those are actually my sunglasses but whatever


7 Different Styles to wear your summer sunglasses. Good luck trying!

I’ve had conversations with friends (with my phone in my pocket of course) about something I need to get (a rug, sunglasses, whatever)

and then the next day suddenly had ads on facebook for those things, despite not having actually looked anywhere on my computer or phone or online for them

this has happened numerous times

succerberg gonna send you a message on social media detailing the top five things he knows about you that you don’t want people to know 

with a link to donate to his presidential campaign 

this is my bloodborne character. theyre literally me except with bigger muscles and a cool coat they picked up in like a dream or whatever. they have no idea what the hell is going on and their singular goal is to find a pair of those tiny round sunglasses bc I got a bug that got me stuck with the wrong glasses after an hour of character creator and when I started over i fucking forgot to put on the glasses i actually wanted. they got beat to death by a mob of angry villagers 2 seconds after this image was taken.

#14- Being Twins

• Close with Stiles
• Constantly picking on him
• “Stop it (Y/N)!”
• “I thought dogs liked it when you scratched behind their ears…”
• “McCall! Answer now” Coach
• Both of your heads snapping up
• “Female McCall!”
• “I like female McCall more…”
• “Boy McCall! Come on! Do you need your sister out here to nag you!?”
• Randomly hopping on his back in the middle of the hallway
• Being really close with Allison and Stiles
• Accidentally saying things at the same time which freaks Melissa out
• Speaking on Scott’s behalf when he’s scared to hurt someone’s feelings
• “Ugh, must I do everything?”
• Freshman year, Melissa making the two of you go to every dance together
• “I love you Scotty.”
• “ I love you too, now what do you want?”

• Purposely saying stuff at the same time to freak Sheriff out
• “Stiles! You cannot choke me from afar with the force!”
• Lydia being your best friend
• “Stop it! I called bringing donuts to dad!”
• “You’re only going for Jordan.”
• “I will kill you.”
• “Put the stupid bat down! You don’t even play baseball!”
• Being good friends with Scott and Isaac (which ticks Stiles off)
• “We’re not going to watch Star Wars again! We watched them the last 3 times!”
• “Well then we’re not watching Avengers! I’m tired of Captain America!”
• “Fine, I can watch Thor for Tom Hiddleston, I’m not complaining.”
• Geeking out together
• “Can you two get down here!?”
• “Explain why I heard that the two of you were caught on private property.”
• “Stiles, kicked my soccer ball and I thought we could sneak in and out with no trouble.”
• Constantly lying for each other
• “I love you, sister.”
• “I love you too, brother. Now get off me, your smashing my baby holder.”

• Moving to Beacon Hills high school with Liam when the whole Brett situation happened
• “Stop staring at her, girls think it’s creepy.”
• “How do you know what girls like?”
• “I am one you dummy!”
• Being super close to Scott and treating him like an older brother
• Acquired nicknames from Stiles would be “Dunbar babies” or “Demonic Dunbars” and sometimes “Thing 1 and Thing 2”
• Scheming on Stiles at least once a week
• “My best friend Mason!”
• “No, we play video games together.”
• “We drool over Brett together.”
• “If you don’t help me with geometry, I’ll tell Mom you’re part dog.”
• “I don’t like how you show love! You’re choking me! Fine, I’ll help!”
• “Help me with lacrosse, yeah?”
• “No! You throw them back too hard! I still have a bruise from 2 weeks ago!”
• Threatening Hayden
• Not liking Hayden
• Flirting with Brett just to tick Liam off

• You being the reasonable, nice one
• “Just be nice to Stiles for tonight.”
• “Fine, but I’ll leave the premises after one sarcastic comment.”
• You and Cora teaming up on him
• Patching Derek up after fights
• Pigging out and binge watching random shows like every night
• Always play fighting, almost everyday
• “Just let me wash the stupid jacket or at least let me send it to the cleaners, it smells.”
• Being really awkward when you catch him and Braeden (Brayden?)
• “I don’t remember my nephew inviting my niece to live with him.”
• “I don’t remember anyone asking you to come back to life and cause emotional trauma.”
• Hating Peter
• “Be safe in Mexico! I want you to call every hour, on the hour!”
• Being there for him when he just can’t handle it
• “I bought us matching sunglasses!”
• “No. We’re not going to be those twins.”
• “Whatever, I’ll find another way to show my love.”

• “You have so much dog hair on your sweater, what the heck.”
• “I spend a lot of time with Scott at the vet.”
• “I don’t see a resemblance between you two.”
• “Yeah, but anyways, don’t ever look at my sister again!”
• Him threatening boys on the daily
• “You know Malia is with Stiles right? Don’t make him hate you more.”
• “Can you fix the TV? It keeps making clicking noises!”
• Getting surprisingly close to the pack
• Actually knowing nothing about the supernatural
• “All these dead people and murders, maybe we should go back home.”
• “What home? We’re all we have.”
• “Take me shopping!”
• Him complaining when you go shopping but secretly liking the quality time you spend together
• “Nope! We’re leaving Victoria’s Secret right now! No way my sister is going to wear that!”
• “I need a new bra anyways! Nobody’s going to see it!”
• Being better at AP Biology and running it in his face
• “I’m borrowing the truck!”

