those are not quality words

I used to care so much about the wrong things, until I realised that they thrived off distracting me from my purpose.

My thoughts are solely focused on love and growth, and my spirit only aligns with those who reflect these qualities.

Love Languages

Hi there! I love your blog! Have you heard of the 5 love languages? I know everyone is different but I was wondering generally where you would put each type. Thanks!

What are the 5 love languages?

  • Gift Giving (giving gifts from love)
  • Quality Time (spending time with those they love)
  • Words of Affirmation (affirming those they love)
  • Acts of Service (caring for those they love)
  • Physical Touch (self-explanatory)

Disclaimer: anyone of any type can have any of the five languages, but here’s how I correlate them to cognition, for fun.

Gift-Giving: Fi/Te types (TJ, FP) and sensors in general (SP, SJ), because giving a gift is often an act of silent devotion (Fi) intended to bring another person sensory pleasure (Se/Si); though if the gift is given and the giver gets an emotional rush off their delight, that’s Fe ;)

Quality Time: everyone, but extroverts may prioritize it; thinkers may prefer it

Words of Affirmation: Fe-users, especially the EXFJs, and the intuitive-feeling types (who can see ‘beyond’ the obvious and encourage others with their ideas and visions toward the future)

Acts of Service: STJs serve out of silent devotion, SFJs often want to serve for society’s betterment and take pleasure in the reactions (Fe)

Physical Touch: strong sensing types (SP, SJ)

(You should also remember you have a love language you use toward other people, and one you prefer to receive from other people, and they may not be the same. You may show love through gifts but crave words of affirmation, etc.)

For fun, my family ranks thus:

Dad: ENFJ - Gift Giving / Words of Affirmation

Mom: [E?]STJ - Acts of Service

Me: ENFP - Quality Time / Acts of Service

Brother: [E?]NTP - Quality Time

All About You (Hoseok/Reader)

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Prompt: Im thirsty as hell for my boy J Hope as of late. Can I request an Smut leaning towards body appreciation? Im a thicc girl, and the idea of having a really insecure or crappy day and being comforted by Hobi worshipping my body and telling me how much he loves every inch of me is 👌👌👌

Genre: Smut

Words: 1k+

Author: JP

Summary: Oral sex, swearing

A/N: This might not be what you were expecting but I actually really love how it turned out, so I hope you enjoy it, even if it’s short af lol~

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Dance Like Machines

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“Sit.” Angela’s voice is cold as ice, but her expression is unreadable.

“It’s late and I just got home. I planned to, darling,” Amelie teases, testing the mood while she saunters to the chair. She reaches up to release the clip from her hair, letting the indigo tumble over her shoulders and chest. Some nights Angela whispers against her skin that it reminds her of midnight waves against the shore, but her slow heartbeat is more calming than that sound could ever hope to be.

It seems Angela is in no mood for such softness this evening, gripping the pressure point in Amelie’s shoulder and forcing her down into the chair. Her voice is a dangerous growl as she releases her grip, “You’re late.”

Amelie bites back a smart comment about the doctor’s impatience, but swallowing it doesn’t stop the smirk from curling her lips. It doesn’t appear to her that Angela has even been home that long—her labcoat still smells like the med bay and the faded gloss of her lips hints at recently acquired coffee, of which none is brewing in the apartment as far as she can tell. When she reaches to pull Angela close, the doctor smacks her hand and narrows her eyes.

“Did I say you could touch?”

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You know I wish overwatch or any game really would give us some god damn different girls. Gimme short girls. With short legs
Fat girls with rolls in their big tummies
I just
They all look the same
Same tiny torso long leg hour glass look
Same tiny nose big eye pretty face
Let girls be ugly

Edit: Before someone twists my words I’m not saying those qualities are ugly I’m saying let girls be ugly Ugly not meaning fat or short etc.

petesass  asked:

hi there friendo i heard u were accepting requests for mm headcanons and i being the gay shit i am, i'm here to do a request. trans boi mc accidentally breaks his binder/stp and gets upsetti spaghetti but RFA + saran wrap get them a new one/comfort them!! soz this is weird i'm just a trans boy that needs someone w good writing skills to make my dreams of a trans boy come true tbh ok adios bye ademain oh yikes this was long

I’m sorry this took so long to post. I wanted to make your dreams come true so I pushed myself to finish this.

