGG and their fans????????? Why would you take money from them knowing they’re struggling in korea as it fucking it. TOPP DOGG isnt out here busting their asses for you to be stealing from them. TOPP DOGG is so fucking underrated and underappreciated that its not even fucking funny anymore. All those boys are got damn fucking talented and yet they’re wasting away because Cho PD couldnt get his shit together. Shout out to P-Goon for being an awesome and caring asf leader for calling out Cho PD to get their money back. That shit aint cool AT ALL. I hope Hunus get TOPP DOGG’s money back cause honestly fuck Cho PD. I’ll say it til they can get their money back. TOPP DOGG stayed loyal to his fuck ass because they thought he wasnt gonna do that to them. My poor babies TOPP KLASS will ALWAYS be here for y’all. 

it makes me feel like… eh when i see all these non-black kpop fans gassing up kpop hip-hop boy groups for putting out “fire af twerk songs” and “lit mixtapes” and its so easy to spot the ones who get most their exposure to hip hop thru kpop

if you love BTS, topp dogg, monsta x and all of them other hip hop boy groups thats cool. cause i stan tf outta block b and bts.

its an issue to me if thats the only “hip hop” youre really into. cause it seems like you love black culture just without black people

reminds me of those folks who think rapping/hip hop is sexy when kpop idols do it but its ghetto when black people do it– i have a undying particular hate for people like that

but thats another post and this is super unoriganized cause im just rambling

Experience with Seventeen stans.
  • S.coups: makes a lot of ice cream puns, relatively nice and ships jeongcheol more than anything.
  • Jeonghan: I don't know if they like Jeonghan, or just like his hair. Worships Jeonghan in every way possible, fantasies include brushing his hair french braiding it.
  • Joshua: I can't make jokes about this bc everyone is Joshua biased.
  • Jun: Probably a rlly sad soul bc bby jun gets ignored and vv lil gifs and scenarios liKE YO WTF.
  • Hoshi: sweet and actually pretty shy considering I don't really know many~ but loves hoshi a lot I guess???????
  • Woozi: "Seventeen? more like Woozi and his backup singers." Woozi stans will do anything to bring up Woozi, anything. If you gave me a picture of his toe I can identify that as Woozi.
  • DK: No offense do you guys exist??? I Don't think I've ever met a dk stan. :-(
  • Mingyu: If you bring up Mingyu at all they will start crying and collapse to the floor from thinkin about his face, trust me it happens.
  • The8: Talks about how sweet and nice their bias is all the time until he pulls out his b-boy skills and they're prepared for a war.
  • Seungkwan: Even though there a few, they're the loudest of all and honestly they will stop at nothing to protect their sweet little boonan.
  • Vernon: These people make so many memes, you look at seventeen memes and 80% of those memes were made my hansol stans. They're rlly funny and cool until you make any sort of offensive joke about vernon, if you make them mad you are in my prayers my friend.
  • Dino: there isn't much to say bc again there is not that many, as a dino stan (along with woozi) he's pretty much the cutest thing to walk the earth like I squeal just by him sighing or something, I hope other stans feel that way too. also pretty much the son of all seventeen stans.

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hi! could i request bboy aomine or kagami? or both?? and like one of them sees the other and just is amazed at first sight and so on? i love your fics and drabbles!! the prompt is urs to mess with if youd like, keep up the good work! 😊😍

Okay so I don’t know the first thing when it comes to breakdancing so please forgive any inconsistencies (^^;;) All knowledge comes from Google-san.

Imagine they’re doing this. XD

Kagami bounced the basketball on the concrete idly as he walked down the street. He’d finished moving into his new apartment just yesterday, and he couldn’t wait to get some hoops in. Back in LA, he’d had more than basketball as a hobby, but he didn’t think anyone in Japan – or at least nearby – did the other thing he was interested in.

He close to the gate of the nearest basketball court when he heard the music. No vocals, just repetitive beats that made Kagami’s muscles twitch with memory. He ran the remaining distance, swinging the gate open to see a boy on the courts, breakdancing on a piece of cardboard laid on the concrete, his phone playing music beside him.

He spun his legs around effortlessly in a windmill, before letting one hand grab his feet while the other pushed his body off the ground. Then his navy eyes met Kagami’s. He hopped onto two hands, and jumped off them to land on his feet. His dark hair stuck to his forehead as he lifted his shirt to wipe the sweat off his upper lip. Kagami’s eyes flicked over him. He was slim yet built, probably been b-boying for years given by the fluidity of his moves.

“Haven’t seen you around,” he said, his voice rough.

