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Hi!! If your request are still open I would like to request a BTS reaction to you walking around your house in a tee shirt and underwear please and thank you 😊            

Hi~ Sorry for the long wait :) Here is your reaction!


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“ I’m a gentlemen therefore I gotta act like one and make the lady as comfortable as she is. I mean, if she took off her pants, it means that she trusts me enough to do it, right? Anyways namjoon, just shut it and lend her a hoodie or something so that she doesn’t freeze.” He pauses “Y/N!!! Do you want some hot cocoa and maybe some pants to warm up! It’s cold in here” he’d cough

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“ Ooh~ What a look” Seokjin would wink at you “ I like those fuzzy socks, they match perfectly with that white shirt and that gorgeous pair of legs” he’d comment flirtatiously “ Your legs look more appetizing than these chicken legs” he’d laugh at his own joke “ get it? Because I’m eating chicken legs…no? Okay then “

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“Isn’t she feeling cold? I swear to my smol chimchim that I shivered a few seconds when she passed by. Maybe it’s the weather, or maybe it’s the fact that under that oversized shirt …@!#!%#@^$$. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO a DEPRIVED 21 YEAR OLD MAN LIKE ME” jimin would fake a sob “Screw college! All I need is a detox from this lack of action”

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“Yeah maybe she just forgot that normal humans usually wear pants? But she’s a normal human. Why am I talking about her as if she’s abnormal for not wearing pants? Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy. Yeah let’s just walk past her and ignore ignore ignore” he mumbles to himself

“Jungkook” you call him


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Taehyung would be torn between embarrassment and his tendencies to join along in crazy stuff

“ Oh well hi, Did I miss something or did you forget something, because you’re like.. not wearing pants and it’s uhm…” he’d feel his ears heating up as he’d try changing topics”IS IT A NEW TREND?! SHOULD I JOIN YOU?”

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Hoseok :

Hoseok stares at you for a few seconds before realizing the absence of any pants on your soft legs . He’d probably follow along with you.

“WHAT AN AMAZING IDEA!” he snaps his fingers “ No wonder why I get inspired more easily when my pants come off. I should do it more often” Hoseok slowly takes off his pants off   “ Let’s make this a tradition , man” he’d bro fist you

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Yoongi :

Being the old grandpa he is, he wouldn’t miss a chance to give you some constructive criticism

“ Youth these days go around with no pants” He’d eye your long legs “ Not that I’m complaining or anything lik,e that, but don’t come complaining after you catch a cold “ he’d cough “ Maybe I can help you warm up those legs and prevent any of us from getting a flu.” He’d comment “Don’t get the wrong idea. I only care about myself”

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do y'all know where i can get those good night white pride socks that the Czech girl scout had? i know this might sound silly but i can't find them anywhere online and i want to wear them to work out lol, i think the socks are just the right balance of "in your face" but not too obvious.

We don’t but if you find out tell us!  We want to look fresh AF on leg day, too!

Straight White Boy Problem #436

Not going to lie high socks are REALLY nerdy. Like those white high socks that the math team, my grandpa, and Napoleon Dynamite wear. But if they are nike then you get a pass because you are probably pretty cool. If they are under Armour then I’m going to have to consult with my bros to see if you are even worth our time


these are the two ponies i’ll hopefully be meeting… merlot on the left, DC on the right. merlot is 24 and a do whatever kinda guy, DC is an 8 yr old dressage pony (he could be fun to work w ok the ground to build up a nice topline… u know how i am 😜) there are 5 horses in total but these would be the main two.

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(Monii)JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.2: JK grabbing JM and saying "Where do you think you're going". JM saying he dressed as a cabbage so JK could eat him. JK making that...face when JM was sitting on his lap (trust me that face is questionable). JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM's head doesn't bump into him (but the rest of him can). JK shouting out Jimin-ah on live national television right at the end of the segment

(Monii) JikookThrowback Ep.4 PT.3: JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). JK using JM’s sock as a mic to sing with (Like how the hell did he get it off of JM’s foot in the first place o.O). JK rubbing & smacking the jibooty during BS&T rehearsal (poor JM now has to live with the thought of exposing his backside everytime they perform the song). 

