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HAPPY PRIDE MONTH MY DUDE 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈



YOI @ Namjatown (non-food pics)!

They had a nice big poster + Makkachin <3

On March 24th, they added a new game, “Yuuri’s Hug Hug Competition.” Lined up super early before opening so I could take a shot before prizes ran out. As u can sorta see from the last photo (taken from Namjatown’s official twitter, all other photos are my own), the game goes like this: You can buy up to 5 tries every time you go up (which is not often; you gotta get a ticket that tells you what time to come back, usually several hours later there were so many people). For each try, the nice ladies will give you a lil ball which you can place anywhere on the ramp to the right. You let go of the ball, it swings onto the slope and bounces off the lil stoppers and falls into one of the slots at the bottom, each of which has a character (the person Yuuri “hugs”) and a letter A-D. There’s only one A (Victor), and increasingly more of the lower prizes (most D), which obviously means you have to be incredibly lucky to get A and most people get a lot of the other letters. A prize is a tote bag, B prize is a charm, C prize is a button, and D prize is a random sticker (all others you can choose your character, which is why some characters ran out faster than others). It’s supposed to be mostly luck bc of the knockers and the fact you have to place the ball on the ramp so you can’t really tell it to go anywhere….

….but apparently I had amazing freakin luck or there is some skill involved bc

I got A prize twice in 8 tries ^v^)b So top tote is Yuuri + Vic + Chris (was out of stock later in the day), bottom tote has Phichit + Yurio + Otabek. All in all, a very successful day <3


So i’ll be doing an art trade but I just noticed I got no actual OC references so…
here goes Aria : the freelance spy at the villains alliance.

I keep trying to design a decent costume for this OC I created a while ago and edited back since I started this side blog. But I’m bad at it haha…

Since I explained why she looks like this in the intro-post of this blog I won’t say any more.
I thought of giving her those I made for a random OC back then :

Well, not like I tried to hide it, because all I draw since I started BNHA is Shouto, but I really like drawing mechas and armors…

Her costume must be designed for close combat and especially for speed at taijutsu so… I’ll try to figure something out! *rofl*

I listened to those on repeat while I worked on this OC :
A - B - C - D - E

Robbie, after going without sleep for 4 days, at 3 am

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Do you think maybe you could draw my muse in Fire Emblem AU? You probably have a lot so ignore this if you want to.

((This was quite the easy pick, but still enjoyable nonetheless xD

Decided to make her a Nomad, but since nomads are from FE6 - FE7 I had to base her design on Sue, with slight changes of course.

Stats: (She’s unpromoted btw)
Str: 18
Mag: 05
Skl: 20 (capped)
Spd: 17
Lck: 15
Def: 15
Res: 12

She’d have Prescience and Quick Draw as skills, even tho those are archer locked but whatever, makes sense. She’d also have a B rank in bows and a Steel Longbow to shoot things from far away without getting into any retaliation range.))

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Can I request a drabble? We all know that Candy is kind of an extrovert, but could you write something about how would the boys take care of a Candy who's socially anxious?

Ok so - this request is written as if it’s for headcanons (which I love oh so very much to write). So, I’ll write it as headcanons since it says ’write something about what the boys would do’. So, here it is! Hope you like it.


  • Nathaniel would be kinda confused, but not really.
  • He would ask Candy some questions on how she feels.
  • Speaks for her, if they’re together, he holds her hand and strokes it to calm her down while he talks.
  • Will read all kinds of books on social anxiety. Kinda like; “W-Wait they didn’t say that would happen…what’s wrong with this book-”
  • He is great at calming Candy down, he’d tell her ‘It’s okay’ and that ‘I’m here’.
  • If they go on a date together, Nathaniel is there by her side - not leaving 
  • He tries to encourage Candy to speak, but if he sees it’s overwhelming, he’ll do the talking
  • is very great at reading Candy’s face, there’s no hiding
  • Is NOT afraid to kiss Candy (in public) to make her feel better
  • If she’s having an anxiety attack, he would definetely be holding her hand with an arm around her just letting her know that it’s okay,
  • Breathing exercises is smth he’d do if it was that bad
  • he’s pretty good at comforting her
  • Has fallen asleep reading about social anxiety and how to help
  • Will hecking protect Candy at all costs
  • Gives anyone a nasty look that gives Candy 'that look’


  • The mOST confused out of all of the boys,,
  • He’s just so confused?? Like “I didn’t know that was a thing” kinda guy
  • He understands Candy though, he doesn’t like talking that much either
  • Asks her little bits of questions, doesn’t want to make her uncomfterable
  • Has his arm around Candy a lot with a 'back off’ look on his face
  • Sometimes tease her and talk about their funny/romantic memories to calm her down
  • If someone just out of the blue starts talking to her and he sees that she’s not into it? “Take a fxcking hint”
  • If he wasn’t able to leave with her (as in he was sick or something) he’d give her his jacket to let her know that 'He’s there’ with her
  • Googles 'how to talk to people wikihow' 
  • Surprsingly, he makes an effort to read about it
  • Has a pretty good memory, he knows most - if not - all of the signs he’s read before
  • “Don’t talk to her”
  • He’d sometimes encourage or teach her how it’s okay
  • Lysander was used as a prop for Candy to practice talking to at some point
  • Such a worried mom, never will admit it 
  • After coming back from a date, he’d cuddle her for as long as she wanted
  • Most likely holding her in his arms and peppering her with kisses


