Have a first preview for the Court Dancer AU @thorinsmut and me will bring you in the near future. Here’s some sketches I did to try and get the hang of Nori’s outfit(s) before starting to draw the actual things

““What are you doing out here?” Dwalin asked the bird, not really expecting an answer.

“Lose the damn guard.” The bird answered, its tone hunted, and Dwalin froze. Why would anyone honest have a bird who repeated that line? He and the guard were out hunting thieves, and they came across a tamed bird who’s owners were running from the guard?” -ThorinSmut

For the marvelous fanfic by thorinsmut, “Your Axe to my Throat, my Knife to Yours”. You have seen the WIPs, and now I give you the finished picture! This is the first Nwalin long fic, and also the first I read for this ship and the one that made me fall for Nori/Dwalin, which is why it will forever have a special place in my heart. I can only recommend that you read it and the author’s other works

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For thorinsmut, who is the writer of one of the best fan fictions I’ve ever seen in this fandom (or just consistently one of the best writers of anything).  it also happens to be their birthday :‘3 

so here, Nori from their excellent fic 'Your Axe to my Throat, My Knife to Yours’, and his Key. 

Lamb with Dates and Millet from Sand Raiders

‘Everyone was in a celebrating mood at dinner time. The cooks had steamed a big vat of millet beneath the solar collectors and served it up fluffy and hot with a stew of mutton and dates and spices to go over it.’

Our good friend TS came to visit recently and we decided to celebrate by making one of the dishes from their short story Sand Raiders. It’s a delightfully rich and raunchy tale and we both highly recommend giving it a read (and trying the lamb while you read it!)

- MJ & K

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Have a small piece of fanart for the wonderful ’Pretty bird’ by Thorinsmut <3

It’s a Nwalin fic and it’s adorable as frick (I’d recommend you bring tissues though, cause you’re gonna cry yourself a small river Or maybe I’m just way too deep in this pairing)

Thorinsmut: Nori/Dwalin, pebble

The dropped coin was the first pebble.

It was an old tradition, one few dwarves remembered. Forge a coin with your name and the name of your beloved, and drop it upon the flat-topped stone in the square. If they found the coin and accepted your courting, they did not return it; if they turned you down, they brought it back to you in private.

The coin and the stone had been done away with once their people moved to wandering, because you couldn’t just leave a coin- even one worthless for barter- lying about for any idiot to take.

The coin Dwalin dropped wasn’t on a Stone. It was on a tavern table, and when she didn’t get it back she assumed it was because the thief skipped town. She was almost relieved.

Then the thief returned, and Dwalin still did not get her coin back.

This was the second pebble.

The third came when Dwalin saw the thief escaping just over a wall, with a new tag in his hair- a coin, threaded on golden wire.

That pebble started the avalanche good and proper, as Balin liked to say; but there was no time for courting. The King was planning something, and Dwalin had to be there for her kinsman. The thief was forgotten until the quest began, and then there was no time. Over the fires he smiled at her sometimes. He stole her money, helped mend her clothes, and still wore her coin in his hair, despite his older sister’s numerous protests.  

When their mountain was reclaimed and their mourning done, someone rolled a good-sized stone into each public square. Coins began appearing- and disappearing- and one day, on her rounds, Dwalin found a coin with her name, and Nori’s, tucked into a crack where no thief would bother trying to take it.

The avalanche overwhelmed her then, and she welcomed it.