NOTE: I had done some research on the matter, and I was informed about the bandage thing. Wrapping bandages is NOT a permanent solution for binding if you’re going to and or thinking of doing it. I wrote it in the sense as a temporary solution for the problem but it is BAD to do on the regular. Like it just can fuck you up. Probably best to avoid using it as an option for binding. I just want people to be safe ^^. And thank you whoever brought it to my attention.


  • based on your texts, you weren’t having such a fantastic day
  • when you came home, he could tell you were tired and stressed
  • you said you were just going to go lay down for an hour so he just let you be
  • a while later he heard you shouting profanities in the other room
  • when he went to go check up on you, you were sitting on the bed with your head hung low and your fingers in your hair
  • looking at the ground, he noticed your broken binder
  • more like you’re only binder
    • never knew how much they cost and kind of understood having just one???
  • while you’re stewing in your own anger and sadness, you feel someone tap your shoulder
  • when you look up, this nugget brought a roll of bandages for you
  • “Let me help you wrap up. Is that okay?”
  • you have to help him a bit because his hands get tangled
    • those butterfingers
  • texts or calls throughout the day to make sure you’re doing okay
    • not just because you were upset but for the wrap
    • wants to make sure it’s still in good condition
  • wants to understand the process so he sits with you as you’re shopping for a new one
    • yeah wow they’re pretty damn expensive
    • but would rather you have more than one so you’re not in a BIND later wINK WONK 


  • it was just a normal morning for you
  • but the one thing you’ve been dreading happened
  • a few months ago you realized how shitty you’re binder has got over the year
  • you told yourself you would get a replacement but since your current one still did its job, you put it on the back burner
  • and then eventually forgot about it
  • which brings you back to now
  • as you were putting it on it just snapped 
  • you didn’t think it would have a great affect on you
  • but the anxiety started to settle in 
  • you couldn’t stand to look at yourself in the mirror
  • Jaehee realizes you’ve been in the bathroom for a while and asked if you were alright
  • “Yeah it’s just…let me come out?”
  • when you leave the bathroom, she sees the broken binder and your long face
  • this was the first time she was in this situation and wasn’t sure EXACTLY what to do
  • she just takes the binder and gives you a nice long hug
  • when you say you don’t want to leave the apartment, she doesn’t object
    • you seemed kind of shaken by this so she wanted to make sure you were comfortable
  • when she gets home she shows you the binders she ordered for you because she’s a perfect gelato


  • you were at school/work for a few hours when you started to get pain in your torso
  • it was beginning to become really painful so you snuck off into the bathroom to remove your binder for a bit before you had to head back
  • but as you were putting it back on, it snapped 
  • and with that, you snapped
  • after panicking for five minutes, you decide to call Zen
  • “Hey babe. You usually don’t call me around this time. Lucky for you I’m on break, how are you?”
  • before you even spoke, he could tell something was wrong
    • your heavy breathing could be heard from across the room for goodness sake
  • the moment you asked to come over and bring your spare binder, he darted right out of rehearsal
  • it gave you enough time to continue your panic attack before you heard someone come through the bathroom
  • thankfully it was Zen
  • you opened the stall with your hand out and as he was handing you the other binder, he asked if you were alright
  • you didn’t feel like you wanted to say anything so you closed the door once the binder was in your hands
  • Zen didn’t leave, he just waited for you to come out and once you did
  • he wiped any remaining tears away with his handkerchief
  • cleaned your face with some water then held you closely
  • doesn’t want to see his precious MC so upset! just wants you to feel better ^^


