500 Follower giveaway!

Okay, guys. Here’s the deal. I absolutely love you guys. You’ve been darling to me. Like, really. And I wanna give back a little, after you guys have given me your time, and in some cases your money. (Thank you for all donations! I’m really humbled, you have NO idea.)

So here’s the deal. Humble Bundle, a wonderful Charity organization, sell games, books, and other dealies, packed together. It’s really awesome, and it goes to a really great place, and today was the last day of a really cool sale, in which they were selling some Pinball games for Steam.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Pinball? Pshhh. that’s so lame. Who wants to play Pinball?” Come on… We all love pinball to some degree. Otherwise this arcade game wouldn’t still be around! It’d be in trash heaps in junk yards. And besides…


So here’s the deal! I bought 2 extra sets. One was the 6$ set. That’s first prize. The second, I bought for a measly 1$, and that’s the second place prize. There isn’t a third place, unfortunately, or I’d offer that, as well, but you know… I guess I could incorporate a 3rd place, in which you get a personalized voice acted thingy. Or I dunno. We’ll figure that out.

So, the game that went on sale this week, it’s called Pinball FX2, and it’s made by Zen Studios who are some AMAZING developers when it comes to these kinds of things. I played HOURS of pinball on the PS4 when the Zen Pinball game went free to play for PS+ members.

And, with Pinball FX2, you get a series of table DLC’s as well. Now, remember, you gotta have steam to play these!

Here are the tables available to both winners -
Star Wars Pinball: Episode VI Return of the Jedi
Star Wars Pinball: Starfighter Assault
Star Wars Pinball: Darth Vader
Sorcerer’s Lair
Marvel Pinball: Doctor Strange
Marvel Pinball: Captain America
Marvel Pinball: Civil War

Here are the tables available only to the first place winner -
Star Wars Pinball: Episode IV A New Hope
Star Wars Pinball: Han Solo
Star Wars Pinball: Droids
Star Wars Pinball: Masters of the Force
Marvel Pinball: Deadpool
Marvel Pinball: Ghost Rider
Marvel Pinball: Moon Knight
Marvel Pinball: Thor
Marvel Pinball: X-Men


So, like I said, the terms are simple!

Be a follower (I will check)
Reblog this (How else will I find you?)

I’ll make the cutoff for the giveaway… like… I dunno, December 7th? That’s a week. How I’ll decide the winner is, I’ll put all of your names on a list generator of some sort, or an automatic tally counter, and I’ll let it random number generate your names 10x (or more, depending on what kind of list generator I can get my hands on.)

The most selected candidates will get the correlated prizes.

Come on, guys. How can you pass this up? You’re getting a game for free. On Steam. And…






Thank you all for following me, seriously, I love every last one of you <3