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Sterek is a pairing with a pretty big age gap.... look how everyone ships that one... Thorki is messed up ("they're not blood-related!!!" yeah but they GREW UP THINKING THAT AND TREATING EACH OTHER LIKE THEY WERE AND LOKI HAS SERIOUS ISSUES), Reylo is worth a WHOLE DISCOURSE AND A HALF, Ereri's got that yummy combination of age gap AND implied power abuse dynamic.... need I go on??? Why can't we just enjoy a pairing that's predicated on mutual respect and affection?

That’s why I love Sheith because it’s so pure, It’ has mutual respect and affection, but you are right about the age gaps from other pairings. I think anyone should be able to ship whatever they want, and I have a feeling Shieth will over come all this, 

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Before and After of a Shipper.

Before Shipping:

Person: Let’s watch a movie

Me: Ok.

After Shipping:

Person: Let’s watch a…

Me: Are you fucking mad?! I have 50 unread fanfictions, 5225424 ships, 6 Fanfics i haven’t update,  5 days without making a post in Tumblr and you’re inviting me to wacth a movie?!

Person: I-i just want..

Me: Go to hell, i have to work, Be a shipper is a hard work!!


fic rec 



by Asidian

Tony’s voice echoed in the cavern, hollow against the walls. “Are you out of your mind? That thing’s going to take your head off!”


The snake, however, did not move- did not even seem to be watching his teammate approach. And almost as though in response to his own voice, the sound from before came again, long and trembling- midway between a moan and a sob. This time, when his eyes darted in search of the source, the darkness did not block his sight: the naked figure of a man lay stretched beneath the snake, bound to an outcropping of rock. He was all ribs and sharp ridges of bone, all too-thin pale limbs, all open sores on top from the places the venom had splattered and on the bottom where the rock had rubbed away the flesh. The man’s face, directly below the snake’s mouth, had gotten the worst of it; it was raw and red, glistening with blood and exposed muscle and the slick of poison. The man shouldn’t have been alive, much less moving, and yet he was- was thrashing weakly in his bonds, turning his head as far as it would go to avoid the white liquid as it dribbled down. It was not far enough.


Tony thought he was going to be sick again.

Mother, Monster, Lover, Whore” (17 july 2016). 
Mixed media/digital oil painting, still slightly WIP.

Inspired by the Thorki fan fiction “I told you before, I was an epitaph!”. 

Special Summer Chibi Commissions Open!

More information:

  • 8 - 10 slots 
  • colours are flat-ish - some depth will be added
  • normally $10 per character with my usual commission rates
  • not for commercial use; for private use only (if commercial, discuss otherwise)
  • avengers, captive prince, x-men, and other fandoms all welcome
  • I will reply within 24 hrs of your ask

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