  • with this donut’s love to pamper you
  • among your matching tailored suits, you have some pretty good quality binders in your drawers
  • and you had to admit, they were good quality binders
  • but you would take those words back very soon
  • you were feeling kind of nauseous at work/school so you went to go take it off for a few minutes but it snapped as you were taking it off
  • now you were freaking out because you would have to walk out of the bathroom without one and the EYES TO JUDGE WOULD BE UPON YOU
  • after ralphing for a hot minute you get a call from Jumin
    • donut has really good sense of timing
  • you felt up to talking so you picked up the phone
  • “Hey Jumin, how’s Hong Kong?”
  • “Is everything alright?”
  • super Jumin was able to tell something was up with you
    • even could tell you just vomited?
  • you told him what was wrong
    • he starts writing down shit because he was going to sue the fucking company that made your binder
    • no matter how you insist not to, you know he’s going to do it anyways
  • calls Jaehee to go get you one of your other binders and bring it to you
  • while you’re waiting, he keeps you on the phone to calm you down
  • has you do some breathing exercises and gives you positive affirmations
  • once you were calm you talk about his trip for a bit until you hear Jaehee’s voice


  • you worked really hard on the RFA party on the vineyard tomorrow
  • and you laid out your outfit for the occasion
    • figured you could just wear your only binder no big deal
  • then as you were getting ready for bed, Seven is lying in bed while on his phone when he hears a snap from the bathroom
  • “MC?”
  • when you don’t respond, he gets out of bed to check up on you
  • he sees you sitting on the bathroom tiles with your broken binder in your hands
  • “The RFA party is tomorrow…”
  • oh god
  • “And this is my only binder…”
  • insert mini freak out
  • before you could escalate, he sits down with you and keeps an arm around your shoulder
  • calms you down with those kind words of his
  • jellybean doesn’t want you uber stressed out or get worried over spilled milk
  • brings you to bed and makes sure you fall asleep first before he did
  • when the big day comes around, he get a bunch of bandages to wrap you up
    • kind of gets carried away when he helps wraps you
  • during the party comes around to you when you were free to make sure you’re doing ok


  • Saeran was just chilling on his bed while listening to some tunes
  • not a care in the world
  • he could have sworn he had heard something earlier but didn’t pay too much mind to it
  • when he heard something again, he took out one of his earbuds
  • turns out you were calling for him this entire time
  • didn’t even know you were here O_O
    • you were soaking wet from the rain and you wanted to be somewhere dry and warm
    • which is why you decided to stop by your boo’s place for some clothes
  • jumps out of bed and rushes to you in the bathroom to find your broken binder on the floor
  • oh shit
  • you weren’t looking too good either
  • pulls you out of the bathroom and to his room
  • gives you some of his clothes 
    • gumdrop gives you privacy as you’re changing
  • when you’re fully clothed, he has you lay down next to him while listening to some music
  • doesn’t really say anything but you felt a lot better having him there to get your mind off of it
  • it was okay since you were wearing mostly all day, it was nice to let your body breathe for a bit 

||அண்ணலும் நோக்கினான், அவளும் நோக்கினாள் ||

|| The Lord looked at her and She also looked at him ||


I just thought of something else. Granted, there’s only a sample size of four, but so far All of the names for the ancestors have been eight letters long, much the same way the troll kids all have names that are six letters long.

(For that matter, “ancestor” is an eight letter word too.) 

I kind of doubt those are their birth names though. Marquise is explicitly a title, and all of those other words sound like references to personal qualities as well.

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Can you give me a snippet of what your pwp would be with kaisoo and kyungsoo bracelets? pls ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

  • Title: sexy gestures-gestures, baby (your gestures-gestures)
  • Rating: nc-17 // pwp, smut??, hand/wrist partialism
  • Loosely inspired by the lyrics from “Touch It” and Kyungsoo’s stage look for KOKOBOP on Music Core 170722.
  • Disclaimer: This is unbeta-ed and probably not the best but it’s 8AM and I haven’t slept yet and ksoo’s wrists are really beautiful fam

“Why don’t you keep them on for a bit?” Jongin asks, watching wearily as Kyungsoo retrieves a pair of fabric scissors from somewhere up in the cabinet. The tool is still in the plastic packaging, and Jongin watches as Kyungsoo bites at a corner of cardboard and attempts to rip it open, burgundy lips curled back and thick brows furrowed. Fuck. Jongin swallows thickly around the waves of saliva piling under his tongue.

His eyes skitter down to the bands of beads and rolled string layering over the other’s wrists, setting his jaw as Kyungsoo spits a tiny cardboard piece into the air.

