Imagine coming out to Thorin as a trans man

Thorin: I was wondering… none of us can tell your gender so are you a man or a woman?

You: I’m a man

Thorin: alright, good to know

*two weeks later at Mirkwood*

Legolas: *searching you for weapons, so he unbuttons your shirt to reveal your binder, and he unzips it* Tauriel check her please.

You: I’m a him, not a her

Tauriel: *searches you and finds only a knife Fili gave you*

*in the jail cells*

Thorin: why did he have the she elf search you?

You: he unzipped my binder, and saw my breasts.

Thorin: but you’re a man?

You: but not male

Thorin: what ?

You: gender and sex is different

Thorin: Oh, never thought of it that way.

You: most people don’t, I’m what is considered trans I don’t go by the gender I was assigned at birth. Most people don’t except it, even some of my family members.

Thorin: *pulls you into a hug* that sound rather hard, and unfair, especially since you’re such a wonderful person. Man or woman, you are you, and you are perfect the way you are and I wouldn’t trade you for all the gold in Erebor.

You: thank you Thorin.

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Requested by @queenofthebuckets

hey uh I dunno if you do requests but I’d love a reader/Thorin imagine with Thorin finding out/you telling him you’re a trans guy. If you don’t wanna do that its fine, just know I really appreciate the non-binary reader imagine you did and love your stuff

Androgynous reader

Little Kitten

This was requested by a sweet anon a loong time ago, so sorry for the wait, but I hope you´ll enjoy it!

Pairing: Thorin x reader

Warning: none really

Request: The reader finds out that Thorin has a tattoo of a kitten in his butt.


Traveling with a bunch of dwarves in the middle of the wilderness wasn´t exactly your cup of tea but Gandalf had managed to talk you into it so here you were, silently cursing the wizard while listening Thorin Oakenshield´s never-ending complains about you being human and a woman. That stubborn old dwarf was getting onto your nerves right about now but biting your tongue you refused to get into the arguments with him.

It has been an exhausting day after you needed to leave the ponies behind walking was hurting your feet in a way you didn´t know was even possible. Winching at every step you took you silently suffer, there was no way you were gonna tell the dwarves that your feet hurt so much you wanted to cry. The only one who noticed that something was wrong was Bilbo who was watching you and frowning while pursing his lips. Quietly he came to walk beside you before finally clearing his throat earned your attention.

“I can´t help but notice you have difficulties with your feet. Are you alright?” Bilbo asked worriedly looking at you under his lashes. At first, you thought about lying to him but Bilbo was too observant so you quickly discarded that idea.

“My feet are hurting so badly as I´m not used to walking this kind of distances, I think I´m gonna die long before we reach Erebor,” you whispered sounding miserable making Bilbo chuckle a little despite your pain.

“I´m sure Thorin will soon call for the day and you can rest your feet. Hopefully, somewhere near a river or pond, cold water should do the trick,” Bilbo smiled earning a small smile from you although it looked more like a grimace than a smile Bilbo didn´t say anything as he could sympathize with you.

Finally, the sun was starting to set and Thorin called everyone to stop for tonight. Dwarves merrily chatting with each other was eager to rest and have some supper in their bellies after long travel. Thorin watched you flopping onto the ground with a groan before he just shook his head, this was the exact reason he was so reluctant to take you with them in the first place. Wilderness wasn´t a suitable place for a girl like you but did Gandalf or you listened to him? Of course not and now you would pay the price of your stubbornness. Sighing he made his way toward you and cleared his throat to gain your attention.

Feeling miserable you glanced up from your spot leaning back against your bag when your gaze met Thorin´s crystal blue eyes and for a moment you struggled to get up. Thorin lifted his hand keeping his amusement to himself as he stopped your attempt to stand.

“No need to stand up for me, I´m just informing you that there´s a river little further away behind the tree line if you feel the need to wash. Just tell us first so my men won´t swoop in at the same time,” Thorin´s smooth yet deep voice caressed your ears in a way you didn´t know was possible and for a moment you stared at him without saying anything but soon enough found your voice when Thorin tilted his head waiting for you to say something.

“Thank you Thorin, I think I´ll go right away,” you quipped and taking your belongings with you and limbing toward the trees hoping the cold water would indeed help your swollen ankles.

Stripping down once you had found the perfect spot on the riverbank, the water wasn´t flowing so fast so you could actually sit and enjoy the slowly moving water while the tall bulrushes shielded you from prying eyes. Evening wind rustled them gently, birds and their little songs make you want to relax and be there forever. Dipping yourself into the water so only your neck and head was above it, you closed your eyes feeling exhausted. How you missed your bed and the warming fireplace at your home. Nearly dozing off you suddenly jerked your head up when you heard someone walking on the pebbles by the riverbank and holding your breath you waited silently feeling anxious to find out whoever it could be. Then you heard whoever it was, was taking off their clothes, dropping their weapons onto the ground with a thud and finally walking into the river followed by a relieved sigh.

Curiosity took over soon enough and slowly, carefully you crawled in the water closer the bulrush wall so you could take a peek who it was that was joining in to enjoy the cool water after a rough day. Pushing aside a few canes so you could see better, you didn´t expect to see King under the Mountain standing in the middle of the river butt naked washing his hair.

“Holy….” you muttered as your gaze wandered up and down shamelessly on his body making your mouth water.

Thorin was indeed in good shape, his upper body wide and muscular, you could see every movement he made the way his back muscles flexed and relaxed under that damp skin. Licking your lips your gaze dropped little by little lower on the dip of his lower back and much to your disappointment his round firm butt was under the water.

“How I wanted to see his royal ass even for once….” you hummed quietly when you saw him diving under completely for a minute and when he emerged back tossing his wet long hair back it was the best sight you had ever seen. Thorin Oakenshield was a fine looking male and you felt your cheeks starting to warm up when you thought all the naughty things he could do to you.

You were so caught up in your own daydream you almost missed the moment when Thorin turned and started walking back to the riverbank and that was when you saw it…

Blinking you took a good look on his ass which was on its whole naked glory in front of you but it wasn´t why you stared at it so intently. What was on it got your full attention.

“I didn´t see that coming…” you snickered to yourself covering your mouth in order to control your sudden urge to laugh out loud.

