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Guy on Scruff: So what kind of music do you like

Me: oh u know a little bit of everything but i love björk, radiohead and the magnetic fields

Guy on Scruff: Right on bro those are all solid

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@murdermayhemandjack Since I’m not going to like. Reply directly because I want both of these to stick together because this??? Like, guys, right here is why those books are so, so important, especially with Jack and Hector and how they interact with each other.

Like. Again, let me say this with a megaphone. JACK SPARROW AND HECTOR BARBOSSA ARE ACTUALLY FRIENDS

The last time Jack saw Hector, he was being forced onto that rumrunner’s island. The last time he actually physically laid eyes on Hector Barbossa, Hector Barbossa was uncursed, unharmed, and completely fine, outside of the mutiny on Jack part. The times that he and Jack were a (admittedly lopsided) team, Hector would make those comments, things along the lines of just kill them and be done with it or whatever, but they were remarks made in irritation, not in seriousness. When Hector Barbossa, on the deck of the Pearl, looks Jack right in the eyes and says, “Now, see Jack, that’s exactly the attitude that lost you the Pearl. People are easier to search when they’re dead.” This was not in irritation. This was in seriousness.

Like, I cannot begin to describe how wrong that must have hit Jack to hear Hector say that without what had always been previously irritation in Hector’s voice. Yeah, it’s been ten years, and yeah, Jack is totally going to kill this bastard as soon as he can, but you know. Here’s a man he thought was his friend once. Here’s a man that, when they met, was literally grieving a pet monkey. Here’s a man that he fell into a quick and easy friendship with over finding a ship full of rogue pirates. And the Hector Barbossa he finds on the Pearl is not that same man.

But you read the books. You watch AWE. And then look at Hector in CotBP. He talks a bit differently. He moves differently. His reactions are always, always slightly…I don’t know. Off. I feel like Jack could see that, that Hector wasn’t reacting the way the Hector he remembered would react to things, so yeah. He did things that would attempt to normalize the situation. Eating the apple was kind of two-fold, imo. It got under Hector’s skin, but it was playful. Which is why I will pound my fist on the table forever and say CotBP Hector is not the real man. You know who the real man is? The actual Hector Barbossa? Remember that guy that told Jack on Black Sands Beach that, “The world used to be a bigger place”? Yeah. Say hi to the actual guy behind the rest of it. Like. Hector was ten years into that curse by the end of CotBP. He was probably hanging on to everything he had left of himself with both hands, and I think Jack knew that. Because Jack knew him too well before everything went sour.

That one fake Rick’s haircut felt awfully familiar.

Seungwoo: Do you know why I called you here?

Daniel: Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic?

Seungwoo: [stops pouring two glasses of wine]

Seungwoo: …Accidentally?… 

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And she’d be standing next to me [x]

(Woo! Leslie actually did some semi-finished artsy stuff!)

i just got back from watching wonder woman again and here are some more of my favorite things 

  • there is not a single goddamn moment where Steve Trevor (or any other man on the good side) ever looks at Diana and talks down to her or calls her a name. i was bracing myself when i went into the movie the first time and i am always just amazed that Steve never calls Diana crazy even when she’s over here talking about ancient greek gods and things he doesn’t believe exists 
  • none of the men ever try to take advantage of the fact that she’s obviously completely new to everything
  • “men, eyes to yourselves thank you” like he didn’t have to say that to those guys in london but he did A+ Steve Trevor thank you
  • “right. specs. because that will stop her from looking like the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen.”
  • “a baby!!”
  • that scene where Diana has ice cream for the first time?? and she gets to eat it without anyone commenting about how “””bad it is””” for her or anything????
  • her biceps while she’s holding that tank over her head?? like yes please
  • The Amazons. All of them. Everything about them.
  • NOOOO boob shots/butt shots/naked scenes–EXCEPT for Chris Pine. there’s one joking moment when Diana goes to change in the middle of the clothing store and it’s Etta that corrects her not Steve. and that entire scene Diana’s just looking for something to move in and we don’t get any “look how good she looks naked” scenes like bless
  • the boat scene. “”twelve volumes””
  • Chief introducing himself to Diana in his own language
  • actually the sheer amount of diversity in a group of like 5 people for a good portion of the movie?? like god bless. same with the amazons
  • no one ever tells Diana she can’t do something because she’s a woman except when she’s walking into places she’s not really supposed to be like the war summit and even then she’s not really ever given the answer “because you’re a woman” for why she wasn’t supposed to be there
  • Antiope’s lieutenant being highly implied to be more than just her lieuenant
  • The Wonder Woman Theme makes me want to kick ass and i love it

i’m sure there’s more stuff that i’m missing but this is only my second time seeing it SO

I went on a text message rant to my wife about FFXV’s “love story” and she demanded I post it, so I typed it all out instead of screenshots because I hate myself.

Under the cut because there IS a bit of NoctLuna slamming (not slamming the people who like it, however. I’m simply making my point.)

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can i just say  V I S U A L


Dean:Sam, listen to me. Don’t trust Ruby, she is evil, don’t drink demon blood. We can find some other way.  

Sam: Thinks he knows the best. Strangles Dean and chooses Ruby and starts the apocalypse.

Dean: Cas, don’t work with Crowley, don’t open Purgatory. We can find some other way. 

Cas: Thinks he knows the best. Breaks Sam’s wall and opens Purgatory  Lets the Leviathans on earth. 

Dean: Cas, don’t trust Metatron, he is shady. Listen to me. 

Cas: Trusts Metatron over Dean. Loses his grace and causes the angels to fall. 

Dean: Sam, don’t use the BotD, its evil, don’t use witchcraft. I can handle myself. 

Sam: Doesn’t trust Dean. Recruits Cas and Rowena for his plan. Unleashes the darkness on the world. 

Dean:Sam, don’t go to cage, you are not hearing God. Wait for me. 

Sam: Thinks he is the chosen one. Goes to cage anyway. And lets the Lucifer out via Cas. 

With the history like that, tell me again why Dean has no reasons to be concerned over Cas killing Billie? Sam and Cas always fail to listen to Dean, they always subdue him and do whatever the hell they want, and Dean is always left with the clean up task. What’s more, Dean gets blamed for each and every of the above mentioned incidents in a direct or indirect way by the narrative. When he tries to stop Sam or Cas, he is ridiculed, duped or beaten into not interfering and when their plans fail, he gets the blame for not doing anything. And when he expresses concern, he is labeled as insensitive, angry, controlling one by the fandom.

He truly can’t win either way. 


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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theres a photoset of colorized old American photos and this one is just killing me. look at the transcendental bliss those guys in the audience are experiencing. the ones on the right get progressively more orgasmic its just hilarious