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MCU Battle moves

1. Throw your loved ones at the enemies

Exhibit 1 :

Exhibit 2 :

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100% efficiency 😂 (1/?)

Storm gathers

Let that hair fly freely in the wind while you have it, Thor. MEANWHILE I love seeing the weather change with his mood, it’s still good :’))
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Thor: Ragnarok my absolute fave part

- SPOILER if it’s not yet obvious -

So Valkyrie and Banner are complaining about how Loki tried to kill them and there’s Thor saying

Yes me too, on many occasions...

and he literally could just list out all the times Loki went all murderous rage against him but he goes

There was one time when we were children, he transformed himself into a snake, and he knows I love snakes, so I picked up the snake to admire it and he transformed back into himself he was like ‘WAH IT’S ME!’ and then he stabbed me.”

and they all look at Loki and he has this smirk of absolute pride and fondness in the memory, so thank you for this little scene my will to live is restored


I’m here.

An underrated and underappreciated scene in Thor Ragnarok is Thor pouring his heart out, telling Loki he cried and mourned his death, and Loki just giving him a look that so clearly says why are you this way and actually saying “I’m…touched?” in a tone that is just peak shit little brother.

Tol and Smol things

the tol randomly lifting the smol and putting them down somewhere else like people do with babies and the smol being so confused like “why??????”

the smol being the perfect height for surprise tickle attacks because no one looks down so no one sees them coming

the tol using the smol as an armrest and the smol acts annoyed but secretly loves it

the smol just burrowing into the tol’s shoulder/chest when they hug and the tol resting their chin on the top of the smol’s head

the smol hiding behind the tol and literally no one can see them because they’re so smol or because the tol is so tol

the smol being a tiny little ball of energy and rage and constantly jumping around and threatening to fight people 

the tol being the one who has to calm down the smol and apologize when the smol says “fite me” to that five year old who took the last box of lucky charms in the store 

the tol giving the smol piggyback rides

the smol running full speed at the tol and barrelling into them but only succeeding in bouncing off because they’re so smol

the smol being the big spoon and the tol being the little spoon sometimes

the tol puts all the things on the top shelf so that the smol has to jump to reach them

the smol retaliating by putting all the things on the bottom shelf so the tol has to bend over or kneel on the floor to reach them

the smol having a huge ass dog like a saint bernard or a wolfhound or something big enough to ride

the tol having a fucking chihuahua


Guys are too into Loki and he keeps using it…