thorin: *perched on their bed over bilbo like a damn owl, waiting for him to wake up, seething with anger that despite his smaller form his husband has somehow managed to take up all the space over night AND push him out of bed twice*

bilbo: *blinking his eyes open sleepily through his tussled curls, stretching and smiling lovingly when he sees thorin* good morning dear

thorin, softening immediately: good morning, love of my life. my one and only. my beautiful sunshine hobbit, the reason my heart keeps beating -

Imagine getting harassed by some dwarf in Erebor

You: I need someone to go to the woods to fetch me some rare mushrooms from the jagged crystal caverns.

Dwalin: Iโ€™d love to kid, but Iโ€™m busy making the watch schedule for this month, sorry.

Fili: uncle has me on study duty for the new mine tunnels

Kili: mum needs my help getting an order of dresses ready for tomorrow, Iโ€™m the mannequin.

Dwarven knight: for a hand of the king, and such a beauty I shall go on this quest. *takes your hand in his and kisses the back of your hand*

You: oh um, thanks

Knight: but whatโ€™s in it for me m'lady? *trails kisses up your arm*

Thorin: *grabs the knight by the waist band of his trousers, picks him up, and throws him* how about the salary I pay you, now go get my consortโ€™s mushrooms!!

Knight: yes my king, right away my king. I am sorry, I did not mean to offend you royal consort (y/n), excuse me. *runs off*

You: thank you Thorin, but now he doesnโ€™t even know what mushroom to get.

Thorin: Iโ€™ll have the information sent to the gates for him.

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Lover, Fighter

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Here we have the next chapter! Enjoy lovelies!

Pairing: Thorin x reader ( wolf skin-changer )

Warning: fighting scenes


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Bilbo woke up when the howling invaded in his mind and groggily looked around seeing that you weren´t there with him.

“Wolves…” he huffed rolling onto his stomach and crawled out shivering when the cold breeze hit him. Standing up he stretched his arms up yawing when he saw a glimpse of you walking toward him. You looked absentminded and Bilbo had to clear his throat so you would notice him. Lowering your head while turning ears to the back of your head looking like you were sorry for waking him up you whined quietly.

“That´s alright, I know how you feel…” Bilbo smiled glancing at you feeling sorry for the fact that he convinced you to go on this journey. With a soft huff, you turned slightly away from him sniffing the air and then turned your attention back to him letting out a quiet bark. Bilbo looked at you curiously until he grasps what you tried to say.

“I guess sleep won´t come for either of us so, let´s get going,” he sighed and climbing onto your back Bilbo pressed his small body against you to keep warm. Leaping forward it didn´t take long you to run as fast as you could soon leaving the windy plains behind.


For ten days you and Bilbo traveled with hasty pace and finally reached Ered Mithrin. Trotting through the grassy highland your destination was still a long way but it wasn´t that far away waking the small hope in your heart.

Crossing the Forest River brought some unwanted memories to Bilbo causing him to shake which earned your attention as you were slowly walking at the rocky riverside trying to find an easy spot to cross that raging river. Looking over your shoulder whining you earned Bilbo to gaze at you.

“I´m fine…just bad memories about this river,” the halfling tried to smile but didn´t quite succeed and you growled softly which Bilbo had learned to interpret it as laughing.

“Oh be quiet! Easy for you to laugh, you didn´t experience it the way I did,” Bilbo said annoyance clear in his tone of voice but you just shook your head amusingly.

“You don´t think the orcs are still lurking nearby?” he whispered sounding unsure and you paused lifting your nose higher sniffing the air but you couldn´t smell anything out of ordinary. Swinging your tail couple of times and barking lightly you ensured Bilbo he was quite safe with you.

Patting your head Bilbo sighed relieved although he felt little stupid because of that question. But then he felt you started to move again and focusing on the road ahead the hobbit pushed any doubts on the back of his mind.

The road wasn´t easy, you had to cross another river called Greylin that connected with Langwell and the Great River before you reached the Hithaeglir or the common tongue, Misty Mountains. West of Misty Mountains located Ettenmoors which was your destination. Highland region of Eriador, it was a wild, untamed, misty and sinister place to be in. Many evil creatures dwelt in there like goblins, trolls and a long time ago it was a nesting ground for dragons. It was also ruled by the Witch-King of Angmar but luckily for you, he wasn´t around anymore as he was defeated in the War Of The Last Alliance.

