thornhale-blog  asked:

HI YOU. i thought i'd comment on your change of layout and say that it is inspiring me to change mine. IF YOU CAN DO IT, SO CAN I. also, i've learned that 1) sloths make you weep. 2) dan stevens has lots of chins even when he's thin. 3) dockery's eyebrows require no landscaping. 4) kanye west knows your life. and 5) osteology is your favourite kind of anthropology but there's nothing exciting going on in that tag. :)

hiii darling!! i will creep your blog all day and watch the progress!

all of these things are completely true and unnervingly so

YES OH LORD I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES FOR THE OSTEOLOGY TAG BUT IT KILLS MY DREAMS EVERY TIME.  all i want is pictures of lovely bones and skeletons and skulls and scapulas and fossa’s and diagrams and all that lovely stuff but it’s just stupid people tagging pictures of their textbooks