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Reclaiming Special Snowflake

In my entire existence as an autistic mentally ill trans being (all entirely professionally diagnosed for you people that care about that), the term special snowflake has been the most humiliating to me. More humiliating than tranny, psycho, retard, queer, etc. In those cases they at least acknowledge my condition and then misinterpret it and insult it. Special snowflake in the way they mean it, describes me as a liar. And if there is anything in this world that I despise, it’s being called a liar. (I place great value on trust and honesty)

Well you know what. Snowflakes are pretty. They’re interesting visually. Similar to the human fingerprint, it is thought that no two snowflakes are ever exactly the same.

Look at these. They’re all truly interesting and unique. And humans are the same way. I don’t think there will ever be a person who is identical to another, we all lead different lives, meet different people, have different thoughts, different interests.

Next time someone calls you a special snowflake, I want you to think of these pictures and go: “Yes, yes I am completely unique and I’m a great addition to this world. My existence is entirely special. My life has not been lived by anyone but me. My experiences belong to no one but myself. I can not be compared to anyone else.” You tell them calmly: “Yes I am. And so are you.”

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Top 3 characters: Lavi Bookman, Kaneki Ken and Edward Elric (…and Alphonse Elric…and Allen Walker… Kurapika too. TOP THREE IS HARD MY DUDE.)

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Victor Nikiforov: (to Yuuri) “Then, I’ll be your lover, I guess.”






Those of you who had followed me probably already know that I am a huge fan of Kuroko no Basuke (as my ramblings in the #AoKaga tag can attest to), but I’m also a big big fan of other sports anime like Haikyuu!!, Free!, Eyeshield 21 etc.

DO YOU KNOW, THAT EVEN WITH FREE!, even with all the fanservice and the queer-baiting, no male character has openly said that he wants to be another male character’s koibito (lover)?



(spoilers for Episode 4 under cut)

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The black flame candle. Made from the fat of a hanged man. Legend says that on a full moon it will raise the spirits of the dead when lit by a virgin on Halloween night. Hmm. So let’s light the sucker and meet the old broads.

So I’m pretty sure that Hocus Pocus is a treatise on “appropriate” (straight, male-centered/dominated, chaste, reproductive-oriented) forms of sexuality vs. “perverse” (feminine, queer, promiscuous, pleasure-seeking) forms of sexuality. It’s Disney so I really shouldn’t be so surprised by the message, but I am a little surprised at how heavily they lean on inferred pedophilia to construct their straw man of “perverse”/non-normative sexualities as inherently evil. I guess it’s not really anything new, but…yikes.

I’ve got a lot more things so say on the subject, but mostly I want to talk about how Omri Katz does and always has lit the sucker in my pants (which adds a further dimension to the situation, as Disney preaches the most apple-pie kind of normativity and yet has never been shy about sexualizing their under-age actors (and audiences?).


Ohhh my gosh, I hit 500 followers last night on here!   Thanks so much and welcome to my personal blog!  If you like my art, you can also check out my official  Counterintuitive Comics art blog, or my art and fanart tags right here.  Here’s those dang cutie patoots doing each others’ hair for y’all as a big thank you C: Steven got in on the fun too!

I’m still giddy over the Steven Universe finale and have been tearing up and singing Stronger Than You all day, man.  It’s so good to be in a world where people make good things and people share them and get inspired and it’s so good to be excited and love things!  Yeah!!!  Queer space rocks in love!!! Right on!