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Rainbow Legacy - Son of Frankel by sue oreilly

The Weird Thing About Quarter Horses

This is a “halter-bred” quarter horse:

This is an EXTREME version of a halter-bred QH:

But THIS is a western pleasure Quarter Horse:

 ?????? I know, right? Here’s your much more common, standard, classic ranch style Quarter Horse:

Wow, look at that. It’s almost if the classic QH has a BIG BEEFY version and a TALL LANKY version. Because they do! 

OK, last Quarter horse, whom I believe is an appendix (half thoroughbred) but is registered as AQHA:

So what have we learned? Well, for starters, QH’s aren’t just beefy genetic nightmares. QH come in three basic conformational “types.” Appendixes (QH x TB) can be registered with AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) as a Quarter Horse. OK, ok, ONE more Quarter Horse:

This is DOC BAR. Quite a beefcake, isn’t he? Like, what a fatty! Well, he HALF THOROUGHBRED and was a RACEHORSE. And a damn one. Quarter Horses, Nature’s greatest mystery.