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1, 7 and 11? (Also, Hi! :D)

Hi! Pleased to make your acquaintance :)

The answers to all of these questions are going to involve the same fic, so prepare for some serious fangirling.

(1) All-time favorite fic and (11) fic I wish I’d written: Innocence by @illwynd. I’m going to quote a passage that will serve as part of my answer to (7), “what image or place do you remember from a fic most vividly? what has left a lasting impression on you?” It’s from early in the fic; there are other images from later in it that also stuck, but I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s from the POV of Baldr, the much-younger brother of Thor and Loki. Bracketed ellipses are where I left out some text.

He steps forward, until he is just at the edge of a clearing in the midst of the grove. […] In the middle of it there stands a grouping of stones, grey and aged, worn away to smoothness. One resembles a massive slab like a great bed, dipped slightly in the center; rainwater collects on it in which the sky gazes back at itself in quiet vanity until wind ripples the image away. Another is a great finger pointing at the sky, the speartip of some buried giant. Red streaks down its sides, rust from the iron in the stone, a bloodied blade withdrawn from the fallen foe and planted there as a marker of the battle. The final stone, wedged beside them, is simply a rounded boulder a little taller than a man, its sides made of irregular angles and planes.

By the sound of it, his brothers are around the other side of it, and Baldr wonders briefly what has brought them out here to this place, and why, if they knew of it, they never mentioned it before. […]

Baldr’s brow draws up in hope as he steps forward, and he inhales breath to call out a greeting.

The first thing he is aware of is red. It is the red of Thor’s cape, bright and searingly vivid under the sun surrounded by shade.

The next thing he is aware of is black. The black of Loki’s hair, and that and the laughter are the only immediate signs that Loki is there, slipped somehow between Thor’s body and the stone, bent over slightly where the rock curves […]

The final thing Baldr becomes aware of is the motion, and the two hands pressed against the stone where he can see. Thor’s large, tanned fingers clasp Loki’s, long and white. The two hands are curled together, clutching tight even as their owners’ bodies slide against each other in lewd, cruel, violent motion. […]

No matter what his friends believe, he is not so innocent that he does not realize what he just saw.

The other part of my answer to (7) is that I have a vivid and slightly embarrassing memory of leaving this comment – my second comment on the fic as a whole – which can speak for itself: “Oh my God, I’m so screwed up I’m at a giant reunions party and I’m still thinking about, and haunted by, this fic. It makes me want to write my own interpretation of the myth about Loki getting his mouth sewn shut, because it’s such a powerful, emotionally laden motif and you treated it so beautifully. This fic is literally inspiring… it’s making me feel inspired to write. (Sorry, I’m moderately intoxicated.)”

But lest you think that I only like one thing I’ve read, I would also like to give a blanket rec of all the Thorki fic written by @incredifishface a.k.a. thebookhunter on AO3 (Dog inside the heart if you want to get emotionally fucked up, again; Cocky Boys is my Thorki comfort food) and Hermaline75 (but especially …as schoolboys from their books because I have a major thing for the 19th century and speaking of vivid place-related memories, I was visiting Weimar when I finished reading it and it was hilarious because of all the Romantic lore and the museum in Goethe’s house with the map of his trip to Italy and all the Classical and/or Renaissance crap he bought there).

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we all remember this iconic scene, yes?

well, in the Thor Ragnarok trailer, we know that Thor

faces Hulk

and then we see this:

What does that look like to you? Because to me, it looks like the owners box. These are the people in charge of the gladiators.

We know from the trailer that he:

probably owns him:

so, he

must own him


Me thought the years

12 year old me: Yeah they r cute i will admit

15 year old me: Well if you look at it this way-