Sherlock wears a retainer to bed, but Molly has no clue UNTIL
One night, they’re laying in bed, and they’re all cuddled up to one another, and he starts kissing her neck
Molly’s getting into it and really enjoys it right up to the point in which he leans down, kisses her ear, and whispers, “Doeth thith turn you on, Molly?”
And she freezes
And laughs until she cries
Sherlock is slightly offended (and by slightly, I mean very; “Molly, dental hygiene ith very important!” to which she replies with, “Thorry, Sherlock, only nerdth wear retainerth!”)

Who’s that girl Thor went home with?”
“Hm? Oh, Jane Foster. She’s an astrophysicist.”
“Hm. She might wanna call in sick tomorrow.”
“Because she’s gonna be real—
“Oh. Oh no. Buck, don’t—”
“…thor in the morning.”
“Aw, Steve, I’m real…”
—  steve rogers and bucky barnes chewing the fat after an avengers meeting