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Showing You (Jesse McCree)

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Pairing: Jesse McCree/Chubby!Fem!Reader
Words: 1330+
Warning(s): self-consciousness,nsfw
A/N: hey guys! still slowly getting back into this blog. though i have to put off writing as a whole thanks to my birthday, finals, and graduation quickly approaching me. i can’t write smut for the life of me so take what you can get here lol.
Request:  McCree with a chubby/large chested reader who tries to deny her feelings for him, and he shamelessly flirts with her every single time he sees her. And he finds out that she’s been holding back because she’s self conscious about her body and thinks that McCree flirts with everyone like that, and couldn’t possibly seriously like her? SFW or NSFW whatever you wanna do!

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Another Chance

 Request: Hi there, I recently discovered your blog and I love your stories. I was wondering if you could do one where Negan visits Alexandria and while walking around he hears a woman singing like ‘In the arms of the angels’ or something like that. He finds her working in the gardens and is so mesmerized by her singing that he wants to take her back to the sanctuary. I’ll let you take it from there but maybe some light smut?😁. Thank you -   @lokis-imaginary-friend (won’t let me tag.. so please tag them if you can so they can know this is done)

A/N: Sorry this took so long to do! Also, if you can please tag the requester, because I can’t and I really want them to see this! Hope you enjoy! Leave feeback! Sorry for the big gifs, but oh well!

Word count: 1.6kish

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Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

“What the fuck is this shit, Rick?” Negan asked staring at the curly headed man before him. “I give you two damn weeks to find me some good hit and this what you offer me. This is fuckin’ ridiculous prick.”

Rick looked down avoiding Negan’s glare. “We’ll get more,” Rick grunted raising his head to peak at Negan. “Just give us more time.”

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