those abs man

Work it

Imagine the avengers making a work out tape.

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A broken blade board is more than enough for the likes of you!

Just a hecka quick sketch of Pool Party Riven. She can have fun too u kno  ヽ(・∀・)ノ

also that feel when u bitch slapped someone so hard ur board broke lmao


Enjoying what’ll end up being my last time relaxing until the end of January. Got to work on assignments, exams, fellowship essays which are due within days of my first endo appointment. But I finally watched Daredevil so I’m motivated to hit the law books more than ever. ♥



“Hey, _____.” Nebuya turned to you while doing his push-ups. 

“Yeah?” You weren’t exactly thrilled to be with the gym with him, but time with your loved one wherever it was, was still time with your loved one.
“This is too easy.” He smirked. You had to smile at his confidence.
“Well, what do you want me to do?” You had always liked Nebuya. He was amazing. 

“Why don’t I try to bench press you?” Your smile remained, but you had to counter, “What? No way, I’m too heavy and bench press me? How is that even going to work?" 

You gave him a toothy grin and he just smiled back and started to get up.
He then started walking towards you and you had to stand.
"No. No, no no.” You were giggling in between the no’s and slowly backing away from him.

“No bench press?” He asked, still walking to you. “No bench press.” He then sprinted towards you and you had to start running.

You enjoyed doing these things with him. 

But of course, he was much faster that you. So, when he did catch you, you had to make a compromise.
“No! No bench press, but how about something else?" 

"Something else?” He seemed intrigued.

 "How about lifting?“ You looked up at him, your grin still plastered on your face. "That could be a little bit of a challenge, right?” You dared him.
“A challenge?” He parroted. 
“Yeah, a challenge.” You took your eyes away from him, darting for an escape. “Even for you that’s got to be a challenge, right—”
Shockingly, he lifted you up like you didn’t weight a thing. “You think this is a challenge for me?”
“Show off.” You two smiled.


When you went inside the gym, Kagami was working hard. You could see how much time he spent in there just from his abs.
They were rock hard and wow, how many sixteen year olds had those abs on them?
You handed him a towel and he stopped for a bit. “Thank you, ____.” You nodded, smiling. 
You were about to leave to get his water bottle when he grabbed you hand. “_____." 
"Yeah?” Him being shirtless was so… distracting. All you wanted to do was stare at those abs and possibly… touch them.

Of course, you couldn’t, so you kept trying to look into his eyes, so he wouldn’t notice.
“____, I want a favor.” You almost blurted out ‘anything’ because of those abs. Man, was the guy fit. He was all muscle.
“Favor? What favor?” His toothy smile was there and he looked like he was enjoying himself.
“Help me train?”
“Uh, sure? But how could I possibly help you train? I don’t exactly have experience with these equipments and I’m sure I can’t spot you.” You started rambling.
Then he noticed that you were staring at his abs.
"Lifting what?” He nodded to you. “Lifting me?! What? No way. I’m pretty heavy, Kagami. You can’t lift me.
He came closer to you, very close to you that the back of your hands were pressing onto his abs and you wanted to scream. 
"Alright! Alright!” You relented.
He started lifting you up and down so easily and all you could think about was that it was so worth it.


Kim Junmyeon (8/12)