those are people on top!

A personal headcanon of mine is that Lea was an orphan who got tossed around family to family all his life due to him being something of a problem child until Isa’s family took him in (and they gave him a snazzy scarf for his first birthday in the family)

Years later he gets to learn that he can build a family, not have to have the one he was born to that left him behind. Probably why he’s so desperate to keep the ones he was part of together.

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Top 5 (3)

1) 4th Man Out (trailer) This one takes the cake. Adam is turning 24 and this pushes him to finally tell his best friends about his sexuality. Things don’t go as originally planned. He struggles to find a real relationship and gets caught up in one of his best relationships which causes turmoil for their group. The film nails the humor they use and the dynamics of their friend group meshes really well. The actors were perfect for their roles and it all just comes together really well which shines through. Currently on Netflix.

2) Those People (trailer) This one almost got number one as it is that amazing. Charlie is single and one of the main reasons for this seems to be his best friend Sebastian who he can’t quite get over. Sebastian can be self destructive so when someone takes a liking to Charlie that behavior shines through. A destructive love triangle at its finest. They really nail the ending and the relationships within their quirky circle makes you feel like you’re getting an inside peek into something special. The cast in this film was phenomenal as well. Worth the watch if you ever get the chance.

3) Tomorrow (trailer)(short) This follows two friends on their adventures for New Years eve. At the party everyone finds someone to kiss at the stroke of midnight and the two friends aren’t where they thought they’d be. It’s a really cute story with great actors. The actual short gets taken down a lot and re-uploaded so the link might go down eventually for the actual short.

4) Blue Neighborhood (short series) So this is the music trilogy by Troye Sivan, and as it is music not everyone will like it. If you don’t, look past that and just pay attention to the story. The story follows two young friends who grow up together and end up in a complicated relationship. One of them has a horrible / abusive dad that plays a background role in their story. I may be biased because I love the music but the story is portrayed with amazing cinematic effect. 

5) The Last Time I Saw Richard (short) One reason this made the list is because it has such a unique story that not many gay themed shorts cover well. A young guy in a mental health clinic gets assigned a new roommate. They have a rough start and learn about each others demons. This one had really good effects for how they did the story and I love creepy / horror -esque themes.

My dear Muslim lgbt+ kids, 

I want to send big hugs to you. 

With all the things going on in the world right now, i know that many of you face hate from both lgbt+-phobes and xenophobes now - and dealing with just one of those is terrifying enough. On top of that, many people completely deny the existence of lgbt+ Muslims or say being Muslim and being lgbt+ is a contradiction. 

Please know that you are welcome on this blog and in my family. 

Please know that i see you and i believe you. I know that you exist. I know that you are wonderful and deserve safety, happiness and respect. 

I know that you deserve better than how the world treats you. 

With all my love,

Your Tumblr Mom 


A tree with deep roots,
Because the wind sways it not,
Blossoms Abundantly
And bears fruit.
The water from a deep spring,
Because a drought dries it not,
Becomes a stream
And flows to the sea.
from Yongbieocheonga (Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven)

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do you have any blog recs? I love your blog btw <3


a few blogs that i lov: @asleepyphilly @talkingtoemptywalls @thunderhowell @softdnp @glowinghowell @theanomex @y93 @ratinof @energeticwarrior @amazingphilz @demonphannie @prettydan @heckdan @dansuga @dansucc @cringe-attacks @arcticlester @vintagephan @howelljesus @fuckinlester @danhowellgifs @jilliancares @dantlers @princessdan @astronautdan @phiru @oops-phan @crescendohowell @phtl @shingekihowell @fireflyphil @momhowell @greydnp @angstdan @phanhtml @springphil @articulatehowell @artsyphil @colorphill @neonlester @dimplydan @howelter @gorgeous-howell @goincrazyfast @tiredlester @philtrashblr @bestestbuddy @crystalhowell @lovebirdlester @tiredlester @fringegaps @fringecringes
i know im forgetting a bunch of people but those are all of the people off the top of my head !! i lov u all✨

friend: *looks at a framed photo on top of my fireplace* who are those people?

me: *walks over with tears in my eyes* That’s… that’s my family. Mama Jin, Papa Joon, Uncle Yoongi and Hoseok, and my three little brothers Tae, Jimin and Jungkook. And grandpa Si-hyuk is in the middle there, do you see how proud he is of our little family? God I miss them so much. 

friend: ….

friend: isn’t that the kpop group you won’t shut up about? 

me: *continues to stare at the frame, wiping away a single tear* 

friend: you’re fucking weird you know that?

needless to say Bal was not a pretty picture when he was raised, like all other forsaken im sure

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i know how much robron being legally married meant to you (and others) and i just want to say i really like how positive your being even tho your disapointed! i was feeling a bit down about it but ppl being so positive has really helped me (: so thanks !

