those are probs my two favorites

fun lil heathers facts i picked up

-jason dean plays the saxophone
-heahers takes place in the spring semester, near prom
-heather chandler had a small liscense plate in her locker with her name on it, and it /might/ be for a motorcycle (it seems about the right size)
-if it is for a motorcycle, heather chandler wants a fucking motorcycle guys this is my new favorite image
-jd got /his/ motorcycle as a perk from his dad’s company
-i still can’t get over the fact that veronica wears a monocle i love
-there was a little girl in the front row, crying at kurt and ram’s funeral, so one of those two might possibly have a younger sister/cousin/neighbor/whatever that they were close with
-kurt’s phone is shaped like a football
-there’s a painting of a little blonde girl in a red dress in heather chandler’s room…. it’s probably her
-if it’s not her, she probs has it just for the aesthetic that girl loves red
-she also really likes pink have you seen her room
-heather mac has trouble with math, but as far as we kniw, she does alright in her other classes
-heather mac’s parents are divorced
-heather chandler’s family visits her grandmother every sunday
-she usually skips these trips
-veronica takes french classes
-there’s a chance that jason dean took german classes
-how often do u think kurt and ram go cow tipping bc i feel like it’s often
-jd says something like “say i did blow up the school, say i blew up all those schools”
-so he might have tried things like this before
-veronica wanted to get a job at the mall but her mom said no
-i’m p sure heather duke is the shortest in the squad
-i’m out of fun facts bye i did my best

anonymous asked:

I feel like there's so little BokuKen outside of the bokuakakuroken ot4!! and don't get me wrong it's prob my favorite polyship they're the cutest but I feel like bokuto and kenma have so much untapped potential?? do you guys have any headcanons?

∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

  • Bokuto is v v good at drawing attention away from Kenma when they’re out somewhere to ease his nerves.
  • Kenma’s usually really shy showing affection in public but sometimes he’ll link arms with Bokuto n Bokuto gets sO SO HAPPY.
  • When it’s just those two or around close friends Kenma will get more cuddly n clingy n Bokuto just kinda dies he loves affection so much esp when Kenma initiates it.
  • Sometimes people catch Kenma looking off into the distance with a dreamy expression n assume he’s thinkin about video games or something when really he’s remembering how nice Bokuto’s muscles are.
  • Like dude have you seen Bo’s arms holy shit.
  • Or his legs in his kneepad-legging things ho l y s hit
  • Bokuto calls him all the time just to talk, not really expecting Kenma to respond much since he doesn’t like talking on the phone. Kenma appreciates that so much, n loves listening to Bokuto ramble on for hours.
  • Kenma likes sitting in his lap when he plays video games bc Bokuto is v warm n comfy. And so Bokuto can rest his head on his shoulder to watch and commentate.
  • Whenever Kenma is feeling down Bokuto has to give him quick lil smooches all over his face. It makes Kenma laugh n Bokuto cry bc he’s too cute ohh my god.
  • When Bokuto gets into one of his dejected modes, Kenma doesn’t exactly know what to do or say so he just awkwardly pats his head and lets Bokuto hug him as he attempts to whisper what he hopes is comforting things in his ear.
  • Bokuto always seems to get happier afterwards, so hey it works.
  • Bokuto rings up Kuroo at 2am whenever he suddenly remembers something cute Kenma did the day before.
  • ‘KuROO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND’ ‘I see him everyday and we’ve been friends for years. I understand, Bo. Good luck’

julie-power  asked:

3, 4, 15, 16, 17, 18

3: do you participate in zines? which one is your most recent?

i havent lol but im certainly open the idea, and not to get self depricat-y but idk if im like at that level to do those tho lol

4:do you mske merchandise? whats your favorite kind of merch to make?

i see this in two ways, i do hav stores w merch and i lov how the stickers turn out, but i also knit dolls of characters lol, i think both count as makin merch

15: what have you drawn recently that you’re proud of?

my bursts of pride are relatively short tbh ,, plus i draw almost everyday, so honestly the most recent drawings are prob what im proud of atm 

16:show something you drew in your past that shows your improvement?


17: show something you drew in your past youre still proud of

ugh yall r relentless, heres a cute-ish doodle

18: if youve done an artist alley before, how do you feel about it?

ur givin me too much credit lmao im not nearly at that level, that being said i havent done an artist alley 

talking of characters that are hard to write…

I keep wanting to take either a muse from Vatican Kiseki Chousakan or Princess Principal since those are my favorite series this season but god… the incredible amount of knowledge they have on all things makes me shiver.

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I didn't know you were a TAZ fan! Who's your favorite THB? Or BoB member? Those last two episodes killed me while clearing my skin and watering my crops at the same time man

I am! its is my favorite macelroy brothers content!

um??? i reblog a lot of taakos on my main blog so prob taako, but i like all of them!!

and it’s impossible for me to pick BoB??? They’re all perfect???

But yeah griffin is a demon


There truly are no words to describe how dear and special each of my followers is to me.  And so I wanted to do another something special for all of you therefore…a birthday page!

Once again credit for the banner goes to to one of my favorite people who has ever existed and literal ray of sunshine: Kylie


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August 20, 2014

What I wish I said to them?? Thanks for coming to this tiny rock again, it really means a lot to us since no one really comes here. But to have you all come here again for the second year in a row is pretty grand, thank you. After I bought my first concert tickets earlier this month I had a sudden urge to watch the Jessie McCartney episode and that led me to watching the rest of the episodes. Suite Life made my childhood and it will always be one of my favorite shows. Getting the chance to meet you again is too rad, so thanks again for this opportunity and for you being you.

Also, you two have the sweetest cuts and best styles. Like frick, look at that coat that you’re wearing Dylan. Must’ve been hot as hell outside but you probs didn’t care bc you were rocking it. And those haircuts, it’s just so lush and perfect looking. Ya really are the fellas with the hella nice hair. The sound of both of your voices and laughs melted my heart and knowing that these photos got a good chuckle outta ya means everything. Thanks for the eye contact too, greatly appreciated. You’re both just too damn attractive and frickin hilarious.