#jikookthrowback ep4 (part1)

questionable things

by now jungkook manhandling jimin has become a regular thing, he has done it countless times and that time he did it when jimin was about to “escape” to go to the bathroom was one of them, but the thing about that particular moment was him saying :”where do you think you’re running off to?” in a very low voice for jimin, which means that it was intended for jimin only to hear,he said it so quietly so that no one other than jimin could hear it especially since they were using such a low quality phone cam ,so jungkook probably thought that no one could hear it except jimin which wasn’t the case . that btw says a lot about their relationship as whole, especialy the way jimin kept giggling afterwards (clearly enjoying the whole situation) , also jungkook’s choice of words was very interessting don’t you think? and saying it so dierectly like that ..well that shows how bold he can be with jimin.. also they were both so comfortable with the whole situation,it felt very normal (?) to them, which means that it has probably happened more than once already .

the time jungkook was using jimin’s sock as a mic that was really questionable i mean  like you said how did he even get jimin’s sock,plus that day jimin wasn’t wearing those socks(he was wearing white socks i believe) which makes it weirder (the fact that he had a hold jimin’s socks itself is suspicious) there’s a possibily that his and jimin’s videos weren’t filmed on the same  day so maybe that was the sock that jimin was wearing at the moment ,in that case he must have casually taken it off of jimin’s foot and used it as a mic (?) which is questionable by itself, i mean would you take your friend’s sock which btw they have been wearing all day and put it so close to your mouth/face i think no, unless you are genuinely attracted to that person and really like them idfk at this point ,jimin was really taken aback by all of this ,he immediately took the sock away from him and started blushing.. which makes it even more suspicious 

jungkook said that he doesn’t like using banmal/informal speech with his hyungs , but then again jimin is a special case not any hyung right? so there has been several occasions where he used banmal with him,and one of those times is the time he shouted “JIMIN-AH” live on national tv, it was right before jimin and taemin’s performance, he probably thought that jimin was nervous so he did it to cheer him up a little, and he knew for that jimin would be okay with him speaking informally to him.. 

it’s very well known by now that jungkook has a thing for jimin’s butt, but no one thought he’d be bold enough to “rub” and then “smack” it right before the start of the rehearsal when everyone was ready…and the song was about to start playing (they were all in their positions). and after he did it jimin turned around because the whole thing and especially jungkook’s boldness to do that in front of everyone really “ surprised “ impressed him …that of course led them to re-start  everything, they had to re-take their positions .. and even though jimin might seemed like he was taken aback a little by jungkook’s act ; it wasn’t in a bad way because after he turned back and took his position,he was smiling ;he clearly enjoyed it . what makes this thing suspicious tho is the members’ reactions, they were very comfortable with the situation and weren’t taken aback at all ;not one bit actually! they all started laughing as if it has already happened countless times before for them to be surprised by it anymore.

also can you believe that jimin actually literally said that he wanted to dress as cabbage so rabbit jungkook could eat him (x

“JK putting a reindeer headband that says Kkook on JM’s head. JK following through with putting a headband on JM’s head even though it meant literaly getting on top of JM (heh that was…yh). i have nothing to add  

whenever jimin is on his lap/near him jungkook does this weird(!) face   it’s like he’s saying he’s mine, it has to do with him being possessive over jimin , something like that i think.

[JK knowing that JM was walking (unknowingly) backwards into him & instead of side stepping, raises his chin so that JM’s head doesn’t bump into him (but the rest of him can) ] —> this has a lot to do with jungkook being hyper-aware of jimin’s presence and actions ,it happened on jimin’s bday bomb,( jimin looked away after “asking him for a kiss” , at that moment jimin started laughing and without having to look at him jungkook knew and started laughing / smiling himself ,this btw was pointed out by kookminworld on youtube) . [but the rest of him can] that actually reminds me of the time he was imitating jimin’s part of “butterfly” and after jimin moved back and was about to bump into him ,jungkook left up his chin so that is head doesn’t bump  into jimin (but the rest of him can)

The Sock Scenario

Paring: Pietro Maximoff/Reader

Tags: female reader, fluff, angst, Pietro Maximoff lives, socks

Summary: Reader’s job description says ‘sock fixer’ in fine print (who even reads the fine print?). It so happens, Pietro wears through many pairs of socks a day.

Word Count: 1,348

Posting Date:  2016-06-01

Current Date: 2017-05-13

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Dan has a bunch of socks. Like she collects them. Doesn't own a single pair of boring white socks. What are those? She doesn't know. Will walk around fox tower in thigh highs and short shorts on the weekends.