  • The most understanding of all of the boys 
  • Would let her know that he’d talk for her if she didn’t want too.
  • Would totally understand, he’s not the most open out of everyone
  • He tries to read?? But he forgets sometimes
  • He doesn’t ask many, or barely, any questions about her social anxiety 
  • Doesn’t invade her alone time, let’s her breathe
  • Often really close by her side, either holding her hand or just being by her
  • If Candy makes an effort to talk by herself, he’d just stroke her hand 
  • ALWAYS let’s her know he’s there, he is not afraid or ashamed of how she feels
  • The one who is like 'Excuse us’, 'Beg your pardon but..’ if Candy cuts the conversation
  • DOES NOT judge Candy for this! Candy is his hecking baby of course not
  • Gives Castiel a dirty look if he teases her about it, thankfully Castiel rarely does
  • Giving her cheek kisses are a way to make her feel better
  • If she doesn’t want to go out, they’d watch some movies together
  • Lysander would fall asleep on her shoulder, Candy has taken pictures
  • Just doesn’t want her to be stressed, he’ll do anything to keep her happy


  • Actually one of the boys that understands the most, he wasn’t very talkative when he first came to SA
  • Asks questions, somewhat. He doesn’t wanna invade her space or make her uncomfterable
  • He usually says something like “Dude, back off-” or “Take a hint” if Candy really shows she isn’t into the convo.
  • Nathaniel is his wikihow, he’d ask loads of questions to him
  • Hand holding is a MUST. 
  • Wraps his arm around her shoulder when she feels very nervous
  • Sometimes in the drive thrus he has Candy talk for herself to practice her communication
  • Would find her so hECKING cute if she was blushing and being all shy, but she’s cute regardless so-
  • Needs to be more aware of her, makes a very good effort for seeing the signs
  • Is such a proud mom if Candy is getting better and better at communication
  • Asks Alexy for some advice, other than shopping and talking to cashiers
  • Gifts her his scarf, just for another one of those 'I’m there for you’ things.
  • If she doesn’t wanna go out, they play games at his place
  • He doesn’t judge at all, tbh - he understands how it is and that everyone is different.
  • Tells her some jokes to make her feel less awkward
  • Gives quick - but sweet - cheek kisses in public to try make her feel better
  • He honestly is always up for staying with Candy at home, less stress there man


  • He worries so much - sometimes asks her too many questions.
  • Apologies if he made her anxious while leaving to do something. 
  • Reads up on it, definitely - probably more than all of the boys.
  • Shoots dirty looks to people that talk to her just to make her upset, aka Amber - has a hard time not doing something more
  • “…What the heck - WAIT THERE’S A PHOBIA!? Does she HAVE THAT??”
  • Will hand hold a lot, very clingy to his babu Candy
  • Asks Alexy for advice, but if that doesn’t help, he definetely asks his mother - she’d know what to do
  • Tries not to leave her side, he can’t handle or have Candy have an anxiety attack
  • If she does have an anxiety attack, they’re leaving - he doesn’t care - they’re leaving wherever they are
  • Leaving wherever they are, he’d sit Candy down and hold her hands doing a lot of the “Look at me, it’s alright Candy - I’m here” things
  • Is the most loving, he will just know how not to make her uncomfortable
  • Has a plan A, B, C, and D. If those don’t work it’s plan 'l-e-a-v-e’.
  • CANNOT handle seeing Candy being upset, it makes him so upset
  • Seriously though, he’d be glaring at people to give them a hint without trying to be rude
  • Offers her some of his cookies
  • If Candy doesn’t wanna go out to a crowded place, he takes her to the park to play with Cookie!
  • Bakes her some sweets if she’s staying at his place. 
  • Wouldn’t call himself confused, he’s been like that at some point

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Since there's new ways to style ur character in Splatoon 2, will you redesign some of your characters or create new ones?

New ones? No

New clothes, sure. I heard all of Tetrox’s clothes are not coming back so Arnick needs to take her shopping. B’D

But will those new gear appear in main comic? Doubt it. But who knows.

Quick fact. Ready?
Enzymes are proteins that participate in almost every single bodily function. These enzymes, however, cannot function without their cofactors or coenzymes. These helpers are usually the essential vitamins and minerals that we must obtain on a daily basis; such a the B vitamins, vitamin C, and those of A, D, E, and K!



*Shysta pauses to take another ridiculously adorable bite*

“M-musicals?.. U-um, I h-haven’t k-kept up w-with them for a w-while… m-mostly b-because my c-cousin is the one w-who introduced me to musicals.. and m-most human media.. S-so basically I’ve only seen a f-few musicals….L-Little Shop of H-Horrors, uh, R-Rocky H-Horror Picture S-Show… My c-cousin, h-he-THEY l-like Dr. F-Franken-furter a l-lot.. w-which.. might a-actually b-be a cause for concern, heheheheh… I m-mean, I w-watch m-musical t-tv shows too, b-but those come d-down pretty rarely b-besides a few s-shows that humans m-must really like…”