thorn guitar

How dangerous Taylor's music videos always has been

Tim McGraw: She’s alone at a lake surrounded of tress. What if a thunderstorm comes along? Huh?

Our Song: She lies on a bunch of roses. What if one or two still have thorns?

Teardrops on my guitar: She is really distracted in chemistry class. Really distracted.

Love Story: She’s alone for a while, in the woods at night. Says enough doesn’t it.

Back to December: It’s her house and it’s snowing and when the snow is melting there is water on the floor and her wood could get broken.

Mean: She’s tied on train tracks.

I knew you were trouble: Everything in it. Just everything.

22: There are 2 people on one bike and the bike rider is probably drunk.

Shake it off: Taylor Swift aka team clumsy bleachers not cheerleader is getting thrown in the sky in team cheerleader.

Blank Space: What if she hurts herself with the golf club.

Bad Blood: It’s badass bomb dangerous.

Wildest Dreams: The giraffe.

I don’t wanna live forever: What if the elevator is getting stucked and let me remind you she isn’t wearing too much clothes.