those aren't real words!

  • Me, doing chores: Plotting story ideas and wanting to write
  • Me, eating a meal: Plotting story ideas and wanting to write
  • Me, doing anything else: Plotting story ideas and wanting to write
  • Me, opening a Word document to write: what is plot?? ideas, nope, don't have those. words aren't real.
NT Moments - Who's the Psychopathic Killer?
  • //// Note 1: I successfully made a group chat with one each of the NTs. The ENTJ is the one regularly seen on my blog. The ENTP is his close friend. The INTJ is not my best friend INTJ, though, but the INTJ I discussed free will with.
  • //// Note 2: I want to name the group chat 'The Rationals' or something, but those three guys aren't that into MBTI.
  • //// Note 3: This is the real word-to-word conversation after I sent out a psychopathy test to the group (
  • ---------------------------------------
  • ENTJ: Did you already take it?
  • INTP: Yea. I'm kinda surprised by the results.
  • ENTJ: You're not as psychopathic as you thought you were?
  • INTJ: INTP, what were your results?
  • INTP: 3.4 primary/3.1 secondary. I actually answered "neutral" to a lot of the questions. I blame ENTJ for getting me addicted to House of Cards.
  • ENTP: I already feel like the results aren't going to be good. *disappears for a while* 3.2/2.4 ... I can live with that. INTP is obviously a serial killer or a really good CEO. I'm going with serial killer.
  • INTJ: Damn. Yeah, sounds like she is. I got 2.1/1.7
  • ENTJ: 2.4/2
  • INTJ: I'm trying to interpret what this means. INTP seems to be closest to a psychopathic killer, right? Haha.
  • ENTJ: It means you, INTJ, and I are scholars and gentlemen, while ENTP, and especially INTP, should be shunned and forgotten.
  • INTJ: I'd have to agree. They should be stoned for their hatred toward society.
  • ENTJ: Wait... stoned? D:
  • ENTP: I'll take a toke of whatever INTJ is offering.
  • INTP: INTJ and ENTP, your psychopathic side is leaking.
  • INTJ: How can ENTP and I have a psychopathic side when ENTJ is in the middle? Surely ENTJ would too.
  • ENTP: ENTJ is so psychopathic he's learned how to lie on tests. He's like Dexter.
  • INTP: I wonder if there's a higher rate of murder on Halloween.
  • INTJ: Haha. Creepy. I don't know if the murder rate is higher, but we could influence that stat.... Maybe I'll dress as a psychopathic killer. Or wait, do I need to dress up at all?
  • ENTJ: Dress up as INTP. Everyone will guess it in under 5 seconds.
  • INTP: What?? :o I do want to see people dressed up as me though. That would be interesting.

Spotted in the K-Mart parking lot in Laramie, Wyo. They have a faculty permit. Goddammit.

For those of you who don’t know, the reason our tuition stays low at the University of Wyoming is because out-of-state (and even foreign *gasp*) energy companies pay taxes on the minerals they extract here. This revenue finances the large majority of our education. Our education is heavily subsidized, along with the salaries of professors, buildings, etc.

So in summary, it’s quite a socialist system. So Professor, how’s that state job-y, taxpayer subsidy-y thing working out for you? This sticker actually screws up Sarah’s quote because there’s a “g” on the end of the words and it says “you” versus “ya.” It’s the academic elitist version of folksy!