those are nice boots

Imagine being a Dutch dude in 1654 like…. your teeth are gross and you’re probably sick all the time but you’re eating oysters everyday for breakfast for barely any money and have zero worries about the Internet and also have some very nice boots. like I’m not one of those girls who thinks “I was born in the wrong era” but I would love to be a Dutch dude in 1654

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This blog needs more Asuramaru. Actually, Mikayuu needs more Asuramaru, like wasn't he a demon? And demons feed off of greed and desire right?? So imagine Asuramaru being all like, "hey look at those thigh high boots. pretty nice huh" "don't you want to be bitten rn" "mika's lips seem soft don't they. very soft. very very soft. 10/10" Imagine that he only stopped showing nightmares to Yuu just to start showing him dreams of Mika. Pls join me I'm so alone

I’d be lying if I said I never imagined Asuramaru giving Yuu…fantasies, about teen Mika.

But I figure that either he doesn’t do it or Yuu never falls for it because otherwise he’d have been possessed by him long ago.

Tbh he idea of Yuu having a little voice in his head torturing him like that is perfect but I have the feeling Yuu wouldn’t mind it in the slightest.

Asuramaru: Hey, Yuu. Look at Mika. He looks hot as ever today, don’t you think? Don’t you want to get a hold of that soft looking hair right now? Get those perfect fangs pierce your skin? Listen to Mika’s little satisfied noise-

Yuu: Shit you’re right I should ask him if he’s thirsty

Asuramaru: What-

Yuu: Mikaaaa~ it’s been a while since you last fed, don’t you think?

Mika: *sighs tiredly* I drank your blood yesterday, Yuu-chan. No thanks

Yuu: come on, I bet you’re still thirsty *starts unbuttoning his shirt* 

Mika: *mumbles* here it goes again… I told you I don’t need to drink so often!

Yuu: goddamn it Mika, can’t you see I’m thirsty– I mean I know you’re thirsty!

Mika: what did I do to deserve this?

Asuramaru: my bad

Mika is the real victim here


A Vasquez/Lena fic that got out of hand. Feat. nb!Vasquez.

Also on AO3.


Vasquez rides a motorbike. It’s an Iron 883, with a throaty roar that any DEO agent hears it rolling into the underground carpark knows by heart. When the Harley grumbles, Vasquez is near. So when a beautiful black Ferrari Spider pulls up outside the city base at eight am sharp, spilling Vas out onto the curb with a cheery wave to the driver, it raises some eyebrows.

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Could I pretty please get some Blaine smut where he dresses up for Reader after she mentions she likes cowboy boots~~ please and thank you!!!

A/N - And here we are, the last of this batch of prompts! After this, we’ll be starting on the new ideas that you lovely people sent my way! Always a pleasure to write for ya, buddy! Especially because I know how much you love Blaine and cowboys ;P Hope this is what you wanted!

Pairing - Blaine x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex

Word Count - 1, 825

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Size Isn’t Everything 1/4

Notes: The past week has been especially mentally and emotionally challenging and I’m choosing to combat that with a little Klaine PW(ithout much)P. So for the few dozen who might want to read some Klaine smut, this is for you. I hope this makes your evening even just a little bit brighter. Or something.

As always thanks to superbeta @mshoneysucklepink. Please blame me.


Summary: Kurt’s got a bit of a size-kink. Based on this prompt from the @prompt-a-klainefic blog. 
Chapter: 1/3 (the rest should be up within a week)
Words: ~2577 (this chapter)
Warnings:  I guess? PWP, Size kink, 

“…and I swear to god he had a huge dick.”

Kurt walked up to the bar, waving at his friend Sasha and accepting the offered martini from his regular bartender.

“Who’s a huge dick?” he asked. A few of the guys from the ensemble of the last show he worked on had been getting together for a regular weekly bitch session, and it inevitably turned into not-so-wild tales of various attempted sexcapades. It was silly, and the guys were fun, and besides, everyone needed to let off a little steam now and then, right?

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We’re gonna rock this house until we knock it down
So turn the volume loud ‘cause it’s mayhem ‘til the AM
So crank the bass up like crazy and let yourself go, let yourself go!
Say fuck it before we kick the bucket,
Life’s too short to not go for broke!

