those are our nicknames


“Harley Quinn?” Jughead read aloud, raising a brow and turning to look at his gang.

“That’s not even the worse one, this ones named poison ivy.” Reggie laughed pointing to the name on the screen.

“Cat woman, no ones gonna mention cat woman?” The redheaded boy barked out, laughing. “So this is what we got? These three are the most dangerous villains in Riverdale City? They all sound like women?”

Jughead, Archie and Reggie were on the hunt, there was trouble in their city. A rival gang was taking territory that did not belong to them and it needed to be stopped, they couldn’t afford to lose key business spots and one of the territories they were losing was the main drug distribution center. That would just not do.

So that brought the three boys here, checking databases and searching for the most dangerous groups to team up with, they could use all the help they could get.
“Being in charge sucks.” Reggie grunted dropping onto the couch “I wish we could just send Chuck and moose or even Adam.”

Archie shook his head “no. This needs to be done right, so we’ll do it.” Jughead nodded in agreement, as Reggie hugged again “whatever, it’s a bunch of girls, how bad could it be.”

Archie entered something into the computer before reading it over, turning to the boys

“I don’t know, but I looked up Harley Quinn, they say she’s crazy, absolutely nuts. Did you know she was the jokers girl before he died?”

Jughead stiffened, he remembered the stories now. Harley Quinn, loyal to a fault, reckless, the definition of crazy, lost her mind when batman killed her boyfriend.

Reggie seemed to come to that realization too and hopped up “that’s right! Poison ivy recruited her right after joker hit the bucket, cat woman joined after. How did we forget about that?”
Archie shook his head “more important things on our mind” he slammed his laptop shut, “well what are we waiting for? Let’s go talk to these girls.”
Jughead had an odd feeling in his stomach, choosing to keep it to himself, he followed after their fearless leader.
It was an odd place, dark and wet, hidden underneath the city, the doors were heavy metal and they were locked.

“Dude, what are you waiting for? Knock.” Reggie nudged him into the door. Rolling his eyes, he tapped the gun attached to his hip, just in case. He knocked.

Almost instantly the doors swung open, revealing an Asian women dressed in a mask covering her face.
“What’s your business here?” She was sharp, almost painful to hear

“We need to speak to poison ivy.” Jughead said, keeping his back straight.

“No.” just as the woman was about to close the door another voice was heard

“Oh, katana is that anyway to talk to our guests?” A woman dressed in what appeared to be vines and sporting the brightest red hair he had ever seen, appeared in the door way. He heard Reggie practically gulp from his side.

“How can I help you boys today?”

Archie stepped forward now,
“We need to speak to your gang, we would like to ask for your assistance.” He was determined and unphased by her sexy demeanor and intense green eyes. Jughead was uncomfortable, who the hell was this poison ivy?

“ hmm a proposition I suppose? Why don’t you come inside? I’ll grab the girls.” She turned and they followed.

It wasn’t nearly as scary on the inside, there were pinks and purples covering the walls, next to pictures of flowers were machetes and saws, hung in the wall next to cages and guns. Okay maybe it was a little scary.

“Harley! Kitty! Get on out here, we have company. Why don’t you sit?” Ivy motioned to the couch beside them. As soon as they sat, they heard the familiar tick of high heels and a wicked giggle. They all turned their heads and Archie’s jaw dropped while Jughead felt his eyes go wide.

While Archie stared at the raven haired beauty in the skin tight cat suit, Jughead couldn’t keep his eyes off of the blonde with the red and blue tips. She was beautiful in the scariest way possible , her pale skin marred with scars and tattoos, hearts and words, her hauntingly light blue eyes were covered in red and blue eyeshadow and her lipstick was smudged nearly down her chin. Her body was perfect, squeezed Tight into a tiny little tshirt and shorts, her long legs were covered in fishnets and accentuated by the heeled boots she had on. She was dirty, in a positively sinful way, smudges of black and brown covering her exposed skin. He watched as she smiled and her pigtails swung.

She had a bat in her hands, and was swinging it in time to her hair, “well hey there sugar, it’s nice to meet you!” It took him a second before he realized she was standing in front of him, looking him in the eyes.
He quickly looked up “nice to meet you too.” He mumbled out, she just giggled, and hopped over the couch to sit beside poison ivy.

