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how dare you? how dare you make me enjoy this candypain ship!? i never ever thought of shipping these two and i'm thoroughly enjoying this beautiful story you wonderful person!

Mmph- oh my gosh this is the most amazing and wonderful thing I have ever gotten in my inbox in my life [so far] 
Okay okay but yeah I feel the same way??? Like I did not even know of this ship until somone *cough* @alainaprana *cough* brought it up as one of her crack ships and I just–
I mean I really love doing things for her, she (somehow???) really likes my writing and so I decided to write it out for her and
Well it was meant to be a oneshot but look how that turned out xDD 
But oh gosh I’m super glad you like it! :D I really hope to be able to get this done, but man am I thoroughly enjoying almost too much–
Thank you very much :DD 


My friend who is a thoroughly wonderful, amazing, strong, creative person was diagnosed with cancer, following the all clear it came back, she was given 1-2 years but suddenly it’s gotten worse and she only has a few weeks left

She is a huge huge huge fan of Nathan Fillion and I have tweeted at him

All I’m asking is a message or a video wishing her well because she loves him and all things Firefly. Please please please if you have twitter can you retweet this.

She is far too young and she has touched so many lives