On Thorin´s right butt cheek was a tattoo of a cute grey little kitten with a ribbon on its neck and if you were completely honest with yourself, it was the most adorable thing you had ever seen. As quietly as possible you retreated waiting for Thorin to go ahead back to the camp before you would go there. How you were gonna keep it straight face was another matter but right now you just chuckled knowing your leader´s little secret tattoo.

After drying yourself and putting some fresh clothes you made your way back to camp and soon enough saw Thorin sitting by the fire with Balin and Dwalin, his hair still little damp.

“Ah, there you are, we were getting little worried. How was your bath?” Balin said with a kind smile when he saw you approaching them making Thorin and Dwalin lift their gaze on you.

“Oh it was lovely, I was purring like a little kitten,” you hummed smiling brightly making a eye contact with Thorin who´s face fell on that.

“That´s good, Bombur will bring you something to eat in a moment, Bilbo is next to your bedroll,” Balin pointed out and nodding your head you turned on your heels feeling Thorin´s heated gaze on your back. You knew you would have to talk about it what you saw with Thorin one day, but tonight wasn´t the day as your king was way too embarrassed by the fact that you had seen him naked and his little tattoo on his behind. But maybe you would make him purr like a little kitten the next time you went to the river to wash.

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Imagine Thranduil Getting Deffensive When He Catches Thorin Checking You Out

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Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

“You should watch where your eyes linger dwarf.”

“Or what? You do not own the fair maiden and you do not own me. I can do as I please,” Thorin responds, sending you a sly smile.

You blush and turn to stare straight ahead as Thranduil’s gaze comes to rest on you.

“Y/n. Please leave our company. It seems prudent that you do,” Thranduil states, eying Thorin from the corner of his eyes.

You nod and walk out, but not before hearing Thorin say, “hate to see you leave, but I love to watch you go.”

That causes Thranduil to growl and you to blush.

Courting Customs (Thorin x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys!! So here is a request of @deepestfirefun The idea was so cute! I hope that you will like it! 

Request:  Thorin x reader (human, little smaller than average human) She has very long and thick hair and has problems taming it one (knots etc) Thorin notices that and offers to help. She agrees without really thinking about its significance to dwarves. While Thorin is busy with her hair, she suddenly remembers what it means in dwarven culture when a male us attending female’s hair. She actually has strong feelings for him but because he is a king, she has been quiet about it and is wondering how is it possible to someone so fierce and ruthless warrior like Thorin to be so gentle. Thorin is secretly happy that she has allowed him to help her and notice that she has fallen some sort of trance by his touch. Looooots of fluff!!!!

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader

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Courting Customs (Thorin x Reader)

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You sighed as you sat on a log not so far away from the company at night. It wasn’t a particularly cold night but the wind was chilly and you started to shiver, alone on your log. The fire was surrounded by the dwarves, not that they didn’t try to make you sit with them but you were too pissed off to be among others for now. You groaned and almost threw your hairbrush on the ground as you tried to untangle your long (H/C) hair desperately. You had always love your hair, for a human you had beautiful long and thick hair, almost as soft as an elf and almost as thick as a dwarf. You were proud of your beautiful locks and you always loved taking care of them. However, now that you were riding on a pony in the wild all day long, you slowly started to get annoyed by your long and tangled hair. It was simply a mess, no matter how long you brushed your locks in hope to finally remove the knots and how hard you tired, you could never manage to untangle them. It was so infuriating that you started to get grumpier as the days passed. The company saw your struggle but no one dared to propose their help.

It was a serious matter for dwarves as no one other than the husband of a lass or the dwarf who’s courting them can touch their hair. Balin had told you about the courting customs among dwarves a while ago but it has weirdly vanished off of your mind as you slowly started to get angrier with each day passing. Even Bilbo couldn’t dare to touch your hair but only because he was afraid of Thorin’s wrath. You didn’t know it but the dwarf King had his eyes on you since the first time you met him at Bag End. You had intrigued him with your big (E/C) beautiful eyes and your charming smile. He remembered wondering how a daughter of men could be so small as you only reached Thorin’s height. You were indeed smaller than an average human but Thorin couldn’t care less, it even increased his interest in you. However, Thorin remembered looking with want and adoration at your hair. It seemed so soft and glorious. Slowly, the King started to fall in love with you and he hopelessly tried to keep you safe. Thorin tried to make you notice his care for you but weirdly, any attempt would go unnoticed. So much that the dwarf started to think that you would never return his feelings.

On the other hand, you were completely and utterly in love with Thorin Oakenshield. You loved everything about him, his kind heart, his courage, his strength, his love for his kin, his deep blue eyes, … You knew that your attraction toward the king was more than a simple crush. However, every time you caught yourself fantasying about what your life could be with Thorin by your side, you quickly remembered who he was and how unworthy a common folk like you was for the greatest king among dwarves. Your heart clenched every time you thought about your forbidden love for the soon to be King. It was simply impossible and you knew it.

Your hand clenched around your hairbrush as you closed your eyes, trying not to shout in desperation and anger as yet another knot got stuck in your brush. You sighed and let the brush fall on the ground as you finally gave up. From the other side of camp, Thorin was watching you struggle with your hair. The king sat next to Dwalin and Balin, wondering if he should make the final step and see if you would accept to be courted by him. The king was scared as he watched you, he had already accepted his fate. Dwarves could only love once and he had recognized you as his One. Thorin’s heart and soul were now linked to yours even if you might not feel the same.

“Go talk to her.” An annoyed gruff voice said from next to Thorin by the fire. The dwarf king wiped his head to look at his friend with wide eyes.

“Who are you talking about?” Thorin answered, trying to hide his shocked face.

“Who do you think I’m talking about! (Y/N)! She occurs to be the only one here I can refer as ‘she’.” Dwalin said sassily, making his brother smirk. Balin looked at you then at his king with a soft smile.

“My brother is right, lad. (Y/N) seems to have some issue with taming her hair lately. The lass would definitely need some help from your capable hands.” Balin said and Thorin groaned.

“She does not need my help, or at least she does not want it.”

“How can you know?” Dwalin scoffed, rolling his eyes at his stubborn friend.