The dark haired girl that had Archie drooling, was much more graceful, she sat delicately on the couch and crossed her legs while Harley sat criss crossed on the couch, leaning her head against the baseball bat and smiling. “What’s up?” She giggled, poison ivy patted her gently on the knee and smiled

“It seems these fine gentlemen have a question for us? You have the floor.” She nudged her head.

Archie finally tore his eyes away from the cat and sat up straight “we need help. There is a gang coming from over in pembrooke city, they’re big and they’re monopolizing all of our ports, we can take on most of them, but we need the extra help, we know how… dangerous you ladies are and we would like to ask for your assistance.”

Cat woman laughed “you want us to risk put lives for you? What would we get out of it?” She practically purred. Reggie answered now “we’ll pay you, good money. It’ll be worth your while.”

Harley was giggling now her eyes still on Jughead “we don’t need money silly, we’re bad guys, what do we need with money?” She was still smiling when poison ivy nodded

“I agree, we need something with more incentive, perhaps you’d be willing to give up one of your hide outs? We’ve been thinking of opening another lair, as soon as the pussycats break out of jail, they’ll need something inconspicuous”

Jughead stared at Archie, they did have the spare hide out in central, looking at him he nodded

“Deal. We have to warn you, this is not a typical gang they’re dangerous and they won’t hesitate because you’re females.” Archie added

Suddenly Harley was sitting next to Jughead, clutching his arm “ you don’t have to worry about us, we’re crazy! that’s what everyone says ya know?” She smiled and as he stared into her eyes, he couldn’t help but see the sadness seeping through. He placed a hand over her tiny bruised one, and smiled gently.

Veronica nodded “you have a deal, do we get to know your names atleast?” She was eyeing the redhead and he wiggled a little under her stare.

“Of course, I’m Archie and this is Reggie.” He pointed to the cocky boy who took Ivy’s hand in his own, “the pleasure is mine.” The redhead actually giggled. “And that there is jughead”
He motioned to him.

Veronica snorted, “what a group of names you all have.”

Archie smiled as they walked to the door
“Please like cat woman, poison ivy and Harley Quinn are any better?”

Harley who was clutching onto Jugheads arm, she giggled wildly. “Those aren’t our real names silly, there are nicknames.”

The three boys stopped and turned to the girls

Poison ivy smiled “Cheryl. Cheryl blossom.”

Cat woman rolled her eyes “Veronica lodge.”

And the infamous Harley Quinn just beamed
“I’m Betty. Betty Cooper!”


A/N: This was just a… a spark of an idea; not a challenge entry for once! Thanks once again and always to @imnoaingeal​ for reading through it!! ♥️

I love Dad!Dean, and I’ve written now two things of him being a dad… so! Give me feedback if you want another one! 

Warnings: Fluff, cussing, mentions of stitches. Obviously! 😆

(Couldn’t find a gif of Dean with a black eye other than the demon eyes, so I gave the fuck up… 😂)

Up, down… left, right.

Up, down… left, right.

Up down… left right…

Slowing down…
Wake up.

Up, down; left, right.

You felt your eyes droop again, but you tried your best to keep them open as you ran your (now) numb fingertips over your little girl’s back.

She had fallen asleep hours ago, and half of your torso was numb and tingly from lack of movement, and don’t get me started on your left arm - but you didn’t have the heart to wake her up before her daddy got back.

You had collected her thick hair (a trait from the Grecian God Dean himself) into a little ponytail, and it was soft enough to bring your consciousness back.

You ran your fingers lightly over her hair and tucked your nose gently against her neck; inhaling.

She never let you do that when she was awake anymore; only her dad.
She said it tickled more when you did it, even though Dean had about 150% more scruff than you did, you were certain…

Shaking your head, you closed your eyes, smiling into her neck.
She was crazy.

You hesitantly maneuvered your legs out from under you and grunted lightly as your knees popped.
Mary Ellen was a heavy sleeper… she didn’t react as you readjusted her position against your chest.

In the distance of the bunker, you heard a sound.
Your eyes drew from your lap and you looked in the direction of the garage.

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I was listening to this song and got inspired to write this KuroMahi fluff

“C’mon, Kuro, it won’t be that bad.” Mahiru said as they walked down the street. He thought that it would be good for both of them to go out for their dates occasionally. So, he decided to go watch a movie with Kuro. “You better not fall asleep in the theater either. Ryusei said that the movie’s pretty good.”

