those are anything but gummy bears


Date Nights With Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) May Include…

Two Types

  • There are two types of date nights
      • Ends with sleep
      • Or
      • Ends with Batman



  • Lots and lots of cheap, cliche romances
      • Stuff like the Notebook, the Vow, etc.
      • Which includes a bunch of tissues!
      • You guys go through boxes of tissues more than the average guy
          • Ha
          • ha
          • ha
          • I’m sorry

Ice Cream

  • These “stay at home” movie nights usually consists of giant containers of ice cream
      • For those of you who are allergic to dairy, or don’t like Ice Cream, imagine it’s gummy bears
      • Giant containers of gummy bears
  • Ice Cream is an essential part of casual date night
  • No matter what the two are doing
      • Whether it’s watching a movie
      • Reading
      • Cooking
      • Ice Cream is more important than anything else
  • Harley loves Cake Batter
      • Whenever you two go to Cold Stone or Basket Robins depending on what you know
      • She always gets the cake batter
      • and gets gummy bears mixed into it
  •  She always ends up getting ice cream somewhere on her face
      • Which, in most cases, ends with you licking/kissing it off
      • Which starts a tease war
      • But not in the “Imma touch you here” way
      • More of the “I’m going to tickle and lick your elbow” way


  • Pillows and blankets fort
      • It’s one of her favorite parts of casual date night
      • She loves building, and then later on destroying, the masterpiece the two of you have built
  • With a fort comes pillow fights
      • It’s so fun
      • Plus you guys have the pillows that like puffs out feathers
      • It’s a mess!!
      • You love seeing Harley so happy and carefree
      • You’d do anything to see her this way


  • As the date comes to an end, cuddles take over
      • The two of you end up squished together
      • And just laying there
      • Sometimes in silence
      • Other times with talking
      • And you do this until one of you falls asleep
      • You always wake up in each other’s arms



  • Now, unlike casual date night, regular date night consists of partying
      • Something that took you a while to understand
      • Was that Harley loved clubbing
      • Especially with her S/O
      • With you
  • The two of you live in Coast City
      • Which means, there’s no chance of running into Joker at any of the clubs
      • Which puts both of you to ease
      • Joker wants you dead, man
      • You kind of stole her girl
      • You were like
      • “Whaddup J, Imma steal yo girl bye”
      • Rip Joker
  • Your favorite ones are ones that have a safe environment
      • By this, I mean the ones that aren’t super toxic
      • There’s drugs, but it’s not like everyone is high and off their meds
      • The kind where you can relax or get up and dance
  • You love watching Harley dance
      • She’s amazing at it
      • She likes to put on a lil’ show for you
      • It’s adorable


  • The two of you like to go out and just take things
      • Whoever gets the other the best thing wins type of thing
      • Harley always wins
  • Which ends with you running from the cops
  • And into another club


  • It always ends with Batman
      • The thing is, Batman isn’t too harsh on you two
      • It’s mostly because the two of you aren’t doing anything majorly bad
      • He cares about Harley and to see her doing better, especially after what Joker has done to her, makes him feel like there’s still hope
      • He actually does everything he can to help you two
      • The two of you even help him on occasion
      • Batman would deny it to anyone who asked, though
          • Honestly, it’s basically witness protection and he’s your handler
    • Batmobile
        • He drives the two of you home in his FREAKIN’ awesome Batmobile
        • It’s actually a pretty mellow ride
        • The three of you make weird small talk
        • Harley is exhausted from the long night
        • You’re just happy that she’s happy
        • And Batman is just glad the two of you are safe

    And that’s date nights with the boo!

    DATE: AUG. 21 2016
    NOTES: I haven’t slept yet. It’s almost 12pm and I just want to sleep! I’m pushing myself, though. I won’t be sleeping until later tonight.

    Anyway, I wrote this up! I finally decided to get to it.

    My other rant is being annoyed at how quickly people forget how much Ezra loves Aria after just ONE episode.

    Come on. Ezra loves the fuck out of that girl and would do anything for her. If you look at the storyline as being REAL, you would understand why Ezra needed to go to Columbia. Instead people are only looking at it from a tv perspective and finding it crazy that he cares.

    Remember when Ezra PROPOSED to her?? When he talked about how seeing her again was like being able to breathe again? When he remembered the conversation they had when they broke up all those years ago?? When she was in the hospital in 618 and he immediately rushed to her and literally brought her gummy bears, magazines and her favorite shirt of his to sleep in??

    Ezra did love Nicole. But people don’t understand that she got kidnapped and maybe murdered. They made it clear that Ezra and Nicole weren’t doing well in their relationship before she went missing. And likely they wouldn’t have lasted seeing as how Ezra wrote in his book that they were always arguing/disagreeing and just putting off the inevitable (breaking up). But having that horrible tragedy happen to her is what makes him miss her and feel horrible. I mean look at Ali. The girls seemed to loath her back before she went missing (bc she was awful to them), but once she went missing and they thought she was murdered they all missed her terribly. Or like if Ezra’s mother just up and died, you know he would be torn up about it despite the fact he’s never had a good relationship with her.

    I don’t know, I just can’t believe how quickly people go from “Ezra loves Aria more than anything, he proposed to her even knowing she killed someone” to “Ezra has never looked at Aria the way Jason does, Ezra doesn’t appreciate her” like what in the world.