Oh bless you anon, this is so sweet!

I think it’s totally normal to be disappointed about something like this, but I think it’s sort of whether we chose to focus on this one thing we’re disappointed about, vs all the things we have to be excited about?

Like you’re right, them being legally married is something that is personally important to me for a number of reasons. And I’ll admit my tummy sort of flopped when I read the ceremony isn’t legal.

My disappointment is real and valid because we were sort of led to believe that it was going to be official (even if it didn’t seem realistic - more on that later!)


We don’t know all the ins and outs yet. Hopefully more will be revealed on Sunday, or we’ll at least know more on Monday/Tuesday. Maybe there’s some way they will be able to make it legal before Aaron gets sentenced (I doubt it but I also don’t understand how it all works tbh!), or if not, hopefully they will address that it’ll be made legal as soon as Aaron is released (and like I said in another post, I literally don’t care if a big deal is made of it or not (obviously I’d like a big deal to be made lmao but it’s not something I *need*) - they can literally just arrive home one day and be like “btw we signed the papers today, we’re officially married!” and I’d be happy with that tbh!)

The reason I’d like it to be legal is because I want them to be Official Husbands™ lmao, I want if one of them is in hospital or arrested (lmao) or whatever, I want the Important People™ to address them as husbands; “Robert, your husband has been taken to hospital” etc. etc. - I’m just a sucker for stuff like that. 

But there are SO many benefits to being legally wed, which is why people fought so hard for same sex marriage to be legal in the first place, because you get rights being someone’s spouse that you don’t get if you’re “just” a partner (which is…..not right IMO, but that’s the way it is). Like if one of them was really sick, I’d like the other to be the first person notified, to be the person to make the important decisions.

I just love the idea of them being legally bound, so the next time they have a silly argument and threaten to split, it’s like “HAHA it’s not that easy, you’re tied together now!!” LOL 

But honestly….that’s just *why* I want them to be legally married. 


None of this takes anything away from what we will see next week. It is all still just as real and valid. I think some people are sort of mixing up peoples disappointment and reading it as them not seeing the day as “real”. And maybe some people don’t, maybe some people do see it as “fake”.

But I don’t.

Just because they’re not legally getting married Monday/Tuesday, it doesn’t mean it isn’t *real*.

Yes, the legal stuff is important, but it’s not everything.

And that’s what I’m focusing on; I’m focusing on everything else.

The fact that we will see our boys pledge their love and commitment to each other in front of their family and friends!

The fact that we will hear them make VOWS!!!!!! And we know they’re going to get choked up!!!

The fact that, at least now we know the wedding isn’t legal, we don’t have to worry about it not happening, or not being “completed”, or them not reaching “I do”. Because that’s what I was worried about, that they wouldn’t actually complete the wedding/be husbands at the end of it.

But that is sort of invalid now, because in this instance, it’s all about the vows. The legal/technical stuff will have to wait for another day.

And we KNOW they say their vows so….it’s all good?!?? 

So even though I’m disappointed it won’t be legal right now, there are also lots of pluses to it not being legal at the moment.

There’s the reason I just mentioned (the will they/won’t they aspect is gone), and there’s also the fact that it’s realistic?!? Because anyone who has gotten married will know you can’t just knock up a wedding overnight and have it all be legit. (I didn’t actually know this, so I’d have been none the wiser if it wasn’t for people pointing it out).

I half expected ED to magic up some new rules, or come up with a new explanation for it being legal, but I know people would’ve complained about this. So at least doing it this way, it’s realistic.

And at the end of the day, in this moment, the technical stuff can wait. Yes, it would’ve been ideal if it could all be done and dusted there and then, but what really matters is the boys, is Robert reassuring Aaron of his love and devotion and commitment, of giving Aaron the perfect send-off.

It’s a wedding in every sense of the word, and in every way that truly matters for that moment.

So, in a nutshell; yeah, I am genuinely disappointed that this won’t be a legal wedding. But any disappointment I feel is outweighed by the fact that, at the end of the day, OUR BOYS ARE STILL GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!?!

So it’s like….10% disappointment, 90% pure JOY and excitement!

