Ficlet: brim (Thorki; Explicit)

Thor likes Loki with his belly full: with his cock, his come, his child.

For the anon who prompted breeding kink. 
This is vaguely set in the same verse as Washed Away a Dream of You, so Thor is also older and lot bigger than Loki. Yes, I am predictable like that.

Some people say greed is a sin, but Thor can’t fathom why.

He’ll never get enough of the hot, tight clench of Loki’s arse around his cock, how his brother’s body opens up for him.

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For @thorduna​‘s prompt - Battle-worn Thor and Loki? :)

I dunno, this is what came out! Thor and Loki at rest… There are a few more coming! Stay tuned. 

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MCU challenge | [1/3] relationships
↳ “When we fought each other in the past, I did so with the glimmer of hope that my brother was still in there somewhere. That hope no longer exists to protect you. You betray me and I will kill you.”


i cannot BELIEVE how much more significant the final scene in tdw is after having watched that deleted scene.  yeah, i know loki wouldn’t have been able to lift it and the jig would have been up, but thor is literally handing him the one thing he wants most in this world and loki tells him to keep it, he’s worthy and he’s proud of him and my god i just have so many brodinson feelings rn

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Duality - a thor & loki fanmix

Track listing:

That I Do - Wye Oak // Envy - Chevelle // Oats in the Water - Ben Howard // Broken Crown - Mumford & Sons // I Could Be Nothing - Great Lake Swimmers // Always Gold - Radical Face // The Humbling River - Puscifer // Running Up That Hill (Cover) - Track & Field // St. Lawrence River - David Usher