“She did not blink when I gave her my share of food, she did not…” Thorin started to explain but Balin stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

“(Y/N) is not a dwarf, Thorin. She doesn’t know how to react properly to what you’re doing for her. She might just think that you are being nice to her.” The old adviser said wisely. Thorin stared at Balin for a while before finally looking down in defeat and sighed.

“Very well… I will try.” Thorin muttered grumpily as he looked back up at you then finally got up.

Dwalin and Balin smirked at each other as they observed their king and friend walk in your direction. Dwalin sent a stern look Fili and Kili’s way as he saw them make a move to follow their uncle. The two young princes quickly sat back down next to Bofur and Bifur, scared to challenge the ruthless warrior. Thorin approached your shaking form with slow paces, the king squeezed his palms into fists with nervousness. The possibility of yet another rejection was too much to handle for the poor awkward king. Thorin was usually quite proud and sure of himself but every time he was around you, he didn’t know how to act. You made him nervous without even knowing. Thorin stopped before you, his boots only visible for your leaning head. You slowly looked up, your (E/C) eyes meeting his deep blue ones and you blushed.

“T… Thorin.” You stuttered his name, making him smile. Maybe he wasn’t the only one to feel nervous after all.

“My lady.” Thorin answered with a small bow of his head. You chuckled softly at his choice of word and smiled up shyly at him. “I couldn’t help but see you struggle to tame your hair.” His deep baritone voice made butterflies fly in your stomach but you quickly made them all fly away, trying to keep your brain focused on the conversation.

“Y… Yes. Unfortunately, it seems that I can’t untangle the mess the wind and the wild transformed my hair into.” You answered with an embarrassed chuckle. Thorin looked at you with kindness and another feeling that you didn’t think possible.

“Well, my Lady. Would you like me to try for you?” Thorin asked with the smallest but also gentlest smile you had even seen.

“You mean… You would help me with my hair?” You asked, confused.

“Yes. If you want me to, I can take care of your hair for you. I had to do it quite a lot with my little sister.” Thorin admitted, the memory of Dis young and giggling as he tried to brush her hair warming his heart. You smiled at his words and took your hairbrush from the ground with a soft smile.

“It would be very nice of you, Thorin.” You said and extended your arm in front of you to hand him the brush. Thorin’s eyes widen and lit up as he bowed before you and gently took the hairbrush from your hand. His warm fingers brushed against the skin of your palm, making a shock of electricity ran up your arm and shivers down your back. Once again you tried to catch hold of your emotions but the strange pull you felt toward Thorin was even harder to control with his hands touching yours.

“Thank you, my Lady.” Thorin breathed out but you frowned and shook your head.

“It’s me who should thank you, Thorin. And… Hm… I’m not a Lady. I’m simply (Y/N).” You answered with flushed cheeks as you slid from the log to the ground so Thorin could take your place on the log. The King sat behind you, your back between his knees and for the first time, he ran his rough fingers through your hair.

“In my opinion, you are a Lady.” Thorin breathed next to your ear, his warm breath mixed with his fingers touching the base of your neck making your eyelids heavy as much that you closed your eyes and a soft sound of approval left your lips. Thorin smiled as he saw your reaction to his touch and started to work.

Slowly and gently, Thorin ran the brush through your hair, enjoying the feeling of your silky locks brushing on the skin of his palms and through his fingers. He hummed softly just for you both to hear, his voice sounded fantastic, like heaven to  your ears. The deep vibration he was creating reverberated in your ears and in your chest, sending your body into some kind of trance, feeling too relaxed and at peace to even see the looks of shock and amusement the company was casting you.

Thorin was happy that you had finally agree to let him help and he tried to pour all his love and adoration for you in his movements. His hands finished brushing your hair, magically taming it with graceful skills and he started to slowly massage your scalp making you hum in appreciation. Thorin smiled, amused to see you in such a state. You couldn’t believe that such a ruthless and fierce warrior like Thorin could be so gentle and caring. Weirdly you had the impression that he saved this soft side for only the ones he loved. However, you couldn’t understand why you suddenly had the privilege to see his secretive soft side.

His hands were now playing with your locks, secretly enjoying their texture on his skin. He took a deep breath and started to braid your hair as your eyes opened slowly, a content smile on your lips. However, a frown appeared on your features as you saw the smirks on the company’s faces. Balin smiled at you and casted him a confused look, why were they all looking at you as if another head had popped out of your neck? You tried to understand, your brain fuming and trying to remember. Then, your eyes widen and you gasped, making Thorin stop braiding and look at you.

“Are you alright?” Thorin’s deep voice asked from behind you, one of his hands squeezing your right shoulder.

“Yes.” You squeaked out, your eyes still wide open. You cleaned your throat then started to talk. “You know… I had a long talk with Balin the other day…” Thorin kept braiding your hair and hummed to make you keep going.

“And we talked about courting customs.” At your words Thorin felt his cheeks slightly flush. “He told me that dwarves were really protective of their women and that dwarves could only love once. You call those ‘One’ if I remember well. He said it is like a soulmate.” You said, twiddling your thumbs nervously.

“Yes, this is true.” Thorin said, trying to understand where you were going.

“He also talked about the importance of hair in your courting customs.”

“Did he?” Thorin said but at the same time the King glanced up to glare at his old friend. Balin smiled then leaned in to say something to Dwalin.

“Yes, he did.” You said. “So, there is something that I must have misunderstood. Balin told me that touching the hair of someone was reserved to family or your lover.” Your cheeks were as red as a tomato as you felt Thorin clip something in your hair.

“You understood perfectly, Ghishavel.” Thorin whispered as he finally let go of your hair. You turned around slowly, your eyes landing on a smiling Thorin.

“Then… Why did you propose to help me with my hair?” Your voice was shaking, scared to hear the answer. Thorin staid silent for a while his eyes never leaving yours.

“Because I care for you. Deeply.” Thorin breathed and your mouth fell agape.

“This… This is impossible.” You breathed out and Thorin frowned.

“Why? Why is that so hard to consider?” Thorin asked as he got up in a start making you jump on your feet as well.

“Because you are a king and I… I am nothing.” You answered sadly. “I care for you too, Thorin but we could never…” Thorin shook his head and stepped forward then cupped your cheeks in his calloused hand.