• Getting really close to Melissa
• Have girls nights in with Lydia and Allison
• “Ok but if you stay with Scott where do I stay?”
• “I have a feeling Stiles would gladly accept.”
• Isaac always visiting you at Stiles’ house
• Third-wheeling around him and Allison
• Telling him all about your crushes because you’re just that close
• Him not approving at all
• Cheering the loudest at all his lacrosse games
• Helping him through panic attacks
• Always telling him when stores are having sales on cardigans or scarves
• Having an almost secret language (basically the both of you communicate with your eyes)
• Becoming really close to Scott and Derek
• One of your crushes being Derek
• “No! Absolutely not. I will not stand for it, he’s a bad influence.”
• “Ok then, sit for it. You know he’s nice and he can protect me.”
• “What if he breaks your heart?”
• “Then I know that my brother will be here to eat tubs of ice cream and watch girly movies with me.”

A/N: Ok so this is like the blurb things I see and you have no idea how much fun they are to write! So if you want more of these go ahead and request but also any preferences and imagines, thanks!


Okay kiddies listen up! I wanna share some trainer tips with you for Pokemon Go!  These tips may help trainers who live in warmer climates and wanna bike, jog or walk around their area to catch Pokemon. I’ve been having the full Pokemon trainer experience! I’ve been walking and biking everywhere! And it’s great exercise! I’ve loss 4 pounds already this week! ((And I’ve hatched like 20 million eggs))

What to wear:

 I live in Florida so I like to wear my fishing clothes over my bathing suit. Especially if I’m going to the beach! And ya never know when you might spot a pool you can take a dip in! Columbia is a VERY good brand of clothing. It’s pretty expensive but the clothes are high quality and last forever. Just keep an eye out for sales.

 -TOP- I prefer the long sleeve PFG shirts. Long sleeve is important so you can protect yourself from the sun. I wear them over my bikini top, so I can unbutton my shirt and get a nice breeze while I’m biking or walking on the beach, but still be protected from the sun. Plus they have GREAT pockets.

 -BOTTOM- As for bottoms I love my surf board shorts. Especially with pockets! And I wear those over my bikini bottoms. (this picture is actually exactly what I wear to the beach. Hurley brand is awesome)

-SHOES- As for shoes, stick to light weight sneakers or whatever is most comfortable for you. 

-HAT- I like to wear fun baseball caps. If anyone knows a good place to get Pokemon trainer hats let me know!

-SUNGLASSES- Get your hater blockers on. 

-BUFF- These are GREAT for many reasons. They have so many uses and styles! 

I wear one to protect my ears and face from the sun. I also wear expensive headphones so it’s a good way to hide them from potential thieves. The first time I went out I didn’t wear a buff, and I was cat called and honked at half a million times. After I started wearing a buff that covered my face, I have been harassed ZERO TIMES. The down side is that people will stare and you might make folks uncomfortable. I just ignore them and mind my own business. I’m always polite and courteous to those around me. Try to wave back to people who wave at you. It gives them reassurance that your not a crazy gang member I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   (( i was on my bike once with my buff on and this old lady had some sort of pole and was swinging it around while staring at me lol)) Just try to stay in public areas with lots of traffic. It’s safer. You don’t want to be wrongly accused of suspicious activity. 

What to bring:

-BACKPACK- I was lucky to find this really cute tiny Pokemon book bag the other day at target! But before that I was just using a simple drawstring bag which works great too!

-WATER- I carry a 1000ml/32oz bottle in my bag and a skinnier 500ml/24oz water bottle that fits in my bottle holder on my bike. It is very important to stay hydrated! 

-FOOD- You are definitely going to need to get some fuel in your tank. I like to get up in the morning and eat a big breakfast before I go, but you’re definitely going to need to take some food with you. Nature Valley protein bars are my favorite! I recommend keeping them in the fridge so they don’t melt as fast while they are in your bag. Nuts are good too! I would stick to unsalted so they don’t dehydrate you. Fruits and veggies are also awesome and healthy, and you don’t have to worry about littering!

-SUNSCREEN- The sun is your worst enemy. (sorry solgaleo) So you better LATHER yourself in sunscreen. You don’t wanna get sunburned, especially if you plan on traveling outside a lot to catch Pokemon. If you like to wear makeup I would recommend putting on some face sunscreen and BB cream that has sunscreen in it. Apply sunscreen before you go out, and BRING SOME WITH YOU. You’re gunna sweat a lot, so you need to be able to reapply. Tiny face sticks are good to carry around. I always bring spray can sunscreen so I can reach my back. (Just be careful not to breathe that stuff in) Get some chap stick too! The wind and sun can dry out and burn your lips! 