DAN IN THIGH HIGH SOCKS IS A LOOK!! i love this i can imagine quirky socks being her thing^tm and matt thinks it’s so endearing but he also hates it bc when they go on vacation together dan has like.. a whole suitcase of socks bc “i need a pair for every scenario, yes matt, even the ones with kevin’s face on them, this is what they mean when they say ‘in sickness and in health’”

send me aftg headcanons!!

i can imagine dean lurking on some carver edlund fansite and finding a weird little thread of posts that just starts with “sam wearing those really tall white socks and nothing else” and has other random blurbs like “yes exactly that imagine him in those socks spread out on a bed with his knees up” and hes just. sweating. he cant click away. he cant stop reading. he keeps shifting in his seat. and sam comes up behind him and thumps a hand on his shoulder and dean jumps a mile out of his seat. 

so sam demands to know whats got dean so riled up bc dean wouldve been relaxed if it were porn so its obviously something else so they fight for the computer and sam finally gets it and reads for awhile with his brow adorably scrunched (shut up) before quietly closing the computer and putting it on the table and deans ready to hear it all but sam just says

“go buy me a pair of knee high socks, dean.”

Awkward Dinners


Authors Note: okay so this was more of an idea from a chat im in a jesus christ. there will be a part 2 [the actual dinner] and possibly a pt 3 idk

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton/Thomas Jefferson ft. Washingdad

Fandom: Hamilton The Musical

Word count: 741 

Date published: December 21st016

It was a warm summer night, the birds were chirping, the sun just setting, the haze of yellow and orange blurring over the skyline was a sight that Alex wholeheartedly enjoyed. The view was even better with his boyfriend, Thomas.

Alex wasn’t sure if his adoptive father, George, would agree with his rose-tinted views of Thomas, but he didn’t care. He was young and in love.

While sitting up on the rooftop feeling the warm, heavy air, and hearing the soft breathing of Thomas, Alex felt fully relaxed for once. He didn’t have to worry about homework, he didn’t have to worry about spending countless hours crying over his math finals; he was free for the next three months.

A soft rumble made its way through the air, and Alex quickly stood, grabbing Thomas’ hand, and pulling him up. “Come on, he’s home!”

George was always a distinguished man. He wore t-shirts and cargo shorts, and he always wore those god awful sandals with his mid-calf, white socks. He drove a rather large, black truck, with a very noticeable, loud motor. Alex always knew when he was coming by the loud roar of his father’s truck,

Thomas stood, the nerves flashing full on his face. It was his first time meeting Alex’s father figure, and he wanted to make a good impression. He was so nervous, he was sweaty and shakey, and god! He just wanted Alex’s dad to approve of him.

Running across the rooftop, and through the sliding glass windows, that connected Alex’s bedroom to the rooftop balcony, Thomas grabbed his boyfriends arm.

“What if he doesn’t like me? Alex, I can’t stand the thought of losing you…” The panic crept into his voice as he statred, wide-eyed, at Alex.

Alex let out a loud sigh, quickly stopping his march, and pulling Thomas into a hug. He knew his father would love him almost as much as he did, even if he tried scaring him to death.

Thomas took a deep breath, wrapping his arms tighter around Alex’s torso, burying his face into the shorter mans hair. He took a deep breath, the scent of firewood and coconut, something purely Alex, calming his nerves almost immediately. That was, until the rumble got louder, shutting off with a dull screech.

Alex broke apart from the embrace as the downstairs door opened. “Alex? I’m home!” The voice of his father rang out, and a smile burst onto his face as he turned to face Thomas.

“Ready?” He questioned, not  giving Thomas a chance to respond before he dragged him out of the room by his wrist. For such a small man, he had a lot of power hidden in the sleek sarms.

“George! I have someone I want you to meet!” Alex called out, walking through the twists and turns of their house.

Thomas felt his stomach drop as the thick silence hung in the air.

The pair stepped into the front room, and stood side-by-side, listening to the footsteps come up the stairs.

Alex was bouncing with excitement. He was happy, and in love, and he couldn’t wait to show off his beau to his father, soemone he trusted with damn near everything he did.

Thomas, on the other hand, felt more nervous as he glanced over at the far wall, eyes gazing over the numerous pictures hung upon the wall. Almost all of the pictures were of a very buff George, from his boxing days. There was a pair of boxing mitts mounted on the wall at the very top, and a nice, shiny rifle hung right smack-dab in the center of the plethora of pictures.