“Couldn’t we just wait for it to come out on DVD and rent it?” If Kuro could have his way, they would never leave the house. He preferred indoor dates but he had to admit that there were some things he liked about going out with Mahiru. Holding his hand while they walked was one of them. “Our couch is more comfortable than those theater seats and we don’t have to deal with people.”

“Kuro, I don’t want to fight with you on our date. It’s my turn to choose what to do on date night. Next Friday, you can choose whatever you want. Can’t you just bare with it for a couple hours? Will you do it for me?” Mahiru looked up at him and his large eyes silenced any further argument Kuro had. While he complained sometimes, he only wanted to make Mahiru happy.

Kuro mumbled an answer shyly. “Okay but don’t complain when I choose something hard and corny for our next date as revenge. Romance me with a candlelit dinner with ramen as the main course.”

“Candlelight and noodles it is then. You want to try re-enacting that Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene too?” Mahiru knew that Kuro was only teasing him and he couldn’t help but play along. Kuro wasn’t expecting him to and he blushed heavily. He scratched his cheek and tried to hide his blush. His expression was cute and made Mahiru giggle.

Kuro had to grin at the lighthearted challenge in Mahiru’s laugh and he leaned down to whisper in his ear. “Tease me like that and I’ll take you right there on that table.”

“Kuro! You can’t say things like that while we’re in public.” It was Mahiru’s turn to blush and Kuro chuckled at his reaction. Sometimes, it was too easy to tease him and make him blush but Kuro could never tire of it. “Behave yourself or you’re going to sleep on the couch tonight. Let’s go before the movie starts.”

“You’re going to make this poor kitty sleep on the coach?” Mahiru playfully hit his chest when he tried to use his cute cat voice. They both knew that his threat was empty when Mahiru hooked their arms together. He leaned his head on Kuro’s shoulder and they continued down the street.

“Do you hear that?” Mahiru stopped Kuro when he heard a child crying. He looked around the street and saw a child standing outside the store. The boy couldn’t be more than eight and Kuro wondered if he was lost. He certainly appeared distraught as he cried. Kuro wasn’t surprised when Mahiru immediately went to the boy’s aid.

Mahiru made sure not to scare the boy and stopped a safe distance from him. The boy didn’t appear hurt so Mahiru tried to calm him down. He knelt in front of the boy and spoke in a soft voice. “Excuse me, are you lost? Do you know where your parents are?”

The boy looked hesitant to answer but eventually spoke. “I don’t know.”

“Can you let us help you? Where was the last place you saw them?” The boy pointed to the store behind him and Mahiru nodded. He knew that it was best not to take the child away but he didn’t want to leave him alone either. “Can you tell me what your parents look like so I can look for them in the store? My name’s Mahiru. What’s your name?”


“Well, Akebono, I’m going to find your parents for you. My boyfriend, Kuro, is going to stay here with you while I look for them inside. Is that okay with you?” The boy nodded and Mahiru turned back to Kuro. “I know we were supposed to be on a date but this should only take a moment. I’m really sorry about this.”

“It’s okay. I’m just glad that you’re not sending me into that crowded store.” Kuro shrugged and the smile Mahiru gave him was reward enough. He gave the boy one last warning not to wonder off before he went into the store. Seeing him so readily help someone, Kuro’s heart swelled with pride slightly. It was one of the many reason he fell in love with him.

Kuro leaned against the wall next to the boy and an awkward silence quickly settled around him. Lily had always been the best with children among the Servamps and Kuro wondered what he would do. Despite being the oldest, Kuro was helpless when it came to children and starting a conversation. He could feel the boy’s eyes on him and he tilted his head curiously.

“Mahiru’s going to bring back your parents so don’t worry. He’s a good and dependable guy.” Kuro assured him but he quickly trailed off when the boy didn’t respond. He continued staring at him so he wondered what the boy was thinking about.

Then he blurted out, “Why do you dress funny? You have ears and a tail!”

“I do not dress funny. I’ll have you know that I’m a cute kitten.” He thought children respected their elders and he wondered when they became so blunt. The boy didn’t look the least bit convinced and scrunched his face at him. Kuro wondered how long Mahiru would take and tried to think of a way to entertain him until he came back. An idea came to him and he pulled out his phone. “You like games, Kid?”

Like Kuro expected, the boy’s eyes lit up. He opened a simple tile matching game and handed him his phone. Kuro thought that it would keep him occupied enough without having him comment on his clothes again. He sat next to the boy and watched him play as he waited for Mahiru to return.