Haru Quinn!! It’s his birthday, so he’s going to paint the town red~ Quite literally. With that bat.

one of my more ambitious pieces lmao consider this the start of a series of deadly and sinister Haru arts 🤗 happy birthday haru!!!

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iPost: Chikorita Variants

I’ve raised a Chikorita or two in my years, but never really used them seriously in battle. Now Wild Thorn looks like a nice grass/dragon breed that will have some nice attack. Poison Ivy would obviously be a poison dual breed and would grow to have Venosaur’s defense. All of these variants look to have a nice ability to boot but those are the two I’d go for.

So this is Grindy’s new look. My opinions:

Overall, he looks like he’s posing for an 80′s glam rock cover. Or something like that. The foot crossed in the front shows off dem nice boots, and I do like those. The watch chain on his vest looks very nice and I wonder if those charms on it have any magic in them. The stitching at the waist of his pants looks very elegant and give a touch of class to the ensemble. The fact that his shirt is undone and has a cravat instead of a tie seems like they’re trying show he’s Graves’s opposite. Where his disguise in the first movie was neat and proper and tidy, this Grindy seems rugged more casual, and wild.

Also, notice his wand. 

He’s holding it like a man might hold a cigarette. Certainly not proper wand holding technique. Makes it seem like magic is so effortless to him that he barely needs the wand, or to even hold it properly. He’s just that powerful and that talented.

Anyway, those are my opinions.

Seb: I am glad looking at that Bucky Barnes action figure that I’m not in a red spandex.
Chris: Oh, man! I can’t believe they never even—cause, I mean, like, even in the first Captain America they found a way to stick me in those pirate boots. It would’ve been nice to find a way to get you in that.


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A/N: thank you so much for 150 followers it means a lot. I went to go see suicide squad and I wanted to try out the joker it’s his Pov and also [F/C] = fave colour. Hope you enjoy and understand what I was going for.

“Well well well” [Y/N] struts towards me, swaying her hips as she moves closer. “Who do we have here?” She giggles and grabs my shirt pulling me closer.

“The one and only Mr J” I reply loudly.

“Oh really” her fingers weave between my layers of fabric. [Y/N]s eyes meet mine. “Well the one and only Mr J you shouldn’t be here”

She’s right. [Y/N] is a super hero, part of the Justice league. But I can’t help it. I look at her [E/C] eyes and her [H/C] and i’m pulled towards her. If the bat sees we both know i’m dead meat. I didn’t bring any extra weapons only my trusty knife and Gun that matches Harley’s. Another reason I shouldn’t be here my girl Harley. No one messes with my Harley, she’s my queen. But [Y/N] is just something different- special.

“Well I am. What you gonna do?” I smirk showing my silver teeth that has smudges of red lipstick on them.

“No what are you gonna do?” [Y/N] raises her eyebrows. What am I doing here?

I followed them. Those voices. They lead me her to her. Told me she was special. Better. So many voices. My head screams at the thought of hearing them again. I can’t stop them.

They flood back to me, all of them. “Kill her” “hurt her pretty little face” “damage her”

“No” I scream back willing them to stop.

“Then kiss her” “love her” kill for her" “live for her”

“But-” I try to think straight try to stop myself from doing anything.

“Kiss her” “stab her” “love her” “shoot her” more and more voices whiz around me begging me to me to give in to their will.


I laugh in frustration and my eyes flutter open. [Y/N] is underneath me I’ve straddled her. She’s squirming and turning under my grip but her arms are pinned and her friends are occupied. “Ugh just let me go” she demands but I laugh in her face.

I pull my body down closer to hers slowly, I take both of her hands into one of mine and use the other hand to brush a loose strand of [H/C] hair back behind her mask. Then I grab my knife. staring into her eyes with my cynical smile plastered on my face I cut the chain around her neck.

The amulet is the source of her power. It protects her, means she can’t die. It gives her strength. And despite all of this she’s failed. It belongs with someone who will win.

“No!” She squirms even more but that just fuels my evil, my hate.

“I’m very sorry [Y/N] I really do wish it would have worked out but you went against me. You wasn’t meant to do that” a single voice returns and says something it hasn’t said before.

“Punish her”

“And how would I do that” I say into mid air.

“Kill her”

“Hmm I like your thinking. I might just steal that idea” I raise the knife back in the air and look down at her.

“You psychopath” she spits wriggling one more time.

