thorki fan art

Since the very first fandom I got into more than ten years ago until now I could never answer one question: why do we invest so much time, feelings and work into fandoms and ships when, realistically speaking, the things we want are obviously not gonna happen in canon? We talk how it’s possible (and some actually believe) that in the next installment our ship is getting together when some canons not only doesn’t have even one lgbt character (if they do, we just never gonna know) but manage to mess up their straight pairings.
However, this isn’t a post about how unfair some canon work is. Because in fandoms we make it as we like it. The answer to my question was always here, I just never really acknowledged it. We invest in FANDOMS not in canon, in fandoms where we actually get what we want.


My super old fanarts about The Avengers and X-men ;)

Two of them are contest entries