“Stop. Don’t say that.” Your heart stopped as Thorin’s forehead touched yours. “Don’t say that we are not meant to be.”

“Thorin…” You breathed out.

“(Y/N), I don’t care about what other Lords could think. You are my One, my soulmate, my one and only love.” Thorin said, his nose touching yours and his breath ghosting over your lips. “I will always love you, even if you don’t feel the same I will forever care for you, I will forever try to keep you safe.” Thorin’s hand slowly shift from your cheek to your hair, his fingers softly brushing over the new braids in your hair including the one with Thorin’s bead clasped at the end. You closed your eyes, trying to process everything. It seemed too surreal, too perfect to be true but for once in your life you deserved to be happy.

“I love you, Thorin Oakenshield. More than anything on this earth, I’ll love you until my last breath and even after death.” You whispered, making Thorin’s eyes shine with happy tears.

“I love you too, Amrâlimê. With all my heart. My soul is yours.” You smiled and giggled happily at his word then Thorin asked something that made you blush.

“Amrâlimê, may I kiss you?” Thorin breathed. Your lips were brushing as you both breathed heavily and you nodded your head slowly, not trusting your voice.

Thorin smiled then slowly closed the distance between your lips, pulling you into a gentle but passionate kiss. His lips were surprisingly soft for someone who was spending so much time in the wild. His kiss was breathtaking, literally. Your lips moved in sync and you both tried to pour all your love for each other into this single moment, as well as all the longing and passion you had tried to hide for months. You smiled as you finally pulled away to breathe and Thorin pulled you in his arms then span you around in circles, laughing in joy as the entire company cheered for you and their king.

You didn’t know what you had done to deserve his love but you were never going to complain.

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Imagine Thranduil flirting with you when the group arrives and Thorin gets defensive

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Thranduil: “And what is she doing with your group, Dwarf”

Thorin:”Leave her alone you, Tree hugger”

(Y/N):”Thorin, he holds the key to our future please don’t insult him”

Thranduil:”Yes, listen to the pretty maiden”


(I left your race to be open to what ever you decide be an orc if you want)

Imagine having such effective puppy dog eyes they even work on Thorin, Dwalin, and Thranduil, but Bard is totally immune to it.

You: please?

Thranduil, Thorin, and Dwalin : *internally* fuck.

Bard : No. *gives thranduil a disapproving look of, “hoe don’t do it”*

You : *gives the other three a teary eyed look*

Thorin : FUCKING FINE! JUST DON’T CRY….please lass I couldn’t bear those tears.

Thranduil : ugh…fine just go do the thing

Dwalin : I’ll go get her the thing

Bard : *judging them all so hard* all of you are weak.

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Imagine: Thorin calling you armalime and lying to you about what it means, you eventually find out the true meaning of the word from Fili and Kili.

Not requested.

A/N: I thought I’d take a minute and write an imagine for myself since I haven’t done that in AGES lol.

You had been walking for hours when Thorin finally announced that it was time to set up camp, you let out a breath of relief, finally. You had joined the company shortly after they had begun their quest to take back Erebor. You were a human so the dwarves -particularly their leader- were reluctant to let you join, but upon seeing how well you could fight, they decided you’d be an asset.

You had just begun to settle down when you heard loud footsteps coming your way. All of you were instantly on your feet, weapons ready. A group of goblins came forward, carrying weapons of their own, you could tell that they came with the intent of robbing you.  

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The Hobbit


Imagine Thorin Choosing To Court You

For My Followers

Nerves are bubbling in your stomach as your mother braids daintily crafted metal flowers into your hair. She made the metal and gemstone flowers for you, for your coming of age ceremony. Your father and her are the kings best blacksmiths because they can craft in such detail.

“Are you ready for your party (Y/N)?” your mother inquires as she finishes your hair. You’re finally ready we’ll psychically.

A long red dress with a golden belt cling to your form and your hair is in piles of fanciful raids. You couldn’t be more with pretty.

“I believe,” you reply and gulp. At the coming of age part for dwarves they choose a craft to pursue, suitors come forward to request courting, and man gifts are given. You are most nervous about the courting part.

“My sweet daughter all will be well. You do not have to accept any requests of courtship if you do not desire to,” your mother assures and kisses your forehead.

You’re concerned no one will request to court you. You’re rather unattractive in dwarvish terms and you haven’t many friends. The only close friend you have is Bilbo Baggins a dear friend of the kings. The kings nephews are very kind to you and the king is also polite when he sees you.

“Thank you mother,” you murmur and stand up. “Now it is time for us to get going. I would not want to be late for my own party.”


Your celebration goes smoothly through you choosing your craft and opening your gifts.

The courting part came up too suddenly for you.


“If any suitors wish to come forward and offer their hand to this dwarrowdam you are invited to do so now,” you father declares through gritted teeth.

From your read felt seat in the center of the large party hall you see no one stir.

And just like that all your greatest fears are realized. Now one wants to court you.

Trying to hold back tears you flash a false smile to the crowd and fluff your skirts.

“As I thought, shall we presume the festivities?” you suggest only barely managing to keep the waver from your voice.

“Wait,” a deep voice rumbles and your heart skips a beat.

Looking up you watch the crowd part and King Thorin stroll through to stand before you.

Whispers pick up in the crowd and you flush bright red.

“King Thorin? You’ve come to my celebration? I’m honored,” you say and move to stand so you can curtsy.

“Stay seated (Y/N),” he guides and you go till. “I have come to ask if I may court you.” Thorin kneels down and presents a bejeweled jewelry box to you. With shaky hands and a horde of butterflies in your stomach you reach out to it. Opening it up you find a golden tiara with shimmering gemstones encrusted in it.

“Is that?”

“I shattered the Arkenstone to forge a crown for when you become queen of you accept my request,” he explains and the crowd gasps.

You gape at him in utter shock. You had no idea this was coming.

“I accept,” you say barely above a whisper. He doesn’t hear you so you inhale deeply. “I accept.” The grin that spreads across his face makes your stomach roll in happiness.

“Bless you (Y/N),” he breathes and embraces you. The crowd claps and cheers while your parents weep tears of joy.

“You were always so polite I just thought..” you trail off unable to think clearly.