The boy was losing miserably and Kuro shook his head lightly. Every time he lost, the boy became more irritated. He almost threw the phone in frustration but Kuro quickly took the phone from him. “Woah, Kid, don’t break other people’s things because you’re losing. The reason you’re losing is because you chose where to place your tiles too late and you run out of time to place them. Be quick like this.”

He swiped his finger over the screen and cleared a few rows. The boy looked up at him in amazement. Kuro, who played games often, didn’t think anything of it but it looked like a masterful maneuver to the boy. “Teach me!”

“Can’t deal.” Kuro groaned but he pointed at the upcoming blocks. “You need to think of combos. If you set them up early, you can get a lot of points. Leave a little space for blocks that don’t fit into your combo. They’re a pain to deal with but at least they won’t block your combo. Just make sure you don’t pile them too high.”

“Okay!” The boy returned his attention to the game and tried to follow his advice. He was still a child so it was difficult to think of a combo as quickly as Kuro could. When it seemed like he would be too slow to place a block, Kuro helped him. He made sure not to do it too often so the boy could make his own strategy.

He heard the store’s door open and he looked up to see Mahiru walk out with a frown. From his expression, Kuro knew that he couldn’t find the boy’s parents. Mahiru sat next to the boy and said apologetically. “I’m sorry. It doesn’t seem like your parents are inside but Kuro and I will stay with you until they come back.”

“Do you think they left me behind?” The boy looked up from the game and Mahiru’s heart almost broke. “I had a fight with them in the store. Maybe they don’t want me anymore.”

“Of course, they still love you.” Mahiru took out a napkin from his pocket and handed it to him. He was close with his mother so he could imagine how the boy must be feeling.

“Families fight. You can’t avoid it.” Kuro said simply and Mahiru was about to hit him lightly for his comment. He stopped himself when Kuro continued. “But you don’t want to let that come between you. Talk to them. If you wait and avoid them, you’ll regret it. When your parents come back, apologize and they’ll forgive you.”

“Akebono!” They looked up and saw two people running towards them. Mahiru gestured for them to wait as he ran to the parents. From his expression, Kuro knew that he was going to read the parents the riot act and covered the boy’s ear. He had to chuckle as he listened to Mahiru lecture his elders. While he was kind, he was also firm when he needed to be and that quality made him more attractive to Kuro.

“I think he’s done now.” Kuro said with a light laugh and let go of the boy so he could run to his parents. Mahiru returned to his side and they watched the family exchange hugs. The boy waved bye to them before he left with his parents and Kuro waved back. He could feel Mahiru grinning at him and turned to him. “What?”

“I was thinking that you would make a good father.” Mahiru said with a confident smile but Kuro looked more doubtful. “I’m serious. You were kind and understanding. I’m sure our kids would like you more because you’ll be the easy going parent. But I guess it’s still too early to talk about this.”

“I’m sure they’ll love Mamahiru too. Ow!” Kuro yelled a little when Mahiru punched his arm. It didn’t hurt him but he still pretended to pout. “Cat abuser.”

“You teach our kids to call me by those nicknames and I’m divorcing you. Where did you even come up with Mamahiru? I don’t act like your mom and you shouldn’t say that about your boyfriend. Let’s hurry to the theater.” Mahiru looked at his watch and knew that it was too late to watch the movie. With a disappointed sigh, he said. “I guess the only thing we can do is go home.”

Kuro took his hand but he surprisingly pulled him in the opposite direction of their home. “You said you wanted an outdoor date, didn’t you? Let’s take the long way home and walk around the park. We can look at the stars or something.”

“Really?” Mahiru’s smile couldn’t be brighter and Kuro was certain that it could light the night. He stood on his toes and kissed Kuro’s cheek. “You’re trying to be sweet and make me forget about those nicknames, aren’t you?”

“Is it working?”

“It might if you offer to hold my hand too.” They both laughed and their fingers naturally laced together when they held hands. Mahiru knew that he would’ve preferred to go straight home so he was grateful that Kuro was willing to take a detour for him. It was a small gesture but Mahiru could sense Kuro’s kindness in it. Kuro looked down at Mahiru as they walked. He knew he should’ve been watching where he was going but his happy expression captivated him.

