those are nice boots

iPost: Chikorita Variants

I’ve raised a Chikorita or two in my years, but never really used them seriously in battle. Now Wild Thorn looks like a nice grass/dragon breed that will have some nice attack. Poison Ivy would obviously be a poison dual breed and would grow to have Venosaur’s defense. All of these variants look to have a nice ability to boot but those are the two I’d go for.


make me choose: evanstan or evanswell

Sebastian: I am glad looking at that Bucky Barnes action figure that I’m not in a red spandex.
Chris: Oh, man! I can’t believe they never even—cause, I mean, like, even in the first Captain America they found a way to stick me in those pirate boots. It would’ve been nice to find a way to get you in that.

Hayley: So, I called Chris and went: “So, uhh, a favor. I’m flying across the country to record a nine second video just because I hate losing.” And he’s like: “You’re insane. I love it. Let’s do it immediately.”

Emma Swan is a lumbersexual

I submit the following evidence.

Possibly the most compelling evidence, here we see her in flannel, a vest, and moving wood with her mind in the midst of foreplay with her wife.

Here she is finding Regina in the woods because they both just happened to be wandering around them.

Here she is tied to a tree and seems super calm about, Regina seems slightly turned on.

A lovers dispute in the enchanted FOREST… uhh.

Shamelessly undressing Regina with her eyes, sleeveless pocket tank/probably sweaty.

everything goin’ on here.

So many coats.

truck+knit cap+dimples.

the fact that she has a knit cap in every single color known to the spectrum of possibilities. and always looks adorable in them.

here she is getting checked out by Regina for almost an entire season in neverland, which is a jungle/forest.

This is just a really nice butt pic. mmmmm. those boots are questionable though.

Evening gown, tiara, lets go the woods!

Just gettin’ beef bro, this is like my 90th pull up.

And this.

Celebrations | Louana & Jesse

Louana had told Jesse just to meet her back on school grounds- no way was prince perfect seeing her place, he’d either keel over and die of shock or she’d invite him up to get drunk and sing some Alanis. Neither of which would be a good thing. She’d not considered the possibility of being invited out for champagne when getting ready this morning, so now Lou was throwing on a little more makeup and finding those nice boots she had that didn’t have holes in them, disregarding the yale hoodie she’d been wearing- stolen from some guy- in favour of a leather jacket.

Sauntering back onto QESA grass Louana tried her best to keep the smile on her face small “come on then nerd” she crooned “where are you taking me? If it’s the kinda place without a dark corner for an old divorced man to drink his troubles away it’s already fancier than anywhere I’d normally go” not that she’d say it out loud, but Lou was actually pretty damn excited. Usually for her being taken to fancy places meant she was going on the arm of some boring rich guy and she’d have to be all smoldering temptress- she didn’t hate it, but this was gonna make for a nice change.



I think you may be quite right, because I don’t recall a jumper quite so blue and grandpa-esque. If you look closely it’s even got that burke clan knit pattern typical of any nursing home, what a charming piece for someone aged 70 or above.

HOWEVER I like the black-and-blue thing he’s trying for, breaking down fashion ‘rules’ and all that jazz. And he’s attempted casualwear - sort of - which is suitable for a press conference rather than a red carpet. Yay, nice work.

But Thomas, those boots. Do you ever travel without them? We know you’re a cowboy at heart, but sometimes cowboy boots are not the answer. This is one of those times. AND POLISH THEM AT LEAST, C’MON MAN, THIS IS THE TORONTO FILM FESTIVAL NOT A RODEO