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I'm trying to prove a point to my brother and his friend. Reblog this if you think regardless of a person's age spinning a cat around by their tail to the point it breaks is animal abuse

They believe that because they didn’t know any better it’s not animal abuse.

I call this one “Hey Atlus how come you let me be bi but don’t let me date the boi????”

Or alternatively

“A couple'a nerds bein’ bros :^)”

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♡ 170407 | From Lully to LOVEs

It has been such an emotional day for LOVEs, for NU’EST, and for all those close to them. I know a great deal of us have been crying, have been frustrated, heartbroken, and angry among a million other emotions that can feel crippling. A lot of us feel hopeless, too. I’m here to remind you all why there is hope, and why we can’t give up. 

Since the first episode aired, the boys have trended on twitter, they were #1 on Naver and Daum, and 여보세요 (Hello) was trending on Melon. K-netz who originally cursed the boys for going on Produce 101 have had a change of heart and say they now wish for them to be successful. Since before the first episode aired, Minhyun and Ren have been making many friends and laughing and having fun. Kwon Hyunbin has made himself a good friend to Minhyun. All the little trainees have been swarming Ren. 

I know it’s hard to watch our boys, who were the most anticipated boy group in 2012, have to compete against trainees and humble themselves in such a way. To have to stand before an ex-lable-mate and audition for a ranking, and then to have to see her cry because of guilt and heartbreak–because she knows what they’ve been through and how hard they’ve worked. Because she feels responsible as a co-founder of Pledis Entertainment. I know it’s hard to listen to some of the more ignorant trainees say it’s unfair of them to be there because they’ve already debuted. I know it’s hard to listen to our boys cry and say they wish they were like their juniors. All of this is heartbreaking and hard. 

But we cannot let our spirit be broken. We have to continue to love and support our boys and surround them with nothing but positive energy. We have to keep a high morale, do what we can where we can. We have to be more vocal now than we ever have before. NU’EST is treating this as their last chance to prove that they can be successful. I personally think they’re defining success by this show slightly differently than the others. I don’t think it’s as important to them to make it to the final line-up as it is to gain new fans, new skills, new connections. What’s most important to them is building that Korean fanbase that has dwindled down so much through the past five years. They love all their fans, but this is a tactic focused on a Korean audience, and we LOVEs also need to understand that that is the goal here with NU’EST on Produce 101. 

Be vigilant and do not respond to negativity. Do not spread negativity in this fandom, and take care of each other. We need to be there for one another and act as one cohesive unit. Help each other so we can help those boys who deserve the world. 

And I think more than anything, as a fandom, we need to let them know we love who they are rather than what they were. Do not let them think they are a one-hit-wonder. I personally find it more important to improve the views on their newer music videos than to maintain #1 viewed boy group debut. They already know FACE is good. Everyone already knows FACE is good. The problem is overcoming that success or even achieving it again. If you want to hold streaming parties, I highly recommend focusing on their 2016 releases. I think that would mean an awful lot more to those 5 boys than to continue to live off of FACE. 

Those boys are strong. They are mature and kind and wonderful and I have never known them to give up in the face of adversity, of trials and tribulations. Them appearing on Produce 101 is such proof of that; there are not many idols who would swallow their pride in an attempt to chase their dreams. Think about their determination and the fight they all have in them, and let that be your motivator and your inspiration. 

This fandom has more power than it thinks it does. Those boys have a lot of fire in them. We can do this, and I truly believe by the end of it all, we will all be stronger and wiser. 

Love, Lully

Pregnant Katsuki?

Katsuki: Hey Shit for brains

Eijirou: *punches him in the stomach*

Katsuki: Uwaaah! What the fuck!

Eijirou: You are one of my very best friends and I cannot stand by and watch you throw away your life like this. You’re too young! You’re too beautiful!

Kastuki: What the fuck are you talking about?

Eijirou: I’m talking about the baby that’s growing inside of your belly right now *looks at Hitoshi*

Hitoshi: See ya *leaves*

Katsuki: I’m not pregnant!

Eijirou: Well, not after that punch you’re not. I’ve been taking muay thai lessons

Katsuki: I’m a fucking dude dumbass I can’t get pregnant

Eijirou: …..are you sure?

Katsuki: Yes I’m fucking sure!

Denki: Excuse me, but what the heck is everyone yelling about?

Eijirou: Oh, I found this positive pregnancy test and-

Denki: *punches Katsuki’s stomach*

Katsuki: Ohh motherfucker!

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Why are you acting like you're better than new nuest fans ?? Just bc you've liked them longer doesn't make you better lmao TBH all old nuest fans act like you saying new fans should behave a certain way and "respect" older fans get over yourself

LMAO oh honey, honey. 

First of all, old fans have been nothing but welcoming to the new fans, we’ve been begging people to bias NU’EST for years and we were so desperate in 2016 to even get them nominated on The Show for Canvas era promotions. We don’t think we’re better than you, and it’s only been newer fans who refuse to admit they spread misinformation who claim there is some hierarchy going on within the LOVE fandom. Your true colors show when you decide to spit in the faces of people who were here before you who just want to make sure you have the correct information. 

Second, yes, you should respect us if you expect us to respect you in return. We were there when people were calling them nugus and telling us they were just gonna disband. When we had only a handful of fansites, when our fandom was so small the boys knew us by NAME. They remembered us and some of us had actual, real life conversations with them. Ren has even seen my fanart and replied on it, I have friends who would message him privately on instagram and he would talk them through their problems. And this intimate relationship the fans had with those boys goes beyond that, even our inter-fandom relationships were very intimate because we all knew each other. There wasn’t a name in this fandom that the rest of us didn’t recognize. We were a small fandom and therefore we had intimate relationships with one another, inter-fandom and between the fandom and the boys. We simply have very personal experiences with them so forgive us for taking the spread of misinformation so personally, because we do have the kind of relationship with those 5 boys that most fandoms will never have with their own faves. 

And just because we have that kind of relationship and experiences with those boys doesn’t make us better fans, it just means we have a different kind of relationship and experience than the newer fans will have. We want to help guide you and show you around but when you get defensive every time we try to correct you or explain something to you it makes it hard for us to want anything to do with you. We’ve had our fandom ripped apart by delulu’s with massive followings before, so forgive us if we’re trying to prevent similar situations from happening. 

29 years ago Appetite For Destruction was released //  21.07.1987 // for me it is the best album that was ever made // I can listen to it all the time and I love it so much  // This album changed music and my life

Oh, sweet! Pearl in a tuxedo! She looks nice…

Wait a minute…


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Instead persona 5 lets you date kawakami your teacher

List of people it’s ok for a 16-year-old boy to date and/or flirt with, according to Atlus Co., Ltd:
-Your adult teacher who’s also a sexy maid
-An adult doctor who is also your boss
-An adult reporter
-An adult fortune-teller
-Two embodiments of the human collective unconscious that look like 10-year-old girls

List of people it’s not ok for a 16-year-old boy to date and/or flirt with, according to Atlus Co., Ltd:
-Your best friend who says that being near you “makes him feel free”, calls you cute, and tells you that he wants to stick by your side forever