Whenever Kuro thought about their future, he would become sad whenever he thought about their inevitable end. But Mahiru was able to replace those thoughts with something better. He looked forward to their date night every week. He wanted to make a future for them after the war where they could be a normal couple. Maybe, one day, they could adopt to have a family as well.

I headcanon that they have a set date night and take turns picking what they do. Kuro always chooses indoor date activities so Mahiru forces them out when it’s his turn to choose.

Dex and Nursey decide to adopt a kid, not a baby, and they’re just at that age where they don’t wanna call them “Dad” right away. At first they’re Derek and Will, which the boys totally understand and don’t have a problem with, it’s a huge adjustment for the kid. Then one day the kid hears the boys or one of their friends call them Dex and Nursey and the boys explain “oh, those are our hockey nicknames” and the kid decides to run with it and it just… sticks. So now their kid forever calls them by their hockey nicknames instead of calling them “dad” and honestly the boys kind of love it

Big News Today...

Hi Gang! Big news today.

We are officially changing our name from Andrew Jackson Jihad to the simple, familiar abbreviation that most of you already call us: AJJ.

The two biggest reasons for this are:
1.) We are not Muslims, and as such, it is disrespectful and irresponsible for us to use the word jihad in our band’s name.
2.) We no longer wish to be a living reminder of president Andrew Jackson. Interesting historical figure as he was, he was an odious person and our fascination with him has grown stale.

We are very sorry to any people the name has offended. We would like to thank those who have reached out over the years to let us know that the name is problematic, especially those who reached out with kindness. Had we known in 2004 that we would still be making music together 12 years later, we most certainly would have chosen a more thoughtful name from the start.

The name AJJ fits us better than Andrew Jackson Jihad. It has been our nickname for those in the know forever. It hearkens back to the great skatepunk bands like JFA, FYP, LFO, etc… It also retains, even amplifies the quality that I liked about the name Andrew Jackson Jihad; that it can be interpreted in different ways. Now that we are AJJ we can be “Arizona Juvenile Justice”, “Anonymous Junk Jugglers,” “Actress January Jones” (Chris Farren thought of that one) the possibilities are endless and we’re very excited to see what you all come up with.

Now that we are officially and proudly AJJ, we would like to share our new song “Now That I’m at the Top of my Game.” We recorded it in Dallas with John Congleton while making our forthcoming album. This song seemed confident enough to stand on it’s own.

The video was made by Karin Graham, Mark Glick, Mark Roebuck and Sean out of some stock footage of body builders and Sean’s crooked teeth.
Thank you all so much for reading, for listening, and for being so good to us for all these years,

we love you all,


dan’s calling phil an angel bean, phil’s calling him d-slice, 2016 is great and i’m so grateful to who ever sacrificed their soul to make this possible
The Problem with 'Boys Will Be Boys' - The Huffington Post

Text by Soraya Chemaly

For months, every morning when my daughter was in preschool, I watched her construct an elaborate castle out of blocks, colorful plastic discs, bits of rope, ribbons and feathers, only to have the same little boy gleefully destroy it within seconds of its completion.

It was obvious that this little guy got massive joy out of doing this. The first time, my daughter just stared in amazement and I tried to help her rebuild. Second time: sadness. Third time: The Injustice! “Why did he do that again?” Fourth time: Royally Pissed Girl wanted to know why his parent didn’t stop him. And what about me? Fifth time: She was ready with some ideas about stopping him.

During the course of this socialization exercise, we tried several strategies and his parents engaged in conversation with us, but mostly me. One or the other of them would occasionally, always after the fact, smile and apologize as they whisked him away. Figuring out what they would say next became a fun game:

“You know! Boys will be boys!”

“He’s just going through a phase!”

“He’s such a boy! He LOVES destroying things!”

“Oh my god! Girls and boys are SO different!”

“He. Just. Can’t. Help himself!”

No matter how many times he did it, they never swooped in BEFORE the morning’s live 3-D reenactment of “Invasion of AstroMonster.”

I tried to teach my daughter how to stop this from happening. She asked him politely not to do it. We talked about some things she might do. She moved where she built. She stood in his way. She built a stronger foundation to the castle, so that, if he did get to it, she wouldn’t have to rebuild the whole thing. In the meantime, I imagine his parents thinking, “What red-blooded boy wouldn’t knock it down?”

She built a beautiful, glittery castle in a public space.

It was so tempting.

He just couldn’t control himself and, being a boy, had violent inclinations.