Thomas gulped, turning away from the wall and looking up at the large, towering man that stood in front of the pair.

“George, this is my boyfriend, Thomas.” Alex paused, looking between the two, before nudging Thomas’s shoulder. “Thomas, say hi-!”

Thomas blanked, his eyes trained on the muscles and bulk of the man. “H-Hello, sir.” His voice cracked and stuttered. Embarrassed, his cheeks lit up like a hot fire.

\ George didn’t answer, his eyes burning straight through Thomas’ skull. If looks could kill, he was sure he’d just be a puddle on the Washington-Hamilton carpet.
“So, can he stay for dinner? Martha’s got it cooking, and she says it’s okay as long as it’s alright with you.”

Thomas had one thought going through his mind, what had Alex gotten him into?

Daddy's Home Kitten

     She was the only thing on his mind as he drove down the road in his Porche. The tension building up in his stomach as he got closer to his house. Closer to his baby girl. Being the CEO of his own record company was something he has always dreamt of, but it required hard work and time. He was never the one to complain about working, that is until he mether. From the first time he laid eyes on her, all he ever wanted to do was to treat her, spoil her and love her unconditionally.

    After what felt like eternity, Michael parked his car and made his way up to the penthouse they shared. He opened the door quickly and yelled out “Y/N! Daddy’s home kitten!” He was slightly dissapointed that she wasn’t here to greet him at the door considering he has been away for 2 weeks. “I’m upstairs!” He heard her say. Slowly, he made his way upstairs looking for his princess. Once he stepped in their room, he was greeted by a sight that made him week on my knees. There she was, his little girl, in those white thigh high socks that he loved. You were wearing his favorite lingerie, your kitten ears and a choker He bought you as a gift that says “Daddy’s girl”. 

      He was brought back to reality as you started to walk towards Michael, looking like an actual innocent angel from above, all for him. You gave him one of your heart warming smiles, the smile he fell in love with. “Hi daddy” you said as he pulled you closer by your waist. “What’s all this for kitten?” He asked, stroking your now flushed cheeks. You blushed and looked down at your feet. “I just wanted to surprise you” He caught you by surprise and scooped you in his strong arms, carrying you to the king sized bed. “You definitely did sweetheart.” He murmured kissing down his baby’s neck as you let out a giggle. Michael smiled at the sound of your giggle, his favorite sound in the world. He kept kissing down your body thinking how he got lucky to have you all to himself. 

    He was fascinated by your beauty and your innocence. You sucked on a breath as you felt his lips ghost over your thighs. “I almost don’t want to take this off of you sweetheart.” He said as he traced his fingers over the waistline of your light pink panties. You let out a whine and he chuckled at your impatient state. “Be patient my love”. He pressed a kissed at your clothed core and slowly took your panties off, throwing them on the floor. You were already a moaning mess under michael. He teased you a little by kissing down your thighs, leaving purple love marks to show everyone that you are his. His gorgeous kitten. He put his hands on your hips to prevent you from moving around and started licking and sucking on your clit without giving you a heads up. You let out a loud moan and grabbed his hair. Michael looked up at you under his lashes and watched you come undone for him. Only the sight itself made him hard, the love and lust he felt for you was overwhelming. You felt like you were in an other dimension where it was only the two of you and no one else. Michael was working his magic with his tongue as you edged closer to your orgasm. You were so close to find a release when Michael pulled away with a smile on his face. You whimpered at the loss of contact. “Shh babygirl, I’m gonna take good care of you” With that his hands were on you once again, exploring every inch of your body. He pressed a tender kiss on your forehead as he pulled down his pants slowly.

      His gaze on you was so intense and made you feel somehow exposed. Even tho yours and michael’s sex life was no where near vanilla and you have seen eachother naked many many times you still got shy about it. Feeling somewhat exposed, you tried to cover your upper half with your arms. Michael looked at you with confused eyes then raised and eyebrow. He took your hands in his larger ones and moved your arms from your body. “Don’t hide kitten.” He left a lingering kiss on the valley of your breasts, “Daddy’s just looking at what’s his.” A smile crept over your face, he lent in and kissed your nose lovingly. His hands went to the back of your thighs, he pulled your hips up and settled between your legs. “Ready princess?” You nodded not being able to speak, just wanting to feel him. He smirked. “Use your big girl words baby girl.” He knew you were never bold with your words when it came to dirty talk, you weren’t as experienced nor confident as Michael. “Please daddy.” It was enough to drive Michael crazy. He let go one of your thighs to intertwine your hands together as he slowly pushed inside. No matter how many times you made love with michael, he still managed to make it feel like the first time. He let out a loud whine and kissed your lips as he kept thrusting. You were feeling pure bliss. You have missed Michael so much, him being away for work was something you never liked but had to get used to. All that mattered was that now he was home. He was your home. 

