those are living balls of fluff

It’s one of the worst feelings in the world when a pet passes. They become part of the family so when they’re gone, there’s a sense of emptiness in your home.


Through their lives they teach you compassion, trust and what true loyalty looks like. They make you laugh when they do something stupid like falling off a chair or chase their tails. You pick up on their uniqueness, their quirks, their likes and dislikes. On cloudy days, they’re a ray of sunshine. They’re balls of fluff who make you smile.

You’ll be afraid that you’ll forget them but you really don’t. Those memories never fade when they go. They leave a paw print on your heart and eventually time will make you smile again when you remember them.

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Hello! I'd like to order "Zip me" (shut me up) for kirishima,bakugo and midoriya x reader. Add a shot of fluff or nsfw, please ~~

This should be interesting~ Also, if you like what I write, then please think of buying me a Ko-Fi!

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Leave an “Zip Me” in my ask, and I’ll write a drabble about one character dressing another, or the other way around [this can also be used for shutting them up as well, but feel free to specify.]

Kirishima Eijirou (Red Riot):


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“Ya sure about this, [Name]?” asked Kirishima, sitting alone in the dress parlor as he waited for his girlfriend to come out of the changing room.

She sighed, chest heaving as she shimmied into the gown. “Well, yeah. You’re my boyfriend, and date, so I want your opinion on the dresses that are the choice for the Maid of Honor.” She looked at the mirror and frowned, eyeing the zipper. “Hey,” she popped her head out, not seeing the shop clerks that were supposed to help her out, only seeing her red headed boyfriend quirking an eyebrow at her. “Think you can come zip me up?”

Kirishima smiled and got up, squeezing into the changing room with her, only for his mouth to go dry. The way the fabric clung to her curves, showcasing the swells of her hips, the dip of her waist, and making her breasts look amazing. Clearing his throat, Kirishima placed a hand on her hip and slowly pulled the zipper up along the curve of her spine. “You look wonderful, [Name]!”

[Name]’s face flushed as red as Kirishima’s hair as he hugged her from behind, his face nuzzled against the curve of her neck, as he peered at her reflection through his eyelashes. “E-Eijirou!”

Kirishima’s lips grazed over her smooth neck as he gave it an affectionate nip. “While we’re here, how about you try on some of the bridal gowns, hm?”

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My College/Human AU Thing

so I’ve been working quite a lot on this au and it’s taken priority over all my many many WIPs oops so I ended up creating this because I couldn’t get it out of my head.


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obviously it’s not the best as I’m not an amazing artist like so many other people on here but an attempt was made :P 

the low down on my au:

Logince, Sleepxiety and eventually at some point some Moceit.

Remy is the tallest and sometimes wears heelies because he likes rolling in or out of rooms dramatically. He likes partying and works on the campus cafe during the day as his schedule is pretty empty compared to everyone else. He lives nearby in his parents house which is quite large and nearly always empty due to his parents being away for work.

Roman is next tallest and v dramatic, tends to mutter under his breath in Spanish when he’s annoyed. Is smarter than he lets on and is horrific at dancing despite his skill at everything else involving performing. He lives in a dorm room with his best friend Jacob who he’s known since they were 9.

Next is Logan who is used to being alone and has to adjust when he suddenly finds himself surrounded by people who actually want to be his friends. He is so work focused he didn’t even realise he was gay until his feelings for Roman become impossible to ignore. He shares a dorm room with Patton who wouldn’t take no for an answer when Logan refused to be his friend at first.

Next is Virgil. He has naturally purple eyes (which is a very rare but real thing) and so is used to being bullied for not being ‘normal’ He acts tougher than he is and is v sarcastic but is really a sensitive little fluff ball who hates social interactions. He used to live in a dorm room but due to issues with the person he was sharing with he ended up moving into Remys house.

Then Patton who is a sweet, slightly pudgy boy who always seems to know how to make friends with people even if they slam the door in his face. He is also fiercely protective of those he cares about and it takes a lot to anger him but if you do, watch out. Shares a dorm room with Logan who he constantly has to drag out of his room to make sure he eats and takes break from his work.

Finally we have Deceit/Jacob who is the shortest of them all which he hates but he is surprisingly strong despite his size. He is really good at reading people so he can tell when someone is lying and instead of scales he just has a lot of freckles on the left side of his face. He also has an oddly long dimple on his left cheek. He loves messing with people and is v dramatic. Shares a dorm room with his best friend Roman who he loves to annoy by purposefully hogging the bathroom.