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i’m obsessed with them. how they love eachother, how they use their different types of darkness to comfort eachother, how they treat eachother… (︶u︶)  

Guess whooooo!

Morrigan is beginning to take shape. The finished painting will be coming this weekend 😎

P.S. I got so many messages/requests for who to paint next and I love them all too much that I had to basically flip a coin so pls don’t hate me if Mor wasn’t your first choice!!! The rest of the ladies will be coming soon <3

regolithheart  asked:

Headcanon that Thorne teaches Cress how to ride a bike.

Welllll, this should be fun since I don’t actually know how to ride a bike, but okay.

  • Cress’s decision to learn to ride a bike came mostly from the fact that so many of the cool, exotic cities that she and Thorne visit are much more easily accessible by bike than they are by foot or by hover and just a little bit from the fact that certain other members of the Rampion crew Scarlet and Kai pestered her about catching up on a “valuable life experience.”
  • Once that decision was made, Thorne and Cress rented a pair of bikes in the next city they stopped at and found a nice, quiet park with wide, paved trails for the big event. The trails were a little more hilly than ideal, but it was the best they could find.
    • Trying to find an adult bicycle of the appropriate height for Cress was…interesting.
      • “Can we lower the seat on that one any more?” “Sir, it’s already at the lowest setting.” “Well…maybe we could let a little air out of the tires?” “Sir.” “It was a joke. A joke.”
    • In addition to the bikes, Thorne also insisted on renting an absolute TON of safety equipment. The helmet came with the bike, but the kneepads, the elbow pads, and the safety gloves with the shiny little reflectors? Those were all Thorne.
      • Though, by the time she had all that on, Cress was so “safe” that she could barely walk, let alone pedal, so she flatly refused the kneepads.
  • Once Cress was actually on the bike, the lesson began.
    • They started with having Cress scoot the bike along with her feet to get her used to the weight and the balance of the bike, then moved on to coasting down the smaller hills without her feet on the pedals, then finally to actually pedaling.
    • Thorne was never more than a few inches away—usually holding on to the bike—during any of those stages and anytime Cress so much as wobbled, she instinctively grabbed for a handful of his shirt.
      • There may have been more shirt-grabbing than strictly necessary.
      • There was also a lot of squealing.
  • Within an hour, Cress decided she was ready to try biking without the training wheels (AKA Thorne holding the frame). It went great for the first few yards, but the next hill proved to be steeper than either Cress or Thorne realized and suddenly, there was a runaway bike situation.
    • Since it was going downhill, the bike just kept picking up speed, and no matter how hard Thorne sprinted, he couldn’t quite catch up.
    • Cress went down hard and came up with a badly skinned knee and an ugly collection of contusions.
    • A very guilty Thorne carried her all the way back to the Rampion and did a lot of fussing and hovering over the next few days.
    • A very offended Cress decided that biking was overrated.

reading was just a way to make her feel less alone, to keep her company. When you read something you are stopped, the moment is stayed, you can sometimes be there more fully than you can in your real life.”

-Helen Humphreys, Coventry