Im really enjoying watching so many cultural things here gudvangen such as Glema fighting, tablet weaving and jewelry making, even making flour by hand, and yes even the little kids games where you throw a knife next to your opponents feet haha. But heres a quick video to tide you over of some tablet weaving which makes trim for tunics and such.

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So the Internet was calling Thor a princess & Chris Hemsworth kind of confirms it in his story:

So is this the Thor who is going to defeat Thanos? Perhaps these 2 can help:

(3 of 4) “Creating art is what I love to do and I can’t envision a future where this is not my life. Although there have been many times where I felt like I was in over my head — these were mostly my earliest jobs as a young illustrator just graduating. I had no idea what it really meant to produce a refined and complete piece of art that could stand next to the art that I enjoyed as a fan. Now I know that for certain paintings I need to set aside at least 40 to 60 hours to get it where it needs to be. Sometimes much more than that.”


Thor: Hello Tony

Tony: Hey there Point break, happy Thorsday.

Thor: er what?

Tony: thorsday? Cos its Thursday?

Steve: *sniggers* I understood that reference.

Stephen: Thats it, Tony, no more pop tarts at night * grabbing Tonys arm and portaling away*

Happy Thursday! The week is almost over!

Thursday can trace it’s linguistic origins back to the Old Norse word “Þorsdagr”, which means “Thor’s Day”. Thor’s rune was considered to be the rune “Thurisaz”, which represented the “th” sound, and would later evolve into “Þ”, or the letter Thorn, which was eventually dropped from the English alphabet, though it is still used in Icelandic–a language that still bears many similarities to Old Norse.

The rune Thurisaz stood for danger and destruction to the Vikings, likely due to it’s association with Thor. Here’s to harnessing it’s destructive power to crush the rest of the week!

Missing You

Pairing: Thor x Reader
Words: 2,933
A/N: Wrote this for @lady-thor-foster ‘s writing challenge and also I’m just a slut for Thor nowadays. I hope you like it and gimme some feedback maybe???

The streets were relatively empty thanks to the poor weather so you took advantage of the low foot traffic to run some errands. Gray skies loomed above you, but you found comfort in the dreary sky as it watched over you. The fallen rain squeaked under your boots as you headed home with your bags of groceries. Your raincoat protected you from the last few persistent rain drops from the storm that was finally letting up. Thunder clouds still loomed overhead, letting you know that rain would soon start up again. With this in mind, you decided to head home so you wouldn't’ have to have to haul your things through the heavy rainfall.

Your apartment building came into view and you fished your keys out of your pocket. Some thunder began to boom in the distance just as the rain began to pick up again. You got inside, set your bags down, and shook the rain off your coat before hanging it up to drip dry. The only sounds that could be heard were the drops of water as they hit your hardwood floor, but something felt off.

Slowly, you walked to the kitchen, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. You rounded the corner to your kitchen with baited breath and you heard the faint sounds of someone’s strained breathing. The closer you got, the more familiar that breathing sounded so you sped up your pace. Your fear only grew as you entered the kitchen and saw a large form laying on the ground.

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Thor headcanons!

It’s Thorsday so have some headcanons with everyone’s favorite Asgardian Bae™!

  • Loves thicc!reader (obvi)
  • Crop top days are his favorite because he loves your little tum stickin out and he goes u.u every time he sees it.
  • Gets handfuls of your thighs when he gives you piggyback rides.
  • His hands scoot up though until he’s full on groping your butt and you have absolutely no problem with that ayyyy
  • Squishy fingers in his big, manly hands.
  • He carries you effortlessly and you feel like the ethereal goddess you are.
  • Thigh jiggles that mesmerize him when you walk around the house in your underwear.
  • Your booty tho.
  • When y'all walk together and he has his arm around your waist, his hand will slowly but surely make its way to your hip and just rests there.
  • Pats on your bum. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • When you’re sad, Thor pinches your face between his fingers to give you chubby chipmunk cheeks until you laugh and then do it to him too.
  • You took him to his first concert on Midgard and he put you on his shoulders and gave your thighs little squeezes all night.
  • Eating together is like your favorite past time. You always order something different whenever you go out and then share it all so you can each have a taste.
  • Thor shares his poptarts with you and absolutely nobody else.
  • He also likes to feed you like the queen you are, treating you to the delicacies of Asgard whenever possible.
  • Takes you to the gym with him so he can spot you while you do your squats.
  • Thor loves when you tag along too because spandex compression shorts.
  • However, he immediately regrets it because he’s not the only checking you out during your workout.
  • Constantly tells you how beautiful you are because he’s always worried you’ll forget.