“(Y/N) you possess a heart unlike any other and a true beauty that rivals that of the Arkenstone. Every time we met you made me feel truly young and joyful again. I’ve known from the start that you are my one,” he confesses and you can help but grin wildly.

“I’ve always wished for you to court me and now it’s real. I’m just so happy,” you admit and stand on your tippy toes to kiss his cheek.

“And I as well.”


Thorin and you court for a year before getting impatient and deciding to wed.

The crown fits you perfectly and you’re now known to be the heart of the king under the mountain.

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The Stalker (Thorin x Reader)

A/N: Hi guys! So this one-shot was requested by @deepestfirefun I’m really sorry for the time it took me! I hope that you like it! :) 

Request: “Thorin x reader (what can I say, I love the dwarf 😂) she is the new queen of Erebor, loved by everyone and adored because her unique look (very long white silver hair and golden eyes), she is in fact one of the few guardians of Middle-Earth. She has becan to receive gifts and flowers from a unknown admirer. At first, she thinks it’s cute but as the time goes by, it’s starting to scare her and decides to tell Thorin although she is little afraid, it’s common knowledge that dwarves are fiercely protective of their females and especially their mates and with Thorin’s case, that kind of nature is three times fiercer, because she is his queen. When Thorin finds out about it, he is outraged with the thought that someone dares to stalk her. When stalker finally is caught, he crosses paths with her in the throne room. He attacks her with a knife in his hand yelling : “Men eleneku menu o bepap opetu ezirak!” (I desire you more than an endless vein of mithril). Very fierce, very protective, and very angry Thorin, lots of fluff 😀” 

Fandom: The Hobbit 

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader 

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The Stalker 

Another beautiful day was starting in the kingdom of Erebor. The mountain awoke slowly as the dwarves began their daily routine in the forges, in the kitchens or in the great halls of the King Under the Mountain. Thorin was already awake in his room, bending his back over some paperwork Balin brought him the night before. Being a king was a hard task and Thorin was overbooked, it was even hard to find time to sleep having to restore an entire kingdom after years of desolations. However, the king could not be happier because he had you by his side.

His Queen. His One. His one true love.

Thorin looked up from his desk and watched you sleep contently with adoration. His love for you was limitless. He knew that nothing would stop him from loving you, even death would not be able to falter his adoration for his Queen. You had followed Thorin to the mountain to defeat Smaug two years ago. Being one of Middle-Earth’s protectors - alongside with Gandalf - it has been your duty to help the line of Durin and try to slay the dragon. After Smaug’s death, not by your hands but by Bard’s, and after the battle of the Five Armies, Thorin and you finally had the chance to love each other. You had fall for the dwarf during the journey to Erebor and Thorin had also found his one true love in you. After a few months of courting, Thorin had finally asked you to marry him and become his Queen, a proposition that you indeed accepted. Your love for Thorin was undying and the Durin folks loved you dearly in return. You were a cherished Queen, loved and admire not only for your looks but also for the kindness of your heart and your courage.

The king observed as your long silver-white hair cascaded down your back, soft waves flying slowly around your pale face as the warm summer breeze entered the royal chambers by the opened windows. The sun touched your skin, making it look like gold and Thorin’s breath got stuck in his throat. However, this is when your eyes fluttered open that the king’s heart exploded with love. Your eyelashes caressed the smooth and flushed skin of your cheeks a few times before your eyes opened wide. Thorin stared at you with a smile on his lips, as your deep golden iris searched the room frantically. When your eyes landed on Thorin, a beautiful smile graced your features, warming Thorin’s heart. The king smiled back and got up from his chair to make his way toward the bed you were still lying on.

“Good morning, Amrâlimê.” Thorin’s deep voice said as he laid a soft kiss upon your pink lips. You smiled and raised a cold hand to run your fingers through his beard. Thorin closed his eyes and purred in appreciation as your fingers ran to the back of his neck.

“Good morning, my love.” You answered him in a whisper. You tilted your head up and kissed his cheek, his nose, and finally his lips. The kiss was long and full of love as Thorin held you close in his arms, yours slowly wrapping around his neck. Thorin broke the kiss softly and touched his forehead to yours.

“You staid up late and you woke up early.” You stated, still whispering as if you were afraid of breaking your bubble of peace if you dared to speak louder. Thorin hummed in answer, his eyes still closed.

“I had enough sleep, do not worry about me, my Queen.” Thorin’s voice whispered in your ears. You looked at his face and slowly ran the pad of your thumbs under his deep blue eyes where dark rings lied.

“Those shadows under your eyes prove the opposite, my love.” You answered then kissed softly under his eyes. Thorin looked down at you and smiled in adoration.

“This is only going to last for the duration of the trading contract with Dale. I’ll be able to sleep more in a few months.”

“A few months?!” Your voice seemed laced with worry for your King as you pulled away to shake your head. “My sweet, you need a good night of sleep before a few months…”

“You are always worrying about me, aren’t you?” Thorin asked as he kissed your hand, a content smirk on his lips.

“Indeed, I will always worry about you Thorin.” You said before bringing him into a tight hug. Thorin wrapped his arms around your frame protectively, sinking into your warm embrace when a knock at the door broke you apart.

Thorin got up with a sigh and opened the door to reveal Balin and Dwalin. Meanwhile, you had swiftly got out of bed and wrapped yourself in a silky dressing grown. Thorin turned back to look at you then nodded at his friends.

“Amrâlimê, I have to leave for a meeting with King Bard. I am sorry to leave you alone before breakfast, my dear.” The dwarf King said as he made his way in your direction. You smiled as he wrapped you in his arms and kissed your forehead.

“Don’t worry, Thorin. I will spend the day with Dis.” You softly told your husband. Thorin nodded and after several minutes of telling him that you would be fine he finally (but reluctantly) left with Balin and Dwalin.

You chuckled to yourself as you decided to get ready for the day ahead. After your bath, you dressed in your royal clothes and braided your hair, your courting and wedding braids being brought out by the design you had chosen. After a while, you decided to leave yours and Thorin’s chambers to look for food in the kitchens and have a chat with Bombur but when you opened the door, a small crafted box lied at your feet. Your eyes widen and you quickly took the box in your hands, you stepped outside of the room and looked around in the empty hallway. No one was there to be seen. However, this meant that someone had been there at some point after Thorin’s departure. Your heart started to beat faster and you stepped back into the room, closed and locked the door behind you. Fear gripped your heart as you dropped the box on Thorin’s desk and covered your mouth with your hand.

