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My latest obsession is...Harry's thighs??? Wtf is wrong with me honestly

If there is something wrong with you then the rest of us all need to be committed right alongside you. 


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Kids should be able to start bands in a garage and then the next thing you know, they’re opening for One Direction. Fuck, yeah. I’d take that too.
—  Good Charlotte’s Joel Madden in Alternative Press, issue 314, in reference to 5 Seconds of Summer

You´re the one that I want at the end of the day.

Waking up early is never an option

strike xx

3. 1D being interviewed individually one by one in the room behind closed door. When it get to Louis, the interviewer (male) asks uncomfortable questions and after a while starts touching louis. He then starts to insult him, just it all being really angsty for Louis, the guys come late,but still at the right time to save Louis from the creepo and report him right after.

warnings: unwanted advancement            pairings: HS/LT fluff ZM/LT fluff

words: 4205 

notes: saw this prompt put out in a list of five by Karukara and jumped at the chance to do one of them. I didn’t take this too far, the warning is what it is. But I didn’t go over the edge. Just, barely scratched the surface.

Tell me what you think, I’ve never done one like this. Or a prompt in general. 

I hope it meets expectations because Karukara’s one of my Tumblr favorites. Extremely talented artist. Enjoy xx

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radio 1d said that fan lied. i dont like that they're still stalking niall but it seems he didn't meet those fans who are saying those things.

Radio 1D calling someone out for lying. The irony.