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To all those LGBT+ Aussies feeling alone right now I want to remind you that people are standing up for you. The No’s had 1500 at their launch? We’ve had literally ten times that, 10 000s and 20 000s at our recent rallies after years of a campaign designed to exhaust supporters. Volunteers and funds to mental health services have increased. People who’ve never poster-dropped, door-knocked, phone-banked, or even posted a letter in their lives are showing up for you. I can’t promise we’ll win, as much as I’d like to, but I can promise people are showing tf up. You are not alone. Please look after yourself and each other.

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Do you think the aus team is the closest team to the US ? They probably like Australia the most because they literally have never lost to them

I think every top country has to respect Australia. They rarely get to play friendlies, they rarely get to have camps together and their team is super young. Yet, they’re still ranked in the top 10. They literally amaze me. Sam Kerr, Steph Catley, Emily Van Egmond, Caitlin Foord; Alanna Kennedy, Kyah Simon….. they’re SO FUCKING GOOD and they’re SO FUCKING YOUNG. It’s almost scary….. The love and respect I have for the Aussies is unreal

Aussie Squad™

okay so we’ve got myself, @matineeidyll, along with @a-beat-for-rio, who suggested the idea of this squad. We’ve also got @gayusoctgayvius @living-in-repetition @jxhntaylxr and @delta-the-runaway (our lovely anon who has been revealed!) and together, we’re gonna be the Aussie Squad (yay).

together we can have bunnings snags, moan about pauline hansen (and other horrible politicians), if you know what Kahoot is then we can talk about how great it is, we can talk about spiders, NAPLAN, tv shows. and Aussie bands and whatnot.

and if you’re from australia and you’re not here, feel free to join in!

Stana Katic and Kris Brkljac

Stana Katic and Kris Brkljac

Stana Katic and Kris Brkljac. A love story in the fandom. Stana and Kris’ love truly does inspire me, pushing me to continue believing that love is true and that we do have soul mates. Stana and Kris have known each other since they were young. (let’s be honest, they don’t look like they’ve aged a day in ages) But they were young enough that Stana had to be babysat. It was recently revealed by Stana, herself in an interview, that she and now husband, Kris, were connected by Kris’ cousin, who babysat a younger Stana. That small fact caused some of Stana’s fans (otherwise known as Stanatics) to be attracted to their love even more, and I’m not going to lie, myself included. It’s sort of out of a fairytale that you and your soul mate connect when you’re young, giving you time to just be friends first and explore one another, to get to love for character and not just looks, before sometimes deciding, to pursue a more matured relationship. (Sometimes not deciding, but getting swept away.)

After a lifetime of friendship, love and support for one another, Stana and Kris married in Stana’s family monastery in Croatia, where her parents hail from. No additional details have been revealed about the ceremony, but we do have an inkling that it was magical, with a love like theirs.

An aspect that intrigues me about the relationship of these two people is that Kris has been featured in multiple projects Stana has worked on as an actress. He’s suspected to have briefly been on an episode of Castle & is confirmed to have been in a scene of a recent movie Stana worked on, ‘Lost in Florence.’ Yet, when Stana was performing White Rabbit Red Rabbit, a fan (@MaeShevawn [twitter]) heard Kris say, “She’s the star, not me.” He doesn’t really care about being in the spotlight, he cares about Stana doing what she truly love. And she doesn’t include him in those projects because she has to, she does it because she wants to, because she loves him. Kris is frequently seen with Stana, supporting his wife in her career and the subjects she’s interested in; Childrens’ Health, environmental issues, traveling, etc. And in return Stana has supported him, calling him her best friend and thanking him for being her “rock” and her “love”. They are behind one another with support, it seems, every step of the way.

When seen together, Kris is always very gentleman-like to Stana. When they walk he offers his arm or hand for her to hold. He’s been seen opening doors for her, letting her go ahead or get in cars before he does himself. A definitely great quality for a man to have.

Friends of the couple also seem to enjoy the vibes this couple gives off. Close friend to Stana, Monica De Castro, posted a photo to her Instagram last year with the caption, “City cab with this power duo.” Same friend, Monica also posted photos of the couple at a party a few years back, captioned with, “I adore these two. They make it look so easy. There is such thing as real honest-to-goodness love, loyalty & friendship.” Other friends of the two have shared their thoughts. John Rancipher saying “2 of the best humans I’ve ever known.” Another friend, Chloe, commenting on one of Stana’s Instagram photos taken of Kris, saying, “Loved hanging out with the two of you after Portland Fashion Week. Those Aussies sure make sexy humans.”
Kind comments about Kris and Stana seem to pop up a lot, but most of us fans are completely okay with that and wish it to continue.

Kris and Stana seem to have the relationship most people aspire to have and a lot of her fans are so incredibly happy for them and wish them and their marriage continued luck into the future.


Arryn Zech & Bob Morley: A Timeline Post No One Asked For

right before we begin let me just say that a) I have been on this train the longest and I have bragging rights b) no there has been no confirmation that they’re dating from either of them I just wanted to put together a timeline so people could make their own assumptions.

Let’s begin, shall we?

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wait, so elphie has an australian-sounding accent?

Yes, as does Milla. Elphaba’s accent has morphed a lot over time but is closest to a Glikkus accent. (Milla’s just… IS a Glikkus accent.)

gonna break down all the accents in SM under the cut :>

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The day begins, lots of coffee is in order after all the (debauchery)  (partying) I mean meet and greet last night zzzzz

We were just mesmerized by the accents and Aussie slang. Those Voices !!!!

Travis and Anthony are as lovely as you can imagine. Just genuine. They took the time to hang out with us for several hours unasked.  Sigh.