The list of my favourite windows and doors:

  1. Thorpe Set by Veranka
  2. Nengi65′s Sea & Surf windows recoloured by Shasta
  3. New Gear City add-ons by Spaik + more add-ons + more by Leefish + recolours by Linacherie
  4. Waterfront Superset by Windkeeper
  5. Bari set by Veranka
  6. Benjamin set by Veranka
  7. Bubu set by Veranka
  8. Long Island Doors Superset by Windkeeper
  9. Smitty Classy Set by MsBarrows
  10. BahHaus set by Curiousb + add-ons
Esther Thorp

Had another chance to shoot with Esther Thorp last week. The last time we met up for a shoot was late summer, which was considerably warmer. Winter is generally a slow time it seems for many photographers, and obviously there is a lot to consider when planning a shoot. The temperature, winds, wind chill, snow, ice, sleet, how to keep warm, where to warm up, all things a Michigander should know about. We had planned at some point to shoot this classic look, and despite the freezing temperature ( not that I could complain, I wasn’t wearing the dress ), I’m glad it ended up working out this winter. I have to give thanks, and props, to Esther, for managing to keep her composure, and ultimately create yet another successful shoot.

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