“I saw the light fade from the sky
On the wind I heard a sigh
As the snowflakes cover
My fallen brothers
I will say this last goodbye” (x)

yes, i cried while drawing this. I’ll never forget my king.


Amazing fanarts by Theartofknightjj (and some amazing others)

bless these artists, they made my….christmas day 


Over 20+ hours, I’m not sure. But this armour really is hard to draw as the scales are really tiny and i had to draw them with 0.3mm mechanical pencil. all other pencil had to be kept sharpened at all times.

The biggest problems I struggle with when it comes to drawing with pencil is that I make my drawing too bright and when i have to make white stand out, it doesn’t. I tried to get the shine on the scales and rings stand out and so far it looks fine.

The leather was another tricky part as again, the details here as tiny, and I have too keep it looking like worn leather

I also worked on his hair trying to blend them in better

Sketch of the day - Thorin

As you can see, I’ve got Thorin on the brain. My little girl wanted to paint, so I painted my own picture along with her. I could get used to this… :)

This time I even remembered to sign it!

Also, thank you sooo much to all the lovely people who favorited and left lovely messages on that other sketch of mine! I’m stunned and humbled by your incredible response. You’re all wonderful, even though you clearly need glasses. :-*

This is what happens when you listen to the soundtrack of httyd (esp “for the dancing and the dreaming”) with @determamfidds amazing ‘light on the horizon’ thrown in for good measure and are in the mood to draw some bagginshield happiness :D

It’s also the long overdue continuation of this.

Ari’s Christmas Countdown! 12 Days Until Christmas!

It’s twelve days until Christmas everyone! This year I’m doing my countdown again, with twelve days of fanart-goodness, as my gift to all of you guys. 

So here is day one, some cute Bagginshield nose kisses because how is this NOT cute? I still ship these two 110% <3 

Yet another work I made during Fandom Battle on for the JRRT All Inclusive team.

It’s called “In place of an Acorn”.

This is my sentimental interpretation of the whole movieverse opposition between Arkenstone and an acorn from Beorn’s garden.

Arkenstone from the movie is not only the heart of Erebor but symbolic heart of Thorin as well (that’s one of the reasons he was buried with it). The acorn is a corresponding allegory of Bilbo’s heart. The whole scene where Bilbo showed Thorin his personal acorn when we expected to see the stone signifies the equality of both objects: Bilbo had stolen Thorin’s heart, but proposed his own “acorn” one in return.

In this AU Thorin survived BotFA and decided to return the stone back to the person who had claimed it. It is a literal reversal of the “acorn” scene: here Thorin holds the stoneheart in his hands for Bilbo to take the same way Bilbo had held the seed for Thorin.