“I’ve had them on all day,” he says, distractedly, and uses his fingers this time to pick at the little hole he’s just made. Jongin deflates a little. That’s true. But then again, Jongin didn’t get the pleasure to indulge in the sight of Kyungsoo wearing them all day, so it still feels like an injustice to humanity. And most importantly his dick.

Kyungsoo never wears bracelets. Never wears accessories, in general - so Jongin really has to make the most of the incredibly rare occasions when a stylist decides to include any piece of jewelry in the vocalists’ attire. It’d been a long fucking drought for him, too. He’d almost forgotten how well they looked on Kyungsoo when holy fucking damn shit fuck there they were, in all their beautiful magical wonder, those blessed bracelets on those blessed wrists. They were Jongin’s favorite kind, too, the loose type that hung down against the heels of Kyungsoo’s palms and accentuated the skinny dip from forearm to wrist. Bouts of color and beads. There were a couple tighter ones, knotted beautifully beside the wrist joint. Thin chains and dangly ends. Contrasting like utter art to the broadness of his palms, shaped by heaven, and glossed with long… long…round fingers and blue veins faintly protruding under soft skin.

Jongin had to check his pants and make sure cum wasn’t already leaking out of his dick. There wasn’t any. Thank God for biology and super tight boner-killer jeans.

“They suit you, though.” Jongin tries softly, but he isn’t holding onto much hope. Kyungsoo’s already got the scissors out. Dammit.

He’d come back to the dorm with them on after forgetting to take them off in the dressing room, and Jongin really could’ve cried jizz because that meant Kyungsoo would have to keep wearing them until tomorrow, at least - and that meant he’d get pure, unadulterated extra hours of Those Bracelets on Those Wrists. Heavenly quality content. There were no words to properly convey of the amount of emotions swirled up inside Jongin; he was no better than a sexually frustrated teenager at this point.

He wanted to touch them. He wanted to feel the edges of the strings with his fingertips, and roll the beads against his palms. Dig his fingertips over the veins on the back of Kyungsoo’s hands as he laced their fingers. Press his lips against those flat palms, or maybe tremble at the loose threads tickling against his skin as Kyungsoo pressed him into the sheets. Oh God, how he wanted. Kyungsoo didn’t understand the amount of power he possessed.

He’s brought out of his reverie when he realizes Kyungsoo is cocking a brow at him, curious. “What’s that face?” He mumbles, fiddling with one if the knots of the rolled string ones as a last attempt of removing it without cutting it in half. Kyungsoo and breaking jewelry were two peas in a pod - so maybe that’s why the stylists rarely give him any to wear. Such a pity. He’s already taken the beaded ones off along with the couple chains, leaving only three. Two on his right wrist, one on his left. All black and dangling and pretty.

Jongin blinks slowly, shrinking minimally against the couch cushions. “What face?”

Kyungsoo’s lips edge into a subtle smirk, leaning his weight to one side from where he’s standing near the kitchen entryway. “You look like you could cry.”

Jongin snickers, rubbing the side of his nose as he looks at his socks. It’s not far from the truth, honestly. His cock is already in mourning.

A brief silence lulls between them, and then suddenly Kyungsoo is stood closer to him, hand held out and wrist turned up towards the ceiling. Jongin’s stomach flutters and his shoulders tingle, and it looks so soft - his arm, it looks so soft and firm and smooth and steady and– “Can you try? I can’t get the knot undone.”

Jongin’s throat bobs, lips pressing into a thin line as he swallows, and his eyes dance along the length of Kyungsoo - hand, forearm, bicep, chest, collarbones, lips, eyes, and back down again - in quick little jumps. He can touch. Kyungsoo’s even asking him to. Good God. He tentatively raises his left hand, softly grazing the underside of the older’s right forearm before his fingers circle around, inching down to the narrowing of his wrist were the bracelets rest.

He traces along the protrusion of a vein, following it all the way to the joint on the side, then over to the inner seam of his wrist, where he rolls the strings under the pad of his thumb and sinks his teeth into his lower lip. Kyungsoo shifts barely, raising his other hand to slowly rotate the bracelet until the little knot comes up beside Jongin’s thumb.

“It’s really tight.” He mumbles, and Jongin can feel the burning heat of being watched. Kyungsoo’s gaze, like fire, is searing his senses with warmth and frying his nerves. He silently revels in it, thumbing over the knot so it presses into Kyungsoo’s skin.

