I’ve been talking about touching butts for like three hours now with Katie and we’ve come to a few conclusions

  1. I must try to touch as many butts of people in Marvel films cause they have the best butts
  2. The Spn cast is also part of that list
  3. I probably would not be touching Fassy’s butt if I got that close to him
  4. There is a large chance I’ll be touching Patrick Stewarts butt at the con(possibly while dressed as Havok)

and this is why I love my friends.

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I have to agree with this. I don’t quite understand why people are arguing over that little glance there, it was probably just a joke. Besides, Lestrade is an average male, it’s only natural to have him “check out” Molly, who admittedly looked very pretty. 

I think the more pressing issue threatening the Mystrade ship is the fact that Lestrade is married and was talking about getting back together with his wife! Isn’t that a more solid fact than a little glance at Molly?

Really good point.  Of course, she’s apparently having an affair, which opens a lot of doors.  Still, that does seem like much more of an issue than noticing Molly.  Either way, shippers are like Houdini, we can get out of anything.

So basically these are the cool kids organized by relevance to my life

people whose butts i can physically touch:

squish: if youre not following my squish i dont like you

katie: follow her because sam and really what other reason do you need

gillian: basically my sister????

benna: basically my denmarkian sister???

kaela: the crazy one

janelle: also basically my sister except shes dead to me because she moved

race: because science

people whose butts i could touch if they didn’t live in narnia:

helen: also sort of in the sister category except that right now i could touch her butt but usually i cant

jami: my jawn basically just follow her or else youre not doing life right

mummy: my mummy she gives me cookies

other clob mummy: also mummy shes lovely follow her

simone: my spinster wife shes a bab

also everyone else in the clob but theres too many to list but basically clob is ohana so

peoples whose butts i would touch if they a)didnt live in narnia and b)i wasnt too intimidated by their awesome to talk to them:

altair: assassins creed goodness

-wondersmith: i would kill to be able to draw like this tbqh

haleybreen: really really really nice equine photography

thecityhorse: cutie horses and very good opinions and generally an a+ human being