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Hullo darling! I love your writing discovered you through Nif. Love your Gladio chest day drabble. I had a horrible day yesterday, got my car repossessed by mistake in front of my friends. I'm in the need of FLUFFY LOVING. Could I get something with Gladio and a short female s/o please? Much love - Jinju

Oh no!!! :( I am so sorry to hear about that, dear. I do hope everything turns out okay. Your in my thought. Here, have some wonderful Gladio fluff. I hope it makes your day better <333

Everyone needs some romantic, fluffy, Gladio. We all know deep down this guy is just a teddy bear. Right?

Tagging @themissimmortal and @chocobrodreamteam for that Gladio love tho. 


The annual Crownsguard Ball was an extravagant party through by the Royal Family of Lucis in appreciation to the courageous men and women that have sworn to protect the Caelum family. All of those who were invited were allowed to bring a single guest. Lucky for you, Gladiolus Amicitia brought you as his date.

You felt extremely out of place. Never have you attended such a party. And never have you worn such a beautiful dress.

The indigo colored lace hugged every curve of your torso perfectly. The sleeves of satin draped down to your hands, revealing an elegant silver bangle hanging onto your right wrist. The skirt of you grown flowed down your legs to just cover your feet. Every inch of the dress was tailored to your exact measurements. You never imagined a dress to be so comfortable.

The heels you wore, however…

“If this is what it’s like to be tall, it’s not worth it,” you muttered to Gladio as he escorted into the Palace’s ballroom. “My feet are killing me.”

“Don’t worry, you’re still not that tall,” he teased you, pressing a hand to your back. He let the tips of his fingers play with your long, curled hair. 

Gladiolus towered over you. He stood at an almost monstrous height of six feet five inches tall. Nearly a foot and half taller than you.

Your shoes lifted you up several inches. Not only did they raise your height, but they raised your confidence. You genuinely felt beautiful. Gladio was sure to remind you of that constantly during the drive over to the Citadel.

The both of you have remained in a intimate relationship for almost a year now. He loved everything about you. Your vices, your virtues, he adored it all. Your short height included.

He loved to hoist you in his strong arms and carrying you around, acting as if you were some sort of damsel-in-distress. He always called you his “princess.”  

Tonight, you truly did feel like his Princess.

Two palace guards held open the double doors that reached the cathedral ceiling. Beyond the doors laid an elegantly decorated ballroom. Soft classical music filled your ears as you stepped foot into the setting. Nearly a hundred guests were scattered about. Some took sanctuary at the tables that covered the outer rings of the ballroom, while others swayed back and forth in a waltz on the dance floor.

“Where to first, milady?” Gladio inquired, removing his calloused hand from your back.

“I would love to dance, but Gods. My feet are already going to fall off.”

A smirk came to the burly man’s face, followed by a chuckle.

“You are so damn lucky they don’t make heels for guys.”

“I’m sure there are some out there. C’mon,” unexpectedly, Gladio hoisted you into his muscular arms.

“Gladio!” A yelp escaped your painted lips. “What are you doing?” You hissed, feeling the eyes of the numerous guest burn into you and Gladio.

“My Princess’s feet hurt,” you could hear the smirk in his voice. You resisted the urge to hop out of his arms to prevent causing more of a seen. It only took him a few moments to place you down safely into a chair that sat beside one of the tables.  He knelt down onto one knee and slightly lifted your dress a few inches, revealing your feet. His large hands slid off the navy blue heels you harbored on your feet. Once the culprits of your foot pain had been discarded onto the floor, Gladio stood up.

He held out his hand to you. “Now,” he cleared his throat, “would you care to dance with me?”
You got to your feet, which stretched out in sweet relief. You were back to your average height, but it was well worth it. “Lead the way, prince charming,” you nodded, slipping your hand into his. His amber eyes bored into your with sweet admiration. Slowly, he raised your hand to his lips and pressed several tender kisses across your knuckles.

“I love you,” his warm breath spread across the back of your hand.

“I love you, too.”

With a passionate kiss to the lips, you both headed to the dance floor where you danced the night away. Without your dreaded heels.