“You could just leave them on.” He says, using his thumbnail to pick at one of the taut ties. It doesn’t budge, so he brings his other hand up to hold Kyungsoo’s hand steady and pull him a little closer, for better leverage. He uses his index finger this time, trying to pry one of the strings loose from the knot - but it’s ultimately futile.

He ponders for a moment. He wets his lips, then leans down, carefully taking the knot between his teeth. He can feel the heat of Kyungsoo’s skin beneath his lips; wonders if he could feel his pulse if he pressed hard enough. His nose nudges into the other’s arm as he cranes his neck slightly, closing his lips around the knot and scraping at it lightly with his lower set of teeth, searching for an edge. He hears Kyungsoo’s deep breath above him, and tilts his head a little more to try with his canines. He nibbles at it, but the knot keeps popping out his hold, dampened from his saliva and impressively stubborn. He leans back, fingering the bracelet as he reevaluates the tie.

Kyungsoo tastes of stale cologne and hairspray. Which should be- and probably would be in any other situation- unappealing, but Jongin likes the way it lingers vaguely on his mouth as he licks his lips again. His gaze flits up and finds Kyungsoo’s glossy orbs already settled on him, hooded and dark in the soft lamp light, lips pouted out barely from the way he’s looking down at the younger.

Jongin maintains eye contact the second time he leans down, closing his eyes just as his lips meet the inside of Kyungsoo’s wrist once more in a soft, light kiss - chapped skin against smooth. “Leave them on.” He whispers in a small puff of breath, feeling Kyungsoo’s fingers curl against the underside of his chin.

“You like them that much?” Kyungsoo rasps softly, harmlessly pinching some skin between his fingers and nudging his knuckles against the faint stubble already growing back in.

Jongin nods barely, eyes faintly scrunched  as his jaw goes lax and his tongue peeks out to quickly dab against a blue vein hidden under thin lays of pale skin. So beautiful. “Tonight,” he says, and his eyes slowly open, half-lidded and pupils blown, pleading and earnest, “leave them on for me, Soo.”

B.A.P  You're Insecure

When you generally feel insecure about yourself.

Yongguk – Strikes me as someone who is super hard on himself but doesn’t clearly see the faults in the people he loves. He would be shocked and honestly heartbroken when he learned of your insecurities. Yongguk sees nothing but value in you and he’d be dumbfounded you didn’t see those qualities yourself. Frequently he’d impart some words of wisdom given to him by his grandfather but be somewhat awkward with his own. If it wasn’t enough he’d write song after song about how great you were until you started to believe it.

Himchan – Has a few of his own so it would hurt his heart to think of you going through the same feelings as himself. He knows exactly what it’s like to act confident but be unsure of yourself and he picked up on that similarity in you pretty quickly. Himchan would compliment you more and try to get you to see your better qualities but he’d know that it isn’t something he can really fix for you. He’d be right by your side though, encouraging you and happy whenever you had breakthroughs in feeling better about yourself. It would be his biggest wish for you.

Daehyun – Dae would be concerned and sad that you felt that way about yourself. While most certainly taking the situation seriously his approach would be somewhat lighthearted as he tried to gently cajole you toward better thoughts. With a bright smile he’d say things like, “See? And you thought you couldn’t do that. You’re a natural!” He’d also be a lot more gentle in his teasing of you because he wouldn’t want to knock down any self esteem you’d recently built up.

Youngjae – Very flustered and upset that you don’t believe in yourself, he’d overcompensate by trying every trick he could think of to raise your self esteem, probably even searching online for other methods as well. Then he’d throw everything at you like pasta against a wall to see what would stick. Compliments, affection, even things like a personalized teddy bear that says your name and tells you you’re awesome every time you squeeze it’s paw. Really, Youngjae would be low key frantic to fix the situation or else he’d feel like a crappy boyfriend.

Jongup – Would not understand your reasoning and want you to explain it to him. He’d outright ask things like why did you feel you weren’t good at that or why you felt like you lacked certain qualities and rebut every single one of them very matter-of-factly. He’s a straightforward, calls ‘em as he sees 'em guy who thinks the world of you and doesn’t understand your point of view. Expect him to comment nonchalantly on any attributes he sees in the future. Jongup wouldn’t be over sentimental about it, but he’d quietly state his observations as confidently as if he were commenting the sky was blue.

