thorsten kaye

Alicia Minshew on whether she’ll be joining Thorsten Kaye in the cast of the new AMC: I am currently in discussions with Prospect Park to work out scheduling around other projects I have already committed to. We’re keeping the lines of communication open, and hopefully it can work out for me to join later on.” (x)

ZACH: I don’t know when it happened. I can’t pinpoint this kind of stuff. I don’t know what day it was or… or what dress you were wearing or ─ but it happened and I need to tell you.
KENDALL: What? What is it?
ZACH: I love you. I’ve fallen in love with you.
KENDALL: (shocked) Say what you just said again.
ZACH: I’ve fallen in love with you and I want to keep falling. No end, no limit, and no fear.