Kagami blinked. “Uh, yeah, um. I just moved in…” he waved vaguely, still stunned.

The man’s eyes drifted to the basketball. “You play?” he grinned.

“Uh, yeah. Oh, Kagami Taiga,” Kagami held out a hand.

He walked up to the redhead and shook it. “Aomine Daiki.”

“You’re really good at b-boying,” Kagami said. “I’ve never seen someone spin a windmill for that long.”

“Basketball and breakdancing? Looks like we’ve got those in common,” Aomine said with a smirk.

“I dabble,” Kagami smiled. “My neighbour in LA was adept at Capoeira, so she taught us kids a few cool moves.”

Aomine raised an eyebrow. “Capo-what-now?”

Kagami laughed. “It’s a Brazilian martial art. But there are a lot of moves in breakdancing as well that come from it.”

Aomine looked at him thoughtfully. “You know, there’s a tournament tomorrow I was just practicing for. I’m tight with the organisers, I could slot you in.”

“Wow, really?” Kagami beamed. Maybe this was a good opportunity to make more friends, too.

Aomine blinked, his eyes flickering over Kagami’s face and his cheekbones tinging a slight pink. Must’ve been the heat. “Uh, yeah, yeah sure. Just come back here tomorrow morning at ten and I’ll see you then!” he grabbed his stuff. “I’d love to play ball with you but I don’t want to get too tired. See you!”

“Bye…” Kagami stared after him, shrugging. Maybe he could get a little practice in too.

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after reading your beautiful headcanons & scenarios, roundhouse kick me into the atmosphere as i regretfully request a karasuno+kuroo+oikawa where their s/o have been involved in an accident (car crash, whatever you want) & taken to the hospital

Let it be known that all of them would run to their S/O as soon as they heard and none of them end up dead, but the boys weren’t told their condition, so they all go nuts anyway.

Sawamura Daichi: Daichi would lose his cool a lotta bit. He’s used to handling crises on the court but not when they involved actual life and death. Those straight up terrify him. He’d hope with every fiber of his being and end up sprinting to the hospital himself a) because he’s not thinking straight and b) physical exertion is the only way Daichi burns off nerves. He’d be insanely relieved to find out that it was only a concussion and maybe a broken nose from one of their siblings headbutting them too hard in the face.

Sugawara Koushi: It’d be like someone hit the shutdown switch to his everything. His parents would have to rush him to the hospital to go see them to get their son to function properly again. He’d be in tears when he saw the condition they were in, surrounded by various IVs and monitors. He’d be on the verge of an emotional breakdown and so, so scared, even once he learned they were in stable condition and not in any serious danger. He’d stay with them for as long as it took for them to wake up from the induced coma, holding their hand and talking to them, spending every second he possibly could at their bedside.

Azumane Asahi: He always thought about what he’d do if anything ever happened to his S/O but he never imagined he’d actually have to put any of that planning to use. He practically started hyperventilating when he heard the news that they were in the hospital and he would rush there once he got ahold of himself, his anxiety running on high. He wouldn’t even calm down once he saw they were alright, having eaten something they didn’t know they were allergic to. He’d crush them in a hug for a long time, just to solidify that they were really okay. He’d be crying for sure and end up spending a lot of time with them.

Nishinoya Yuu: Noya would be desperate to get to them, all the while trying to convince himself that they were alright. He’d end up running too because he wouldn’t be able to tolerate being still for even a second when he had no way of knowing what happened. He’d even be tearing through the hospital on the way to their room, choosing to skip elevators in favor of stairs. Upon bursting into their room to find them fine aside from the leg that’s been casted from their fall off their trampoline, he’d need a minute to catch his breath and be relieved before starting to throw all the questions he thought up while on his way.

Tanaka Ryuunosuke: Tanaka would be absolutely furious, with himself for not being there to protect them and maybe even have saved them and then at the person who hit them head on. Even though they were going to make a full recovery according to the doctors taking care of them, seeing his S/O who was his everything look so lifeless for a change would really do a number on him. He’d be downright terrified of anything happening to them for a long time afterwards too.

Ennoshita Chikara: Ennoshita is the only one who would be able to keep his head on straight. He wouldn’t think about what might have happened to them until he had the solid facts about the incident and their condition. Once he found out it was a bad case of food poisoning from a restaurant they went to with their family and they were, otherwise, perfectly healthy, he’d release a breath he hadn’t realized he’d been holding. He’d spend a long time with them and visit a lot until they were released.