Zelo – He’s had his share of insecurities growing up in the spotlight, so he would find this relatable and offer suggestions of things that worked for him. While certainly sympathetic he wouldn’t take it to heart as much as the others because he’d view it as a part of the maturing process, not necessarily a mental state you could be mired in. Honestly he’d be so cute as he turned into your personal life coach giving you pep talks and cheering you on.


Characters: Jimin x Reader

Word Count: 7,546

Genre: Fluff/Slight Angst

Note: This is my first time writing a longer scenario. Special thanks to @bts-for-life for kicking my butt and giving me the push I needed to finish this story!

The day you left home was just like any other.

You had no one to help pack your things, no one to accompany you on your journey to Seoul, and no one to help you move into your new apartment—but you liked it that way. Not to say you liked the solitude, but it saved you the trouble of having to deal with solemn farewells and empty promises of keeping in touch.

You never did well with goodbyes.

Even as you walked out the doors of your house one last time, you never looked back. Your only focus was to keep moving forward. You had nothing left in this city for you, so there was no use in lingering over the broken memories.

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Imagine being Thranduil’s pregnant wife and a soldier gets rough and grabs your arm, making you cry out in pain and Thranduil gets extremely mad.

Pairings: Thranduil/Reader

Warnings: None, really

Word Count: 1086

Reader Gender: Female

A/N: This is a request for anon based on the imagine linked above. I hope you like it and that it’s good! This is my first time writing Thranduil, so I hope I did well! Thranduil says “meleth nîn” once which (according to google) means “my love.” (Don’t kill me if I’m wrong, please!)

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I feel like because I've had so many running injuries, I've pretty much given up on actually competing well and winning. I used to be so cut-throat and determined, and now I just feel so apathetic at practice. I think that I'm scared to care too much because I know that I'll just get another injury that will break my heart.

Just because you aren’t running does not mean you are no longer cut-throat and determined. Except now, you just have to let those qualities shine even more. In the words of Molly Huddle, “In college I had three stress fractures in 18 months. The third one broke my spirit and I faced the idea of quitting the sport. This led me to recognize my love for the sport and competing. I will run regardless of whether or not I am at my former level.”

You are still the fierce, lioness, goddess and always will be. Use this to help you move forward in grow in ways that you would not have otherwise been able to experience. It’s a beautiful thing to care. Keep working anon. Keep your goals in mind. But also remember…you are more than just a runner.

I’m new to these fandoms.

I’m new to the Cillian Murphy fandom and the Peaky Blinders fandom. I don’t know who is good to follow or who likes to steal stuff other people have worked really hard on and repost that stuff as their own. And with that being said, I know what it’s like to have my edits stolen. It happened A LOT when I was really into Sherlock and Andrew Scott was my world (I seriously still love that man so much). I worked hard on my edits to make them as good as I possibly could, hell, I even watermarked them just in case. But people still stole them and edited out the watermark so they could use the pictures as their own and that’s so not cool. Colouring and editing things isn’t always the easiest, especially when you’re working with pictures or screencaps that maybe aren’t of the highest quality. 

So, after all of those words, if there is ever something that I reblog that has been stolen from you (an edit, a gif, a photo or gif set, anything) please let me know so that I can reblog the post from YOU and give YOU the credit that you deserve for your images/gifs. Please tell me if there is someone who constantly reposts your stuff, so that if I follow them, I can unfollow and not support their thieving ways. I don’t put up with any of that stealing nonsense and I really do care about things like this. The fandoms I am in matter to me and peoples hard work and art matters to me. The PEOPLE in the fandoms I join matter to me. 

That’s all I wanted to say, and I hope to communicate with the people I follow and who follow me so there is no hard feelings or troublesome things going on. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic day! xx


I have waited for so, so long for a song where all of Seventeen would sing.

Sing, not rap.

Sing, because they all can sing albeit different in level of skill.