-PHONE- I have an iPhone and I put it in a waterproof pouch and hook it onto a lanyard. This is a safe place to keep your phone and you have easy access cuz it’s around your neck! 

-PHONE CHARGER- DEFINITELY invest in a portable charger! They are great! I can keep mine in my pocket or in my backpack and plug it into my phone while it’s around my neck. 

-HEADPHONES- I LOOOOVVEEEE my wireless beats. I can wear this while I bike and listen for wild Pokemon! 

-WALLET- It doesn’t hurt to keep some identification and some cash on you.

-POCKET KNIFE- Ya never know ya know? I always keep one with me.

-PEPPER SPRAY/TASER/SELF DEFENSE ITEMS- I don’t care who you are; you need to carry some god damn pepper spray. I hook mine onto my shorts so I have easy access to it at all times. (Mine has a quick release button on the hook so I can pull it out and use it quickly.) I recommend that you practice reaching for your emergency defense item.

-BIKE LOCK- If you’re a biker make sure you carry a bike lock. Chances are you’re gunna really wanna take a break and find some air conditioning.

I want everyone to practice staying safe! Keep an eye on your surroundings. If you’re a biker, watch out for potholes, pedestrians and cars! (and little treeckos lizards basking in the sun)  Don’t be afraid to stop what you’re doing and take a break! When ever I see shade I park myself underneath it and refuel while I assess everything around me. Heat stroke is a real and serious thing! If you have a monster of a headache you need to seek safety and shelter! A lot of pokestops are public areas, and as long as you feel safe there you can cash in on some items while you catch your breath.

Also, pull over to a safe spot if you are trying to catch a pokemon. I always throw the pokeball and then look away from my screen to see what’s going on around me.I can listen from my head phones in order to hear whether or not i caught the pokemon. And that’s another thing: don’t keep the volume too loud! You want to be able to hear what’s going on around you. Do not be oblivious to your surroundings! I cannot stress this enough!

Okay fellow trainers, Happy Trails! GO CATCH EM’ ALL. 

((*whispers go team mystic*))

Top 10 things Mashiro would do if she were head captain

As requested by anon. :)

If Mashiro ever becomes head captain, here are the things she would most want to do!

#1: Make Hisagi my lieutenant.

“I’d offer the job to Kensei, but he’d be sad if his perverted tattoo were no longer relevant. Anyway, Hisagi’s been such a good assistant lieutenant, that I think he’ll someday be ready to be an actual lieutenant!”

Hisagi: Um, I’m a lieutenant right now.

Mashiro: Assistant lieutenant.


#2: Make Hisagi do the paperwork.

“Because paperwork is boring but Hisagi likes it.”


Hisagi: I do sort of like it.

#3: Wear a fake beard.

“Because what kind of head captain would I be if I didn’t have a fake beard? And anyway I think it’ll annoy Kensei.”


Mashiro: So it matches my hair, dummy!

#4: Hire Kensei as my adviser.

“Kensei isn’t great at answering questions. But he is my preferred guy to answer them! Mostly because he makes the best faces.”

Kensei: Faces? No. Just the one face. Anger.

Mashiro: You sell yourself short!

#5: Make sure all of the squads work on their squad poses.

“Soul reapers are basically super heroes. Our squads are like teams of super heroes. But do they have cool group poses to cast fear into the hearts of their enemies? Nooooo! That needs to change!”

Kiyone: OMG OMG Charlie’s Angles pose with Ukitake and his three assistants!!!!

Ukitake: Actually that could work.

#6: Change the uniforms.

“Also the uniforms are super boring. Black? White? How about some actual color!”

Kyoraku: Like my pink kimono?

Mashiro: I was thinking more lime green body suits.


Kyoraku: Oh.

#7: Better communication.

“Who communicates via butterfly? I was in the human world, where they have cell phones. Do you know how useful cell phones would be in Soul Society? We could call each other with lightning quick speed, instead of waiting for some dumb butterfly to flap its way through the land of the dead!”

Ichigo: Wouldn’t you need some cell phone towers?

Mashiro: Well duh, we’ll get those!

#8: Fewer meetings.

“Because meetings are boring.”

Kenpachi: You are my favorite head captain ever.

#9: Protective eye wear for all.

“I mean, goggles are so useful. I don’t understand why everybody doesn’t wear goggles.”

Iba: Excuse me head captain, but I have sunglasses. Does that count?

Mashiro: Yeah sure, whatever.


#10: Allow for any squad to have two lieutenants.

“Because having two lieutenants works out pretty well actually! One to be competent and strong and able to do everything, and the other to get trained and stuff!”

Mashiro: Wait! If any squad can have two lieutenants, then I could have both Hisagi AND Kensei as my Squad 1 lieutenants!!

Kensei: You want to DEMOTE me?!

Mashiro: No, dummy! Lieutenant of Squad 1 is a step up!


Hisagi: A co-lieutenant with Muguruma….