       Michael’s lips found your forehead as he fastened his movements, your name leaving his lips in small whimpers. You put your hands on his shoulders to steady yourseld as he pulled you closer by your thighs. You gasped at the new position and let out a moan. He kept thrusting as you both came closer to your climax. Moments later, Michael was laying beside you, trying to catch his breath, looked over at you with a lazy smirk on his face. “Rest a few minutes princess, we’ve got 2 weeks to catch up..”

      Next morning you woke up alone in bed. Once you were finally awake, you thought about last night. The love of your life coming home, him taking you to another world all night long.. You quickly put on one of Michael’s button ups and made your way downstairs to the kitchen. As you stepped in, you wrre greeted by a shirtless Michael cooking breakfast. You took your time to study how good his back looked or how his pale skin was glowing with the sunlight. “You could just take a picture.” Michael said as he sent you a wink. You let out a chuckle and wrapped your arms around his torso from behind, taking in his scent. He turned around smiling and pecked your head. “Morning baby.” You smiled and snuggled closer to his chest. You felt his torso vibrate as he chuckled at the sweet gesture. He let out a sigh of content and wrapped his arms around you. “My little sunshine, aren’t you?” You blushed at his words and hid your head further into his chest. He chukled again. “I love you baby girl.” “I love you too Mikey.” You felt him firmly squeeze your butt. “Who?” He asked with a smirk. You rolled your eyes backing away to go and get changed. “Whatever.. Daddy.” You heard him let out an over exaggerated fake moan and let out a laugh. Your man was home and you were both happy.

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can you write something more about andriel? i really adore your other hcs.. (also don't worry about tomorrow, you go this!)

thank you so much this is so sweet.. sorry this is a little late i had to move into my dorm today

if anyone would like, please send me some prompts! they would make me feel better haha

lets start with:

  • neil is shit at chores.
  • he mixes the colors with the whites and always adds wayy too much detergent and always forgets to turn the dryer on after he’s washed his clothes
  • one time he pulled his washed clothes out of the washer and set them on top of the dryer and just.. wandered off bc he’s in his own little world
  • and it drives. andrew. up. the. wall.
  • he literally has never felt such an uncontrollable wave of rage when he goes to put his freshly washed clothes in the dryer just to realize that neil never even hit start.. so now his clothes have to sit out and they will start smelling weird
  • can you imagine.. andrew minyard.. grabbing his boyfriend and forcing neil to watch him hit the start button
  • “uh.. andrew i know what the start button does..”
  • “obviously, uh neil, you don’t”
  • neil (my sweet confrontational child) watches reality tv shows. 
  • he literally thirsts for them when they come on
  • andrew will watch them with him at times but neil HATES It because andrew just nitpicks at everything and they always end up fighting
  • “you know this is made up right? they get paid to stir up all this fucking crazy drama”
  • “shh, andrew, i couldn’t hear what diana said to nicole about finding her boyfriends socks in her room”
  • “how would she know those are his socks? they’re white tube socks.”
  • neil gives andrew the most aggravated stare he can muster bc brandon is the only one who wears tube socks how could andrew be so dense
  • andrew and neil play board games at night sometimes after dinner. and andrew fucking wipes the floor with neil during scrabble or categories. neil gets so butthurt. he’s that kid in the group that throws down his cards and stomps off bc he can’t physically handle being creamed
  • neil tries to act like he’s still steamy about it when they get ready for bed but he lasts maybe two minutes before he’s rolling over and asking andrew in a soft voice about some more words. and andrew just snorts but he whispers back various words like ‘parsimonious’ or ‘gasconading’
  • neil falls asleep to andrew softly breathing the definition of ‘osculator’ and calloused fingers gliding back and forth on the back of his ear 
  • i am obsessed with the idea that andrew likes neil’s ears like he’ll pet his hair but soon he’ll end up tugging on the thin cartilage or rubbing neil’s lobe between his fingers (and neil loves it omg)