It wasn’t the first time you had received gifts from an unknown admirer. It began a few weeks before, during a celebration Thorin and yourself hosted for Dain’s birthday. You were discussing with Dis when a child came running in your direction with a gift and a letter. The child had said that someone asked him to give you the gift and when you had opened the gift, your smile had made Dis laugh. In the box lied a small wooden dove, the gift was beautiful and you directly thought it had been made by Bofur and Bifur but when you had opened the letter your smile had slowly vanished. This was a love letter from an unknown admire, he called you ‘his dove’, ‘his only reason to live’… At first, you had thought that it was a young dwarf who thought he loved you but would understand sooner or later that it was just a crush. However, as the days pasted you received more and more gifts. You even received jewels and gemstones from that unknown admirer but never had he dared to come this close. Those gifts and letters started to scare you and you knew that this admirer wasn’t a simple innocent young lad. He was a stalker, drowned in his fantasy. His letters started to be more and more aggressive and possessive, saying that he was the only one able to love you. That Thorin wasn’t good enough for you and that one day he would make you happy.

Dis knew about it all but you had hidden it from Thorin, not wanting to worry him over such an innocent matter. However, now that your stalker had found a was to cross the safety of the royal chambers, you knew that it was time for your husband to know. You jumped as a knock from the door took you out of your daydream.

“W… Who’s there?” You asked weakly as you approached the door.

“(Y/N)? Sister? It’s me Dis, are you alright?” Dis’ voice said from behind the thick wooden door of your room. You quickly opened the door and threw your arms around her.

“Oh Mahal! (Y/N), what happened?” Dis asked worriedly. She led you into the room and closed the door behind her.

“Someone was here… Just behind the door! It was him… the stalker. He brought the gift himself this time.” You told her with a shaky voice. Dis’ eyes widen in shock.

“You saw him?! Did he try anything on you, (Y/N).” Sher quickly asked as she checked your body for any wound. You shook your head and sniffed.

“N… No. I was about to leave the room when I opened the door and this was on the floor.” You said as you pointed a shaky finger at the box on Thorin’s desk. Dis looked at the box and grabbed it in anger. She opened it harshly and scoffed at what she saw.

“What is it?” You asked her as you wrapped your arms around yourself.

“An engagement ring…” Dis answered then looked at the small note next to the ring, she read it out loud. “It is time for us to be together, my dove.” The room was silent as you stared at Dis with a frightened look. “It’s time for Thorin to know.” Dis simply said before she grabbed your hand and led you out of your bedroom.

Thorin was still in the meeting-room when the doors suddenly slammed open, Dis walking quickly and powerfully into the room and you behind her. Thorin frowned at his sister’s angry face but he quickly got up and ran to you when he saw the fear on your face.

“My love, what is the matter?” The king asked worriedly as he reached you. You quickly threw your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook of his neck, finally feeling safe in his arms. Fili and Kili got up from the table and ran to stand by your side.

“Auntie…” Kili whispered and rubbed your back soothingly while Fili looked at his mother in confusion.

“I think you need to cancel the meeting Thorin. We have an important matter to discuss, it’s for the Queen’s safety.” Dis said then turned to look at Dwalin. The warrior nodded and escorted everyone out of the room. Bard looked at you and before leaving he stopped at the door.

“If you need my help or my men to assist yours, they are at your service Thorin.” Bard kindly offered. Thorin nodded his thanks at the man then Bard left the room, leaving you with Thorin, Fili, Kili, Dis, Balin and Dwalin.

“What is happening?” Thorin asked, still holding you in his arms.

“(Y/N) has been receiving gifts from an unknown admire since a few weeks.” Dis started.

“When did it start?” Thorin asked, his voice laced with concern.

“Since the celebration for Dain’s birthday.” You answered him as you looked up from his neck. You sniffled and dried your tears as you pulled away from your husband. “At first, it was rather innocent. I thought it would stop but now it’s like… someone is stalking me.” You said, Thorin looked at you in wonder.

“But what brought you in such a state, Amrâlimê?”

“He… today he came to the royal chambers, right after you left with Balin and Dwalin.” Thorin’s eyes widen at this. “And he left this.” You said as you gestured toward Dis. Thorin’s sister handed him the box with the ring and Thorin’s hand tightened on the box.

“I will find him… and I will kill him.” Thorin hissed, his eyes turning black out of anger. You shook your head at your husband’s words and Balin stepped in.

“Thorin, yes we have to find him but kill him… we don’t even know who this stalker is.” The old dwarf said, looking at his king worriedly.

“How dares he claim to be better for my One? (Y/N) is my Queen and my wife, it is my duty to protect her!” Thorin’s voice reverberated into the huge meeting-room. Balin sighed and Thorin turned to Dwalin. “Dwalin, come with me. We’re going to gather the royal guards and search the kingdom for this filth! Fili, Kili stay with your aunt and your mother.” The king ordered before kissing your forehead.

“Please Thorin…” You started but he stopped you with a kiss.

“I will find him, my love. I promise that I will keep you safe.” And with those final words he left the room with Dwalin.

Two days went by and you started to feel sick of being constantly in your room for your protection. Yes, Dis and the boys were with you when Thorin wasn’t there but you needed to see something else than your royal chambers. Thorin and Dwalin were working day and night to find your stalker and since then not a single letter nor gift had found its way to you. You were slightly relieved to finally be rid of those creepy letters but you also needed your husband by your side and knowing how stubborn Thorin was, he would not rest until he found your stalker. Your day started as always, you woke up with Dis on a bed next to yours and Fili and Kili at the door. After breakfast and getting ready for the day you were about to grab yet another book for the day when rushed footsteps were heard in the hallway. You looked at Fili and Kili and the boys quickly got ready to fight but when they opened the door, Dwalin came in, looking out of breath.

“Lass, you have to follow me. We found him!” Dwalin said as he tried to catch his breath.

“W…What? How?” You asked confused.

