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End of Summer Spell Bottles! 💛🌻🌞

If you are anything like me, you know the start of fall means the coming of winter, and you know that means being frigid, hold up inside, and all around miserable. Sure winter can be fun and beautiful, but for those really hard days where you just need a touch of summer, this spell bottle is for you. 

You will need: 

🌻 A bottle/jar with a lid

🌻 Water (Rain/Thunderstorm water would be perfect for this, but tap water is fine, that’s what I used since that’s all I had) 

🌻 Sunflower petals/leaves (Dried or fresh) 

🌻 Marigold petals/leaves (Preferably the yellow ones, dried or fresh) 

🌻 Honey (I used local raw honey, some honeys you get at like walmart are just cornsyurp and flavor with no actual honey, if that works for you symbolically then go ahead but if you want real honey check the label) 

🌻 A candle with a color of your choosing (It can be big or small I just used a tea light, it was white to promote peace of mind, but yellow would also be good) 

🌻 (Optional) A funnel to help pour in the honey 

Light your candle

Fill the bottle about ¾ of the way full with the water

Add your petals/leaves

Add the honey 

You can do this in which ever concentration you would like. 

After you’ve combined your ingredients put on the lid. Focus on the centre of your bottle and picture a warm yellow sun inside the bottle. Watch it begin to grow and radiate outward, pulsing with heat, joy, and all the positive things you associate with the summer. As your little sun grows, picture it growing big enough to surround your self, and feel the summer sun against your skin. 

Once you’re done with this, seal up your bottle with wax. I leave mine in my bedroom, and having it around only for one night I can already feel it’s effects. 

After a while of being in your sealed bottle your water should turn a rich yellow color, strengthening your spell. (You may want to skim the old ingredients off the top of the bottle after it changes color to avoid mold in your spell. Opening it and cleaning it will not break the spell, but give it new energy.)

For when you need a little extra than just it being there: Hold it in your hands, feel the bottle warm from your body heat, and go through the same visualizations above again. 

I hope this is helpful! <3 💛🌻🌞

college cohabitation AU ideas

Adolin always eats the last of the ice cream but he always buys more right after so nobody gets too angry (except for Kaladin)

Shallan, Renarin, and Kaladin are the ones perpetually up the latest bc homework, when they pass out around the kitchen table they mysteriously wake up with blankets over them and the coffee machine running (nobody ever guesses who’s the culprit but it’s actually Rlain? what a sweetie)

Lopen refuses to say what his major is. Every time he’s asked he gives a different answer

Sigzil is doing research with like??? 3 different professors??? Or maybe it’s only one professor????? Even he doesn’t seem completely sure

”why didn’t you go to culinary school, Rock, oh my god”

Amaram got a baller rating on rate my professor and seemed good so Kaladin chose him as his advisor when he switched majors but turns out Amaram is terrible oh my god why does nobody see this

Shallan’s artwork is all over the house walls because she gifts people her stuff for birthdays or whatever and everyone frames them and hangs them up (she’s embarrassed but pleased)

Renarin was worried everyone would freak out about the epilepsy thing (feat. service dog Glys) but instead it turned into a game of “everyone recite your disabilities and compare medications/mobility devices/etc.“ (not coercively but in the “we’re all in this club” way that happens)

they found out Moash was in college republicans like a month before he transferred out and Kaladin almost hit him with the cake batter spatula

housewide battle plan to fight Prof. Sadeas when he keeps using Rlain’s deadname, only stopped by Shallan pointing out it’d be more effective go to to the administration (Adolin may punch Sadeas in the face when they see each other at the bar though it was unclear officer)

Teft is back in school after taking a long break where he had a real job, he doesn’t want to talk about what it was or why he originally dropped out in the first place. Doesn’t matter bc he’s The Shit (though there is a secret betting pool and “leader of a biker gang” is a favorite)

Business/Communications double major Rysn, also known youtube makeup tutorial star (check out her eyebrow sculpting vid omg)

Everyone borrows Axies’ class notes bc his are beautiful, color-coded, binder-organized notes that would make an instagrammer cry. BUT he constantly has memos and shit scribbled across his skin in handwriting only he can read, the duality of man™

It’s Eshonai’s sixth year in undergrad because she seems to be trying to minor in Everything alongside her geo major, save her

Szeth had to drop out for mental health reasons but everyone in the house still loves him and tries to keep in touch with him. They sent care packages to him all through those first hard months when he was in rehab

Witchy Older Sibling Things:

I have a younger sister, and while most of the time I’m Too Cool™ for her, I do care about her a lot, and I want to see her succeed in life. Here are a few witchy things I do to help her out (that she doesn’t know about, because I need to keep up my Mean Older Sibling™ reputation)