Hinata Shouyou: Hinata goes into hyper-focus mode. Nothing else matters except getting to their side. He wouldn’t be able to process anything except whether or not they’re alright. He wouldn’t cry or be responsive to much of anything and it’d take multiple times of saying his name just to get his attention. He’d be so stuck in his own head, though, that’d be pretty empty too, everything else except thought of them fading to nothing. Okay or not, it wouldn’t really matter to him. They were still hurt badly and he’d hate it.

Kageyama Tobio: Kageyama would be absolutely frantic. The entire way to the hospital, he’d be torn between hoping for the best and preparing himself for the worst. When he finds out that they fell off a ladder and broke their wrist but were otherwise fine, he’d march his ass to their bedside, looking angry as anything, squeeze them tight against him and start yelling about how they need to be more careful because he was really scared and doesn’t know what he’d do without them.

Tsukishima Kei: While Tsukki would retain his usual calm appearance, he’d be flipping absolute shit inside. Just the thought of losing one of the only people he was legitimately close to in the world would nearly send him into nervous breakdown territory. It’d get to the point where he’d start shaking. After seeing them up and fine, the only reason they were brought in because they had a bad dizzy spell from a fever and ended up fainting, he wouldn’t loosen up at all. His movements would be very stiff even as he went to their side and held their hand, asking them an onslaught of questions before finally calming down.

Yamaguchi Tadashi: Yama would try to be rational about it since he wasn’t given specifics but there would still be that nagging doubt in his mind that kept him scared for their well-being. He’d rush to the hospital, needing to keep some kind of conversation with someone so he wouldn’t turn back to thoughts that made him want to cry. When he learned that they nearly drowned, he actually would clutch them and start bawling his eyes out even though they were very much alive. Just the possibility of losing them forever was more than he ever wanted to handle.

Kuroo Tetsurou: When he found out his S/O had been hit by a drunk motorcycle driver, he literally was about to go find them and kill their unscathed ass himself. But their dire condition had him clutching their hand and refusing to leave for hours. He’d want to be their anchor as much as they were his but it would be so hard for him to sit there with them like that when they weren’t smiling and rolling their eyes at his stupid puns and wisecracks. There would be on and off tears, the relieved kind when he was told they would make a full recovery. He still wouldn’t leave them, though.

Oikawa Tooru: It could be his match point against Ushiwaka and he would still fly to the hospital. The thought of losing them was infinitely more terrifying than anything else he could think up. When he saw the gash and stitches running up their arm, he assumed the worst. He was going to be angry, mostly out of hurt, until they explained to him that they had an accident with a knife while making dinner and their hand slipped. It was not intentional.  He swore to them he’d never let them touch another knife for as long as he was alive.


Translation request from @youngbaebi

I couldn’t really hear some parts so I left those parts out.. I put (???) on parts that I didn’t get. I’ll try to translate those parts when I get a clearer fancam! Also, this might not be 100% accurate so please keep that in mind T_T lol 

The Baddest Female (GD ver.)

Girls call me honey

Guys call me hyung

I’m the best, the one and only cool guy

I’m sorry but I love you

Everybody knows that I’m a liar (reference to bigbang’s song ‘lies’)

Yeah (baby) We’re fantastic baby

(?????????) I make you go crazy

GD is faster than G5 and G6 (huh)

All my b-boys and b-girls, now follow me

I am the proudest

I’ve got the guts

My skills are given

What you dream of every night

My smile is a killer

Cuz it kills everyone

If you want it come and get it now


I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy, I’m a bad boy

Where all my Bad boys at?

Oppa ya~ Oppa Oppa Oppa Oppa

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Do you recommend any smut bloggs?

I would definitely recommend the following…

general smutty type blogs that I spend the most time on:

niallslittle (mia) - she’s hilarious and great for advice.
1dirtylittlesecrets (kitty) - one of the best, sweetest girls ever, lovely for advice!
benwinstagram (kris) - so funny, just a really cool girl.
thevirginharry (jenna)- funny, no fandom bullshit, she just says what she thinks, always the best way to be :)
ijustreallylike1dokay (kelly) - loads of pics and she’s really sweet.

specifically for reading material:
(these links should take you to navi or writing pages, not homepages)

niallslittle (mia) for her fic Impurity and oneshots
1dirtylittlesecrets (kitty) for all her writing
xwritten-on-my-stonex (tabby) for all her writing
deathbyfics (bee) for everything she’s ever written, ever. just perfection.
fxckingamazayn (nadine) has some great stuff

and 1dsexualfrustrations and 1dsf are great for searching oneshots by category or boy. 

Hope you enjoy some of those, B xx