those are fluffy down balls and you know it

(Image description: a white oval shaped rubber squishy seal with two black dots for eyes and a black dot for a nose as well as grey “eyebrows” rests on a white palm. End description)
So I got one of those cute mochi seal squishies and I love it! I named them Riceball.

(adorable!! i’m so jealous i’ve always wanted one. rice ball is the perfect name!)

Meet my sweet Samantha. Sammi aka FuzzButt aka Feather Duster (the tail on this kitty! ) is a fluffy ball of fluff. She’s like 80% fur.

She knows how to stand and open the cabinet, looking up with those big yellow eyes and mewing pitifully for more food in her already full bowl, dammit, Sam, it’s right there! Lol

She’s loves to be held in your arms, but only if you’re walking around. The minute you’ve stop moving, she wants Down, Now. But if you’re walking around, she’ll relax, let her head and arms hang down, and purr up a storm.

Her favorite hobbies include chasing bugs, stalking the dog through the windows, and being brushed.