  • Sneaking sigils into her backpack, for protection and luck
  • Casing curses on those who bully her
  • Enchanting her pencils and paintbrushes with inspiration and hard work spells
  • Hexing the mean teachers she doesn’t like who treat her like shit
  • Using kitchen magick to enchant her meals that she eats while she does her home work, to help her study and memorize what she needs to
  • Charging the crystal jewelry she wears sometimes with positivity and protection
  • Enchanting her make up with anti-harassment glamours, protection spells, and confidence spells
  • Enchanting her purse with protection and privacy spells

There’s probably more that I’m forgetting, but those are some of what I do…

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P1/2 Do you mind me asking how you saw this golf video of Sam? How it was seen my people who don't have MPC memberships? I think in explaining it it will spell it out some necessities for those hard headed who are sending you hate about it. I assume you're explanation will be that someone sent it to you. Of course you listened (who wouldn't?) but you certainly didn't RT/reblog/re-anything to it bc I didn't see anything from you about it except your comments that a woman sounds like Cait. Your--

P2/2–blog is arguable most popular OL blog here. # speak for themselves. How many views did you have? Millions? So you got ahold of this video somehow. Rather than blogging for the masses that view your blog-shippers & antis alike, you respect its from a private group & keep it to yourself w/ the exception of a few comments about what you saw/heard. What in the actual fuck is there to be mad at you for? Instead of hate you should get TY for not spreading it like wildfire. You easily could have.

ILY anon!! Such a logical message. Yes the video was shared with me by someone who is in the group. We discussed it privately with a few other people and that was that. I would never post it publicly. I don’t post anything from private groups unless given permission. 

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pairing : jj project // canon // prompt : junior and jb have been together since jj project have debuted. JB actually proposes to Jr. on stage in front of the fans, not caring that he's exposed their sexuality to the world.

Warning: Unrealistic things going on.

Wordcount: 1.7k

Author: Jin

I actually really like this prompt, but it’s not realistic and at the end i just ramble shit but idk ; ; like hOW does one perfect a prompt like this. but anyway i had my inspirations that I would like to share, like this:

yep enjoy(?)

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Description: Cas x reader. Fluffy with a tiny, tiny sprinkle of angst. Reader contemplates a lot of things on a park bench… Castiel drops in.
Words: 534
Warnings: Death
Author’s Note: I started writing this quick drabble after a Hamilton binge listen and based some of the words off of the dialogue in “Aaron Burr, Sir” but then, as always, it evolved into something entirely entirely different.

It’s not difficult to blend into the scenery. The films have it wrong, it doesn’t even really matter what you wear. Sit on a bench in a public place. Watch. Listen. So long as you don’t make eye contact or make sudden movements, you could be the most terrifying or most beautiful person in the world and few will even give you a second glance. There will be the odd ones, the observant ones, those are the people you have to watch for because it’s those people who look too hard that’ll spell trouble for you.

Blending in is easy when you know how. You’d spent enough time doing it.

“Pardon me, are you Y/N?” A gruff voice said behind you.

You whipped your head around to see a tall man in a beige trenchcoat, the very image of ‘blending in’ which you were also trying to achieve. You swallowed down any nerves and forced yourself to smile.

“That depends, who’s asking?”

“Oh well sure, I am Castiel, angel of the Lord, I have been looking for you.”

“I’m getting nervous.”

The man, well, angel gave a nervous look over his shoulder before sitting down beside you on the bench. He stayed silent for a few moments, watching the world go by much like you had been and you were on the verge of making a quick escape when he smirked and spoke slowly.

“I understand, but I truly won’t hurt you.”

“That’s what they all say,” you scoffed, “what makes you any different?”

“I met a friend of yours… he may have punched me, a misunderstanding of course, it’s a blur,” Castiel said honestly. Normally this would have been your cue to leave but something about this so called angel intrigued you so you decided to hear him out, he somehow understood your mental decision as he spoke again, “thank you, I understand this is strange.”

“You’re, err, welcome… wait, which friend? I don’t tend to have many.”

“I use the term friend loosely,” the angel smiled, subconsciously smoothing down his tie, “Steve?”

You let out a laugh, memories of the past few years - the years you were running from - passing through your mind’s eye. “I hope you punched him back?”

Castiel gave you a sheepish smile, “only once… it was enough.”

You nodded, carefully wiping the smile off of your face again. A pair of girls walked past, giggling about God knows what, they didn’t even bat an eyelid at the two figures sat on the bench watching the world go by in comfortable silence.

“You can’t stay here forever, you know,” Castiel said after a few minutes, “but you knew I was coming to say that anyway, didn’t you?”

“I had my suspicions Claire might send you, if you were real that is… which I guess you are,” you grimaced and turned to the angel, “what do you suppose I do?”

“Stop running.”

You shook your head quickly and sat back further on the bench, “like that’ll go well.”

He placed a gentle hand on your own fingers and gave them a small squeeze, “Everyone has to move on sometime… Steve is your reaper, Y/N. It’s time.”