“We found him in the forges. He was doing a dagger for you but when he claimed that was only a gift, we fear it was actually more a desperate way of… reuniting him and you. If you know what I mean.” Dwalin said in a grave voice. You shook your head and followed Dwalin down to the kings’ gallery and into the throne’s room.

“My Queen!” You heard the guards say as you walked into the gallery, your husband was sitting on his throne. Thorin saw you and got up to welcome you but your eyes landed on another dwarf. He was kneeling before the throne in the center of the huge hall, he was tall for a dwarf and he looked rather strong but his face held some kind of madness that made you shake in fear. When his eyes landed on you, the dwarf started to trash around, the guards having a hard time maintaining him.

“Amrâlimê!” You suddenly heard Thorin’s voice scream in fright, taking you out of you daze. You wiped your head to look at your husband but before you appeared the dwarf who has been kneeling a few second before. He had knocked the two guards down using his last strength and brandished a dagger at you.

Men eleneku menu o bepap opetu ezirak!(I desire you more than an endless vein of mithril) The dwarf shouted, his voice sending your heart into a quick race. ‘Is that it?’ You thought as you covered your face with your arms. However, you heard the mad dwarf scream in pain and you opened your eyes to see him lying on the floor with Orcrist drove into his left shoulder. You gasped and looked up to see Thorin rushing to you.

“T… Thorin…” You breathed out as he collided with you, wrapping you into his arms. Thorin’s anger was radiating through his entire body as he let you go and advanced toward the mad dwarf who was crawling on the hard ground of the Throne’s room.

Thorin stopped him and removed Orcrist of his shoulder. The dwarf let out a scream and Thorin stared at him, you could see his brain fuming. A part of him wanted him dead for what he tried to do but another part of him knew that you wouldn’t want someone to die for you like that. Thorin turned and glanced at you then nodded at Dwalin to hold the mad dwarf up.

“As King of this kingdom I have the right to execute you…” Thorin started, staring at the mad dwarf. “But you are a dwarf of the Iron Hills and those lands are ruled by my cousin Dain.” Thorin informed everyone. “You saw my Queen for the first time 4 weeks ago during the celebration for my cousin’s birthday and you decided to stay behind in Erebor for her. My Queen! My wife! My One! You stalked her and then tried to kill her… I should kill you for that.” Thorin stopped before the dwarf, his eyes full of hate and anger.

“Thorin…” Your voice resonated into the Throne’s room. Everyone turned to look at you, even Dis and her sons. “Even if he tried to kill me… I cannot be the reason of someone’s death. I couldn’t live with that…” You told your husband. Thorin looked at you in astonishment at first but then he nodded his head.

“You are lucky that my Queen is indulgent.” He hissed at the mad dwarf. “Send a raven to Dain of the Iron Hills, tell him that we have a prisoner for him. You will be given to my cousin and he will decide of your fate.” Thorin kneeled in front of the injured dwarf and whispered for only him and Dwalin to hear. “Know that I am known to be the more reasonable one of the two.”

And with those final words, Dwalin took the mad dwarf out of the room and the guards followed him. Thorin watched, his anger slowly fading. After several more minutes of calming down, the king turned to you and opened his arms. You didn’t hesitate to run into his arms and hide your face in his chest. Thorin sighed in relief and enveloped you in the safety of his arms.

“My love, are you alright?” He asked softly into your ear. You nodded and couldn’t help but grab his face and kiss him passionately in front of your friends and family. Thorin chuckled in the kiss while the others laughed and whistled.

“Thank you…” You breathed out as you broke the kiss.

“(Y/N), this is my duty to protect you. I will always keep you safe, with my life if I have to.” He said and pecked your lips once again. “You are my world.”

Since then, Thorin always made sure to prove his love to you in front of everyone. He didn’t want another to try and steal you away from him ever again. His protective nature increased but you did not dare to complain as you knew how much your husband loved you. His overprotective nature was the biggest proof of his love for you. An undying and infinite love.

I hope that you guys liked it! Tell me what you think! I love to have feedback! 

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Imagine Thorin accidentally calling you his wife

Fili and Kili : * teasing you*

You: No, stop it you two!

Thorin : fili! Kili! Leave my wife, I mean (y/n) alone!

Fili and Kili : * start referring to you as auntie*

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The King

Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

You curl yourself into a tighter ball, pulling your thin blanket tighter around yourself. You know it’s fruitless, but you never know. It could contribute some warmth. Even though you knew exactly what you signed up for when you started this quest, you didn’t have enough money for supplies.


You roll over at the sound of your name and sit up. You look up at Thorin, who is keeping watch against the outcropping next to you. “Yes?”

“Come here.”

You frown at his request. Being Dis’s best friend, you had known Thorin your whole life. It took you almost no time to volunteer to go on the Quest for Erebor, and you’re pretty sure the only reason you’re here is because of your skill with daggers (and because Thorin wanted you to come so you could keep an eye on Fili and Kili with him.

After weeks of sleeping on the ground, your bones creak as you get up. You slide down the rocky outcropping next to Thorin, looking out at the view ahead of you. Bilbo stands next to one of the horses, feeding it an apple he thinks you and Thorin can’t see. “I like him,” you mutter. “There’s just something about him that adds something to the Company.”

Thorin chuckles. “Something that I haven’t figured out yet.” You shake your head and lean forward, poking the fire with a stick. “You need a better blanket, (y/n).”

You lean back against the outcropping once again. “Yeah. Didn’t plan that part the best I could.” You don’t notice him shrugging off his coat next to you. “I should’ve brought a heavier coat, too.”

“Take mine.” He holds out his coat to you, and you gasp.

“I can’t take your coat, Thorin. It’s the king’s fur, not meant for a commoner like me.”

“And the king can choose to give it to whomever he wishes.” Your eyes widen, and Thorin gives you half a smile, blue eyes sparkling in the firelight. “Now, take it. Before you get sick.”

You smile softly and take the fur, wrapping it around yourself tightly. The warmth is almost instant, and you sigh contentedly. “Thank you, my king.”

He smiles and wraps an arm around you, pulling you into him. “Get some sleep, (y/n).”