So I can’t really help my tears when they finally made it happen. Laughter really showcased their singing. And the last I heard some of these boys actually sing where you can actually really, really listen to the progress of their voice was way back their trainee days. I’m floored by how much they have all improved.


We know he can sing. He’s done it a lot of times, but not many times enough. We all agreed he needed to sing more, so even if they all got short lines to cater to everyone, I love how they made him sing the first part of the song. It somehow felt special like that, especially because he’s the leader.


I’ve always thought that Hansol can sing, just not the high notes they ask him to do. His voice is really, really nice to listen to, especially when he sings these. It’s somehow calm and easy.


I just want to stress how his voice has improved so much since their debut. Jeonghan was in vocal line, but he needed time to grow vocal-wise, too. He’s a lot more stable now and he can even hold notes. I love how he was able to make me feel light-hearted with his voice the  very second he sang.


He has this really unique voice color. I don’t think it was emphasized too well here because of how short the lines were, but we all know how his voice is a perfect mix of gentleness and honey, especially with the way he pronounces his words. It’s really, really pretty.


Oh. We know he can sing. He has a sort of lowkey nasal quality of voice that just works. His voice turns from sweet, sweet love song lullabies to rapline worthy kind of edgy. His voice just delivers without fail no matter what kind of song he’s singing.


Main vocal for a reason. One of the most raw and powerful voices I’ve ever heard, and it’s a voice that never fails to move me and make me tear up. Honestly, this boy has so much soul in his voice and it just oozes out of him the second he sings.


The melody suits his voice. I’m not sure about it, but when hear I hear him rap, I feel as if his voice isn’t too forceful or like, filled with swag, like other rappers. To me, his rap flow is that kind that can easily be turned into a melody if you want to sing it instead of rap it, so I thought maybe this boy could be a real good singer if they let him. And here we have the proof of that. 


This boy’s voice is so comforting. It’s got this sort of warmth that makes you feel like you’re in your room in a silent night cuddled up with your favorite pillow and blanket. I wish he’s able to sing more, because his voice speaks with emotion so much.


His voice. It’s adorable and precious with that accent, but he can sing and he can rap pretty well. And his mellow voice is just. I wish we can hear more of him singing soon, because the world needs more of Xu Minghao, and we need to see all the improvements he’s been having that we’re yet to be blessed with.


This boy, I swear. I have heard too few of Dino’s singing to actually say he was good at singing, but I felt that he was, because what can’t our maknae do? Powerful dancing and equally powerful rap. I felt like his voice was steady enough to sound good if he were singing, and I was just hoping, hoping, hoping to hear him sing at least once. And I’m ranting about it right now because I never thought it’d actually happen, and he’s as good as I thought he would be. Probably even better.


I’ve talked about DK’s voice a hundred times, maybe. Voice clear as water. Main vocal for a good reason. There is just no way he wouldn’t be noticed for his voice now like that one time they didn’t realize he was main vocal, too, at Seventeen Project.


Jun said lines rather than sang them, but the way he delivered them floored me. He has good control over his voice as he speaks. It’s beautiful to hear. I wish they let him sing because his voice is soothing as well, but I’m not at all disappointed, because while Jun didn’t sing, his voice quality while speaking those words went straight to my heart and warmed it.


He has this really beautiful voice. Like a lonely prince that sings his heart out with a deep, gentle voice that makes you feel so nostalgic in that sense where you feel solitude yet you’re also filled with warmth.

This was a long post, but I had to get it out there. I really can’t help but feel overwhelmed and proud because I really wanted something like this, where they all would sing, to happen. Seventeen really has a way to make us happy in every sense of the word.

Support these boys. They deserve all the love in the world.

We always joke about akaashi putting up with a lot (because it’s true) but there’s a flip side to that too. Perhaps it’s because we’ve only seen it aimed at bokuto who kinda either deserved it or rolled with it, but akaashi’s lip doesn’t lose out to anyone. That boy has… quite the mouth on him sometimes. His salt levels are pretty damn high. He’s quiet, responsible and polite but so are a lot of the other sassy ones (tsukki, kenma, kunimi, shirabu, etc). So in other words, do not take those qualities as indicators for lack of sass. I’m sure that there were certain things about akaashi that the rest of fukurodani had to get used to before they became such a cohesive unit.