“You love it” ignoring the distant screams and pleas around me and shove the knife down straight into [Y/N]s heart. She raises her chest and screams but it’s muffled and short. I won.

I twist the knife a bit for good measure then rip it from her lifeless body. The amulet next to me glows in a gorgeous shade of [F/C]. Hmm it will go nicely with those boots Harley got me.

I lean down to her ear and whisper to her corpse “don’t you” then leave a small kiss on her pale cheek.

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No but how much does rabbit Louis need a castle? With Pig standing guard?

Bit more of this verse, inspired by this post, but a bit failier because it involves Nick and Harry. Obviously. 

“Those are nice new boots,” Nick says, because Harry is wearing his brand new Saint Laurent lizard print ankle boots just to sit on Nick’s sofa and put them up on the coffee table. 

“Eddie Lizards, baby,” Harry says, because he can’t resist a pun, even if it comes with an £845 price tag. He taps his heels together.

“They’ve come with a nice box,” Nick says. “Useful, like.”

“Very useful,” Harry agrees, because the box is sitting in the middle of Nick’s living room floor - Pig watching on relatively distrustfully - whilst Louis kicks tiny bunny feet in the air and jumps in and out of the box for the eight hundredth time.

“Do you think he knows he’s the cutest rabbit that ever was?” Nick asks, in a low voice. “Look at his little fluffy tail.”

“And his little fluffy paws,” Harry adds. “Look how tiny and fluffy he is.”

Louis gives them a very disparaging look. “I’m not tiny and fluffy,” he says, although all that comes out is a terribly cute, tiny little nose wiggle. “I’m a rabbit of unusual size.”

“He’s so cute,” Nick says. “Look at how cute he is.”

“Not cute,” Louis says, although he knows his strengths, and he turns around a little bit to wiggle his fluffy tail in their general direction. “I am king of all I survey.”

“He’s got us by the balls,” Harry says, with a sigh. He doesn’t sound bothered at all. 

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Emma Swan is a lumbersexual

I submit the following evidence.

Possibly the most compelling evidence, here we see her in flannel, a vest, and moving wood with her mind in the midst of foreplay with her wife.

Here she is finding Regina in the woods because they both just happened to be wandering around them.

Here she is tied to a tree and seems super calm about, Regina seems slightly turned on.

A lovers dispute in the enchanted FOREST… uhh.

Shamelessly undressing Regina with her eyes, sleeveless pocket tank/probably sweaty.

everything goin’ on here.

So many coats.

truck+knit cap+dimples.

the fact that she has a knit cap in every single color known to the spectrum of possibilities. and always looks adorable in them.

here she is getting checked out by Regina for almost an entire season in neverland, which is a jungle/forest.

This is just a really nice butt pic. mmmmm. those boots are questionable though.

Evening gown, tiara, lets go the woods!

Just gettin’ beef bro, this is like my 90th pull up.

And this.

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hey cana! i just saw your boots post, is there any way theres a shoe carnival near you? prices for shoes are usually way better/on better sale, or i know it SOUNDS BAD AND RISKY but seriously buying shoes from thrift stores is a great option, its the only method i go for usually, and places like vincent de paul, or grace centers, or even sal army, are all church based so they have nice donations that arent always used first, and you can find decent shoes to at least bide your time with for <10$!

Hello ;u; I dont think there is one near me but I do live by a sal army. The problem is buying used shoes because of those risks. A kind person had offered me a nice pair of boots, but once I mentioned it to my mother, she told me to decline (also if they dident fit since im not 100% sure on my shoe size. for them to go through the trouble, and they not fit, i would feel so bad orz)

If I cant make enough money by the time it starts to really snow and pile up, i might have to do that. I would still need to find a way to make up the money. Everything we get goes towards food and bills. We’re already gonna give up cable cause we’re struggling lol My mom wants to find a cheaper way for her to watch her shows (shes basically bound to her room, so her tv and her computer is her life)

I do live in Michigan lol your options are great <3 Its just coming down to being able to make the money.

If I can find a nice pair of boots for less elsewhere, Im willing to look around the mall for another store and compare prices.

Sorry if my reply is a bit of a mess. Im sick atm so Im on some meds XD Gathering thought is a little hard atm and I keep word vomiting (i had to rewrite this a few times cause no one needs my life story, even tho some of it is still in my reply orz pffh)

I hope I answered everything that was in your ask