She had to keep her building safe.

Her consent didn’t matter. Besides, it’s not like she made a big fuss when he knocked it down. It wasn’t a “legitimate” knocking over if she didn’t throw a tantrum.

His desire – for power, destruction, control, whatever- - was understandable.

Maybe she “shouldn’t have gone to preschool” at all. OR, better if she just kept her building activities to home.

I know it’s a lurid metaphor, but I taught my daughter the preschool block precursor of don’t “get raped” and this child, Boy #1, did not learn the preschool equivalent of “don’t rape.”

Not once did his parents talk to him about invading another person’s space and claiming for his own purposes something that was not his to claim. Respect for my daughter and her work and words was not something he was learning. It was, to them, some kind of XY entitlement. How much of the boy’s behavior in coming years would be excused in these ways, be calibrated to meet these expectations and enforce the “rules” his parents kept repeating?

There was another boy who, similarly, decided to knock down her castle one day. When he did it his mother took him in hand, explained to him that it was not his to destroy, asked him how he thought my daughter felt after working so hard on her building and walked over with him so he could apologize. That probably wasn’t much fun for him, but he did not do it again.

There was a third child. He was really smart. He asked if he could knock her building down. She, beneficent ruler of all pre-circle-time castle construction, said yes… but only after she was done building it and said it was OK. They worked out a plan together and eventually he started building things with her and they would both knock the thing down with unadulterated joy. You can’t make this stuff up.

Take each of these three boys and consider what he might do when he’s older, say, at college, drunk at a party, mad at an ex-girlfriend who rebuffs him and uses words that she expects will be meaningful and respecte, “No, I don’t want to. Stop. Leave.”

Based on Boy #1’s parents blanket gender essentialisms and explanations, my daughter and the kids around her could easily have come to the conclusion that all boys went through this phase, are so different from girls, cannot control themselves, and love destroying things. But, that’s not the case. Some do. Some don’t. There are also lots of girls who are very interested in ripping things apart systematically.

I have one of those, too. “Destructo Girl” was our nickname for this daughter. Given the slightest opportunity,she would grab whatever toy either of her sisters was playing with and run, giddy with power, to the top of a landing only to dash whatever was in her hand down two flights of stairs. She beamed with joy as it clattered and shattered. But, we figured just because she could do it, didn’t mean she should and eventually she understood that, even if she wanted to and it was fun, she couldn’t continue to violate her sisters’ rights as citizens of our household.

“Girls will be girls?” I don’t think so. Nor do we say things like, “She just can’t help herself.” I have heard parents of daughters so inclined say things like, “She’s just so rambunctious!” But, in my experience, most people assume girls, as a class, can control themselves better, faster, more completely, and that boys have a harder time. There are many studies that indicate the reasons why this might be true, including the fact that we teach girls to delay gratification more and also to put their needs last. But, it does not appear to be innate.

Boy #1? Yes, maybe he had impulse control issues. Maybe it would take a lot of time to teach him about self-control, like Daughter #2. Maybe it would take even longer to teach him about personal boundaries and other people’s rights. Maybe he had genuine problems with all of those things that needed to be addressed in more thorough ways than morning time social interactions.

But that boy – and many others like him – never got the benefit of the doubt. This behavior gets rewarded or not, amplified or not, sanctioned tacitly or not. Both on individual and cultural levels. To be clear: I’m not saying that there is causality between knocking down blocks in preschool and assaulting people later. I am not saying that all boys with bad manners, poor impulse control, ADHD or other behavioral issues will be rapists or abuse spouses. I’m saying the world would be a different kind of place if children were taught to respect other children’s rights from the start. Rights to be, to do, to look certain ways and not others. And that teaching children these things has profound implications for society. Anyone who has studied or worked in the field of domestic violence can tell you that the “overarching attitudinal characteristic” of abusive men is entitlement and the belief that they have rights without responsibility to or respect for others. Similar attitudes feed our steady stream of sexual assault and rape.

In general, I’m a strict non-interventionist when it comes to other people’s children, unless I am explicitly responsible for them and their safety. But, one morning, when it really became clear that Boy #1’s parents were utterly useless as people who could teach their son to be aware of others, empathetic and yes, kinder, I picked him up and moved him away from my daughter. I asked him gently if he understood the word “forever.” He said yes. Putting him down, I added that he was to stay away from my daughter and her castles for that length of time. So far, so good.