The Mega Blog-Roll

Did you get a reblog from some weird name you don’t recognize? Are you a glutton for punishment and like to see lots of neat pictures on a regular basis? Boy, do I have a deal for you.

Here’s a quick, graphic-free blog roll of my characters! I have them on WrA-Horde and MG-Alliance, mostly the former. (Some of them get played a lot more/less often than others!) If you’re interested solely in my long-form and in-character writing, you can either check the #writing tag on any of the below, or follow this blog (but beware the shitposting).

  • @tziska (Tziska Shadowspite - WrA/H - tattoo artist, spellbreaker, runewarder, death knight)
  • @glass-phoenix (Zayneth Shadowspite - WrA/H - musician, glassblower, failed demon hunter)
  • @felbane (Vy’thanis Felbane - WrA/H - friendly mage, definitely not a dragon)
  • @stormofmercy (Lysonde Riverblade - WrA/H - aerial rope performer, fledgling interior designer, trauma medic)
  • @starsworn (Daephrin Starsworn - WrA/H - sailor, smuggler, courier, rakehell)
  • @steelandash (Mathaes Silverdew - WrA/H - retired soldier, unhinged mechanic) 
  • @the-sangromancer​ (Calleis An’aidei - WrA/H - nominally neutral, quel’dorei enchanter, blood mage)
  • @sword-and-surfboard​ (Aeluan Starblade - WrA/H - nominally neutral, quel’dorei paladin, wave-rider, Azerothian boy scout)
  • @sinsandhalos (Xamasyn Dawnshield - WrA/H - gardener, fallen priest, occasional paid escort)
  • @thorncrest (Raziel Thorncrest - WrA/H - demon hunter, inquisitor, former assassin)
  • @the-uncounted-star (Haesphoros Daed’alion - WrA/H - astromancer, conspiracy theorist, sweet wino, proud cat dad)
  • @pocketfulofcorpses (Kaiore Silvermorn - WrA/H - hedge witch, bone-talker, sees ghosts)
  • @falconer-volant (Alazain Brightglen - WrA/H - falconer, Argent scout, recovering party boy)
  • @the-nightrose (Abigale Nightrose - WrA/H - chemist, trauma medic)
  • @blackwald-carnival (The Great Gemarich - MG/A - stage magician extraordinaire)
  • @dream-treader (Artificer Ikeilos - MG/A - artificer, dream-walker, sin-eater)
  • @freedomhowls (Tybalt Bromwell - WrA/A - revolutionary, rebel without a cause)
  • @littlest-shaman (Xeremuriis - MG/A - baker, broker, shaman, totally not a spy)
  • @rebonstone (Riankel Ebonstone - WrA/H - spellsword, thrill-seeker, card shark)

And this blog which includes:

  • Hadeon - MG/A - former Auchenai warden, blacksmith, grumpy death knight / bonus AUdeon, the alt-Draenor version, Auchenai warden, grumpy one-armed paladin
  • Kresmira - WrA/A - zealous paladin, ray of sunshine
  • Izraid - MG/A - former Auchenai monk, former Argent Crusader, healer-for-hire
  • Zubeida Rahmet/Brightfall - MG/A and WrA/H - former bandit, world-traveling dancer, future-seer
  • Fisyx Rusttooth - WrA/H - huckster, price-gouger, future Miss Eversong Woods