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  • Newt Scamander: Magical creatures? No I haven't seen any- *trips and ten bowtruckles fall out of sleeve* oh those aren't mine I'm just holding them for a friend- *frantically tries to pick them up, niffler falls out of back pocket* right, if you'll just let me explain- *turns around and three murtlaps, a herd of erumpets, one litter of curps and the entirety of New York's dog pound fall out of his coat* LISTEN-

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#23 — Alice in Wonderland (1951)

  • Sasuke: Sakura, who gave you those flowers?
  • Sakura: They aren't mine, darling, they are Sarada's. (realizes her mistake) Oh crap-
  • Sasuke: ... (black flames)
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun! Why did you burn them? Sarada is going to be so upset!
  • Sasuke: Who gave them to her?
  • Sakura: Darling calm down! They were from ChoCho. ChoCho Akimichi, remember, Sarada's best friend...?
  • Sasuke: ...Hn. Alright. (leaves to buy the same flowers)
  • Sakura: (thinking) You owe me this one, Naruto, I might have just saved your son's life.
  • ---
  • Sasuke: (enters the Yamanka flower shop)
  • Ino: Welcome, Sasuke!
  • Sasuke: I'm here to get some red roses...
  • Ino: Really? That's nice. Are they for Sarada-chan's birthday? You know, Boruto bought her the exact same kind earlier today...
  • Sasuke: ...He's so dead.

regalcanissapien  asked:

This just sees like a lotta work for a April Fools joke. Good on you tho

Oh I’m sure it WAS a lot of work, but I didn’t do it! That was all done by the original artist @dumdumdrawstumtums who has the best sense of humor and was totally too good at being stealth in their prank and I couldn’t let it go unnoticed. This way beats the Horse that Tumblr tried. We are not worthy of such things. Though honestly I needed to share it all because it’s EXACTLY my type of dumb humor. Sooooo I’m sorry to everyone that they have to deal with me and this kind of humor. 

this was taken at my grammy’s house in carlisle massachusetts. miss you grammy I love you 👼🏼🌤 (if you reblog please don’t remove the caption)