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You Always Find Your Way Back Home -Thranduil x Reader-

Hello, I love your blog! You’re writing is so good! Could you do an imagine, where the reader gets transported to middle earth, ends up being dragged to Thranduil, who is shocked to see that the reader is the spitting image of his beloved queen? :)

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Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

This was not how you expected your morning to go. You had fallen asleep on your couch watching The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and then woke up in the middle of the woods! To say you were confused, scared, and panicking would be quite the understatement. A shiver rolled through you as you realized what you were wearing, leggings, a sweater, and oh yeah..You’re barefoot. ‘Why don’t I sleep with socks on again?’ You grumbled in your mind.

“Deep breaths (Name), deep breaths..” You coached yourself as you sat against a large tree, running your fingers through your hair. Looking around to come up with a plan, the gears in your head began to slowly work. “Son of a…”

You were in Mirkwood. Cursing at yourself for not realizing it sooner, you stood up. “Alright…If this is some weird dream or some alternate universe…. The dwarves might be getting captured right now.” You thought aloud as you began walking until you heard the noise of clashing metal. Turning your head towards it you began jogging carefully to the noise. It seems like you were right, you fell into this universe right whenever the dwarves get caught and taken to Thranduil.

Watching from behind a thick tree, you decide it was safest to not try and introduce yourself right at that moment. But that decision was short lived, not by choice.

Hearing a soft hiss behind you, you gulped and carefully looked behind you while holding your breath. Eight. Huge. Eyes. “NAH!” You yelped and ran away from the spider, toward the elves and dwarves. “Not gonna die today!” You screeched as the elves and dwarves stopped fighting to look at you confused and astonished.

Snapping out of his confusion, Legolas aimed carefully with his bow and shot down the spider causing it to land at your heels as you slowly turned to face all of them. “Much appreciated” You said while nodding your head slightly, still feeling the adrenaline coursing through your veins. The elves were looking at you with slight fear and curiosity while the dwarves were just curious. Both sides could agree however, they wanted to know who you were.

Legolas stood on the side as he slowly lowered his bow. You looked familiar, like someone he hasn’t seen for years. ‘It can’t be..’ He thought while shaking his head. “Let’s go! They shall meet with my father to discuss their sentencing for trespassing!”

A guard gripped your arm and began to lead you along a leaf covered path, talking to other guards in elvish tongue. “Uh oh… “ You said out loud, knowing what came next. Turning your head slightly to see the Company arguing you gave a small smile to Balin who remained silent. “Be patient, your help will come. I wish you all good luck.” You said to them, watching as the group fell silent in confusion. Seeing their confused look you grinned. “Hobbits are miraculous creatures..” You said with a knowing smile as you got dragged further along the trail.

“She meets with the king first!” Legolas yelled in common tongue as the majestic doors of the forest kingdom opened. Your eyes widened as you saw the elaborate design of the kingdom on the inside. Even the bonus scenes didn’t show this much detail about the kingdom.

Soon the noise died down as you were escorted by one guard to the throne room. ‘Deep breaths’ You coached yourself once again as suddenly you were forced to stop walking. “What is it now Armand?” A smooth low voice called from up the steps. “We have a trespasser, my lord.” You sat there in silence, not knowing what they were saying. “Bring them.”

Suddenly you were walking up the steps with the guard behind you, holding onto your arm.

“Now, what business do you have trespass–” Thranduil froze, crystal eyes widening as he turned around to see who it was. “Hiril vuin..” Thranduil breathed out. You looked like an exact replica of his queen.

“Where did you come from?” He said softly, losing his hard demeanor. “I-I don’t know..I just woke up in the forest, I swear I mean no harm..” You spoke quickly, not wanting to get into any more trouble than what you were already in.

Waving his hand, the guard let you go and walked down the steps to give privacy.

“You have no idea how you came here?” Thranduil said curiously as he sat down on his throne. Shaking your head you continued to look around feeling an odd sensation of nestalgia. “What is your name?” Blinking you looked at him, the sensation growing stronger when you made eye contact. “(Name)”

Thranduil felt like he was stabbed in the gut with a thousand swords. Exact name, exact hair, exact eyes, exact voice. And yet, you had no idea who he was.

“Did you….” He refrained himself from asking you, clenching his fist. No, this wasn’t his wife. She disappeared long ago.

“Did I?” You inquired innocently, tilting your head as you noticed the change in his body language before he relaxed again.

“Did you have an accident sometime in your life?” He wanted-no.. Needed to know if there was any possibility that his one and only returned.

Your (e/c) eyes widened, how could he know? Licking your lower lip softly you gave out a weak “Yes.” Before taking in a deep breath.

“A few years ago, I woke up with amnesia, only knowing my name”


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Summary: You faint while on the journey and that causes feelings to surface.

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

Word Count: 1,037

Warnings: Its quite shit lmfao. I’m not happy with it.

Requested by: @clairese1980

A/n: I’m absolutely shit at writing romantic scenes because I absolutely have no experience with relationships at all lmfao. So beware the last part is pretty bad.

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

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Imagine Thorin always having to smile when he sees you, especially when you don’t notice him being there. You’d just hum a quiet melody and flick through some of your books, but you being so happily into your stories is literally all it takes to completely enchant him.

And the winner is...

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: The Hobbit
Pairing: The Company x reader, Thorin x reader at the end
Genres: humor,fluff
Words: 1.559
Summary: based on and imagine “Imagine always cooking and taking care of the Company all the time and them deciding who should ask you out” - requested by Anonymous

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Imagine confiding in Dwalin, Fili, and Kili about your suspicion that Thorin doesn't like you, only for one of them to let slip that you just make Thorin nervous

You : I don’t think Thorin cares much for me.

Kili: why is that?

You: well he bristles like a porcupine any time I approach him, he ignores me whenever I make an effort to talk to him, and he’s always glaring at me like a constipated badger. 

Dwalin: *chokes on his pipe* constipated badger! *suddenly likes you very much*

Fil: why a badger?

You: the way his hair is graying reminds me a little bit of the markings on a badgers head.

Dwalin: *thinks you’re the most adorable thing in the world* Lass don’t let the old badger fool ye with his broody self. Ye actually make him nervous, an’ he doesn’t know how to handle ye or ‘ow te act around ye.

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[ IMAGINE ] waking up to Thorin giving you butterfly kisses down your neck and collar bone.

Not my gif, credit to the original owner.

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