Like we have SO much to look forward to be a be positive about, and I’m not going to focus too much on this one little technicality which will, fingers crossed, hopefully be addressed and ironed out soon enough anyway.

And potentially, it not being legal now could hopefully give us something to look forward to in the future?! Like if/when they do make it official (and honestly, I really really really hope they do, for the reasons stated at the start of this post), hopefully they can have another little gathering afterwards and maybe Adam could even make a best mans speech then :D

So I just really hope that everyone who is disappointed (and honestly, you have every right to be) just….keeps doing what I’m doing (and what others are doing too!) and just focus on all the good stuff instead! :)


renmorris replied to your post “renmorris replied to your post “renmorris replied to your photoset…”

yep thats the Gross Ship

WHY is fandom like this, tbh, why is it that almost always the Gross Ships are the ones with a lot of popularity

i mean i know it’s somewhat canon (i think - i’m not positive about cooper’s feelings) but isn’t that what fandom is for - fixing the sometimes messed up shit in canon; making the story and characters a better version of itself, not worse. 

I love this show!  Also they keep robbing me - why?

(First time I was robbed) After seeing the beauty of Kara and Alex flying together as little girls and getting shamed for it afterwards… I was supposed to get to see them flying together as adult women and having an amazing time.  

(Second time I was robbed)  After watching Kara want everything that was so genuinely desirable about James Olsen and suffer continuously and without just cause over her shame and guilt about her crush on him, including putting aside her self interest for him and Lucy both and stoically not weeping while apologizing for the damage she did after coming onto James after getting mind poisoned… I was supposed to get to see those cute, attractive, trusty people smiling and kissing in nothing but boxers and tank tops AT LEAST one time if not several before it ended.  

(Third time I was robbed)  After watching Kara and Lena fall in love so hard and so fast that even straight people have started to ship them together… I was supposed to see Supergirl flying with Lena in her arms and see Kara discover her office crowded with elegant flowers.  

(Also) For every minute I have watched Kara deeply distressed over her love life, I should get to see her happily kissing someone good.  That’s basic math, right?  I am also pretty sure it’s true that every time a character expresses nonconsent subtly or directly, and then the inevitability of their attraction tramples over that and they magically change their minds, an angel loses its damn wings.  

I get that there’s some kind of marketing panic over Kara’s sexuality.  But like… have some meetings, get some doughnuts, invite some advisors, take a few risks.  Kara can fly with people.  It’s not the narrative equivalent of sex.  Kara can make out.  We won’t love her less.  Kara can have sex with someone she doesn’t imagine will be her lifelong partner.  The world won’t end.  And nobody expects Kara’s love life to be the center of this show.  

Listening to YouTubers shit on about equality and how antisemitism doesn’t make someone an antisemite and how racism doesn’t make someone a racist, and how they’re “normal people” is so fucking funny. Like you’re not just creating a commodity in videos and streams and tweets - you ARE a commodity. If you’re one of those top shitty lets players, people consume your videos, your tweets, and your personality. 

You kinda can’t really foster a product in the form of a persona and an internet presence and then call yourself, while speaking through megaphone that covers 50,000,000 people, a normal person. Like it is unfortunate that we let that happen as a society, but we do, and you can’t profit from a system without being an active conveyor of it like.

And you can’t act like you’re the same as some nobody who told a shitty joke and is getting lynched for it. You’re telling them to 50,000,000 people, many who would be impressed into thinking that’s okay, and many who are personally effected by those jokes coming from a much more malicious source (not to say it isn’t malicious in this case). That nobody might apologise, move on, and try harder. Whoever Thefuck has a vested interest in maintaining a brand filled with shitty shitty jokes.

those videos of people walking on top of a really tall building or construction sites that look like they could fall to their deaths at any time are absolutely pointless “yeah lemme just risk my life real quick for internet points” honestly why

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40. What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

What do they wonder about? What sparks their curiosity and imagination, and why? How is this expressed, if it is?

The biggest thing that Mira wonders about is the future and where it will lead her and what will become of her.  However, she also tends to wonder about other people.  Who are they?  What was their childhood like?  Why do they act the way they do?  This is a big reason she can often be found at the Pig and Whistle, simply watching those gathered there. 

People.  Nature.  Music.  These are the top three things that spark Mira’s curiosity or imagination.  

For the people, that is the curiosity and imagination.  She is mesmerized by others and how they are and who they are, as stated above.  Sometimes, she lets her own imagination make up stories for those she watches. 

Nature and music sparks her imagination.  She can see things in nature, that others might not be able.  Same with her music. 

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