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…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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a small collection of things my lecturers said/did this year

  • “you didn’t really get off on yeats, did you?“ 
  • "just google it on the internet" 
  • reading out a six stanza ballad and explaining every line
  • “L… G… i can never remember what comes next”
  • tearing up while reading an auden poem aloud
  • an american lecturer: “it reminds me of a snow globe. you guys have those here, right?”
  • asking me if i have a catholic background due to my in depth knowledge of purgatory
  • upon asking a question and getting no answer: “you know, i get paid a salary. i can stand here doing nothing and still get paid”
  • “this girl from shakespeare’s time probably doesn’t want anything to do with the men because she’s a lesbian”
  • “i’m sick, i’m really sick. so if i die, that’s that. very appropriate for a gothic literature class" 

Dean:Sam, listen to me. Don’t trust Ruby, she is evil, don’t drink demon blood. We can find some other way.  

Sam: Thinks he knows the best. Strangles Dean and chooses Ruby and starts the apocalypse.

Dean: Cas, don’t work with Crowley, don’t open Purgatory. We can find some other way. 

Cas: Thinks he knows the best. Breaks Sam’s wall and opens Purgatory  Lets the Leviathans on earth. 

Dean: Cas, don’t trust Metatron, he is shady. Listen to me. 

Cas: Trusts Metatron over Dean. Loses his grace and causes the angels to fall. 

Dean: Sam, don’t use the BotD, its evil, don’t use witchcraft. I can handle myself. 

Sam: Doesn’t trust Dean. Recruits Cas and Rowena for his plan. Unleashes the darkness on the world. 

Dean:Sam, don’t go to cage, you are not hearing God. Wait for me. 

Sam: Thinks he is the chosen one. Goes to cage anyway. And lets the Lucifer out via Cas. 

With the history like that, tell me again why Dean has no reasons to be concerned over Cas killing Billie? Sam and Cas always fail to listen to Dean, they always subdue him and do whatever the hell they want, and Dean is always left with the clean up task. What’s more, Dean gets blamed for each and every of the above mentioned incidents in a direct or indirect way by the narrative. When he tries to stop Sam or Cas, he is ridiculed, duped or beaten into not interfering and when their plans fail, he gets the blame for not doing anything. And when he expresses concern, he is labeled as insensitive, angry, controlling one by the fandom.

He truly can’t win either way. 

A helpful guide to quarian feet, since I went in the tags and saw… lots of things that weren’t quarian feet. I’m no expert, of course, as I didn’t design them, but I think this was what Bioware’s folks had in mind when they put the Quarians together, and if this can help people, then I’ve done good.

There are a lot of other things about it that I didn’t have time to draw - the way the muscles and tendons would pull the toes in both pics, the way the feet would likely be shaped from various angles with the bones of the toes starting at the ankle - that I might do later but probably won’t. Until then, I hope this helps.

PS: quarians with human feet would be really impractical on Rannoch from an evolutionary standpoint guys, stop drawing them that way

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [30/30] TESCO AU

As far as young Sherlock Holmes is concerned, Tesco is absolutely perfect for running experiments. It’s full of stuff he can use and he can always be sure Mycroft will rather just pay for everything than show up personally in that kind of establishment.

Sadly, Sherlock doesn’t consider one of most annoying Tesco employees - Greg Lestrade, who either is taking his job way too seriously or has a crush on Mycroft. Sherlock finds both options equally disgusting.

Thinking about Adrien obvs.

One of my fav pics love the guy on the right esp and those sexy grey, orange and aqua good luck socks. Would love to be at his socked feet

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