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forbidden love chapter three {demi lovato fanfiction}

“GOOD MORNING!!” my mom shouts from the other side of the phone. “good morning.” i mutter wiping the sleep from my eyes. demi shifts besides me, wrestling with her hair to try to see the time. once she does, she lets out a groan then drags the blanket over her head. “how is everything?” my mom asks. “we havent burn down the house if thats what your asking.” i smile watching demi scoot closer to me. “oh no of course not hon, i just wanted to see how the two of you were doing.” “were just fine.” demi pokes her head out from under the blanket. she grabs at my tank top pulling it down. i grab her hand before my nipples show themselves. she smiles tugging more on my shirt. “what did you two do yesterday?” my mom asks curiously. “we just….” before i can even start my sentence demi lays her warm lips on my breast still struggling to pull my tank down. “hon?” my moms voice calls. “y-yes um we just” i bite my lip as i watch her lips wrap around my nipple. “we um watched a movie.” i finally spit out. demis hand slides between my legs. “oh what movie?” she mom asks. i hear eric’s voice in the background talking with my mom. “demi stop!” i squeal as quietly as possible once i feel her fingers slide under my undies. “do you really want me to stop?” she whispers pushing two fingers past my pussy lips to rub my clit. “y-yes.” i nearly moan. “listen to how wet you are.” she smiles moving her fingers inside me. my head throws back onto the pillow. she pumps roughly so i can hear the smacking noises between my legs. i grab the end of my pillow pushing it against my face so my moans cant be heard in the phone. “y/n you still there?” i hear my moms voice. “yeah iam h-here.” i reply shutting my legs close with demis fingers still inside me. “well ill call you girls back later eric want to get a head start on the day.” my mom cheers. demis grabs my knees pulling them apart. “o-okay mom have fun” i reply struggling with dems. i say my goodbyes quickly, once i hear the line go dead i let my phone drop to the floor, wrapping my legs around demi. our lips push together, i pull her shirt over her head. i connect my mouth to her chest while she rips my clothes off. she slides her sweats off straddling my lap. “i have a small suprise.” she whispers wrapping her arms around my neck. “really? what is it?” i ask linking my arms around her lower back. “stand up.” she says climbing off the bed. our chest smash against each other while she whispers,” close your eyes.” i do as told. i hear the door behind me open then her footsteps down the hall. i begin to open my eyes a bit until her voice calls out to me to keep them shut. i laugh to myself, still trying to figure out what she is doing. the door shuts again, and her footsteps stop in front of me. her hands touch my thighs, i suspect she is kneeling down in front of me. seconds pass before i feel her tongue playing with my clit. she pulls away, a whimper leaves my lips. “hang on baby.” she says so softly. “lift your right leg up.” she tells me in such a sexy voice. she places my hand on her shoulder to keep my balance. after doing the same with my left leg i feel her slide something up my legs. “open your legs a bit y/n.” she tells me. i do so slowly, trying to figure out what is this thing she is putting on me. when i feel a the head of the toy enter me i let a small gasp go. i instantly know what it is.she adjusts the straps around my legs then stands back up. “open your eyes.” she is smiling down at my waist. when i look down the strap on stands tall from my waist. “ill ride with one while you feel good too.” she smirks grabbing the toy jerking it around so the toy inside me moves as well. 

i have never used or even saw a strap on in person before so i just look down at it. demi catches on and walks forward. “let me show you.” she smiles. she motions for me to sit on the edge of the bed which i do. she turns around inserting it into herself. demi’s ass grinds down until her ass is touching me. “shit.” she breaths out softly. i slowly push forward into her causing the toy inside me to move. “yes baby.” she moans meeting my thrusts. i moan along with her. she leans back against me rolling her hips against the toy. “y/n faster baby.” she begs. being in this position i cant really move any faster so i flip her over leaning over the bed. i grab her waist pushing her pussy down onto the toy until she squeals out grabbing the sheets of the bed. “oh fuck y/n!!” she screams. “fuck dems!!!” i moan thrusting back into her, feeling the toy hit just the right spot. she spreads her legs more as i thrust roughly into her still holding her waist. demi lifts one leg onto the bed giving me a chance to go even deeper into her soaked pussy. “yesss! shit give me that dick baby iam so fucking close y/n!!” i pull out all the way then ram the toy back in. she moans loudly into the sheets arching her back. i quicken my pace making sure to rub her clit. we both scream and moan feeling our high coming fast. “dont stop dont stop.” she cries out touching me. “shit shit !!! yes iam cumming y/n!! holy fuck!!” she screams. “fuck demi!!! yes baby cum all over me yes!!” i moan out thrusting a couple more time until we each burst through our highs. she breaths heavily sitting up. i meet her in the middle of the bed. she wipes the sweat from my forehead kissing me. “i fucking loved that.” she smiles. “i know you did.” i smirk. she giggles looking down to the toy still around me. i lay back with my legs stretched out. i close my eyes listening to my heartbeat come down back to a normal heart rate. the bed shifts and demi plants herself back onto the toy, straddling it. i look at her with the biggest smile painted on her face. i sit up meeting her while she gets comfy on the toy. “best surprise ever.” she laughs. i nod agreeing locking my arms around her. she grinds her hips down in a medium speed pace. i kiss her breasts, watching her please herself. her arms snake around my neck inching closer to me. i tighten my grip around her waist making her slow her grind. she moans softly laying her head in the crook of my neck. she presses her lips to mine while we rock our hips in a slow motion. “this feels so good.” she whispers. i smile pulling her lips back to mine. 

we can only enjoy a few minutes of this before a knock downstairs pulls us apart. we both jump up pulling our clothes on as quickly as possible. i take longer since the toy. “they couldnt be home already.” demi says pulling up her sweats forgetting her undies. “i hope not.” i say rushing out the door with her in front of me. demi peeks opening the door just a tad. “yes?” demi asks not letting me see. “iam um..” the guy says, demi finally opens the door wider for him to take a step in. the guy who walks in is pretty gorgeous our eyes lock. his light brown hair is slick back, his jawline could cut paper in half,  his tall, taller than me and demi thats for sure. but the one thing that catches my attention the most is his striking blue eyes, there is no way those are natural. demi clears her throat getting my attention and his. “what did you need?” demi asks eager for him to leave. “my parents wanted to ask your parents to dinner at our house um welcoming thing.” he says glancing at demi then looking back to me. “they arent here at the moment.” demi says coming to stand next to me. “oh okay well whenever they get back.” he says awkwardly. “ill let them know…..” demi starts but stops when she realizes she doesnt know his name. “iam jace.” he states holding out his hand to demi. which she doesnt take. i roll my eyes at her shaking his hand. “iam y/n and thats demi.” i say looking over to her as she moves into the living room. “nice to meet you.” he says. i nod in response as i pull my hand away. “i better get back, ill see you both on friday.” he says taking a step back towards the door. “bye demi, bye y/n.” he says before heading out of the house. “oh how flirty you both were.” demi sighs flickering on the t.v. “i wasnt flirting.” i say sitting down on the couch next to her. “yes you were you both were.” she pouts crossing her arms. “i was being nice since someone was being rude.” i say leaning my head on her arm. “i saw how he was looking at you.” “how?” “with the same look i had when i first met you.” “and what look is that?” i asks. “the holy fuck your beautiful look.” she sighs, looking down to me. i smile sitting up. “oh demi stop i wasnt flirting, i just didnt want to be rude.” i say sitting across her lap. “promise?” she says. “absolutely.” i smile kissing her. “but what if….” she starts but i crash my lips on hers again to shut her up. we both smile continuing our kiss. 

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