You were exhausted when you two finally reached Ettenmoors, panting heavily while gazing down on the dark valley you felt Bilbo wasn´t so keen to go there. You really didn´t blame him, you didn´t want to go there either but if you wanted to find the fruit, you had to. Huffing quietly you took a step forward being careful where to step since the ground beneath your paws was relatively loose.

Climbing down the hill you were a few times near to lose your balance and slid down a couple of meters causing a flow of pebbles to stream down, while Bilbo held on for his dear life on your back. Nearer the valley floor you came more foul and thick the air became causing you to cough occasionally as you took a breath. The rock walls were dirty, stained with soot, mud and dried blood, nothing grew down there, it was a dead wasteland and it made your hair on the back of your neck to rise. You felt uneasy while walking forward, rustling sound followed your steps as the path was full of pebbles while the light grey blanket of fog curled around your feet. If anything had grown here, dragons had burned everything down a long time ago. Evidence were all over around you, fallen tree trunks burned into black charcoal and in time turned into a hard formless pile of wood, boulders had scorch marks on their side. You were little puzzled how you were gonna find the divine tree in here of all places?

Carefully crawling under a huge trunk that blocked your path while Bilbo could practically just walk right under it, you didn´t want to risk jump over it since you couldn´t see properly what was on the other side of it. Damn fog, you thought as you straightened yourself shaking your fur irritation starting to lift its head in your mind. But then for a short moment, sunlight was allowed to peek through the mist and Bilbo shouted excitedly.

“Y/n!! There! There it is!”

Turning your gaze up you could see the grand divine tree full of scarlet fruits standing on the top of the very steep cliff. Barking joyfully and wagging your tail you trotted beside the hobbit but the joy was short lifted as you realized that reaching it was nearly impossible not to mention dangerous. As if Bilbo could read your mind he stroke your side and offered you a smile.

“Don´t worry, I can climb up there, you watch my back,” he said and with the nod of your head Bilbo started to approach the wall that was vertical and for a moment he wasn´t so sure if he could pull this off as he stared straight up frowning and pursing his lips.

You stood little further behind him tilting your head wondering the same thing as he was when something earned your attention and flicking your ears back you focused on the sound. Then there it was again, that rustling sound followed by a small snarl and you twirled around bearing your teeth taking a fighting position.

Looking around while standing motionlessly on your spot you waited. Slowly out from the mist appeared dozen or more goblins glaring at you evil grin on their faces. Turning your head at that moment you let out a strong and loud bark making Bilbo look at your way and when he saw what had caused you to bark he realized time was up. No more thinking, he had to start climbing fast.

Growling while snapping the air you gave your first warning to your enemy although you knew it didn´t do much good as they just kept walking forward. Then suddenly everything blew up in your face as from both sides goblins were jumping on your back and from the front, they ran toward you screaming their battle cry. Leaping into the air you bucked like a wild brumby in order to get the goblins off of your back while furious growl escaped from your throat. Turning your head you managed to snatch the nearest goblin into your mouth. High pitched scream was carried through the valley as you bit the goblin almost in half throwing its body somewhere behind the approaching enemy.

Few of them was clinging to your side and before they could react you threw yourself against the wall crushing them between your huge body and the rock wall. Two of them was still stubbornly hanging on your back and you glanced over your shoulder at them your golden eyes flashing dangerously as you could also see Bilbo was already halfway there climbing the wall up. Then without any warning, you rolled over leaving the goblins under you as their bones in their bodies broke to pieces as your grand weight landed on them.

Just as you were about to charge head on the rest of the swarming goblins, the ground started to vibrate like something big was approaching. Freezing in the middle of the attack goblins were hesitant to move forward as they kept glancing all around them. That made you frown. If the goblins were afraid whatever was causing the ground to shake, you weren´t sure if you wanted to face it either. Turning around you saw that Bilbo was almost at the top. Letting out a long howl you told him to move faster. You were too tired to fight this new enemy.

Then you heard a deep guttural sound coming from the mist and you froze completely. Turning slowly your head you could see a huge shadowy figure walking toward you and the goblins, it was nearly as big as you were. The stench gave it away what it was…a cave troll. Backing up slowly keeping your eyes on it you prayed Bilbo would be finished before this thing would attack you. As it stepped out from the mist you let your gaze wander over it and what you saw confirmed the feeling that you didn´t want to fight against it.

The cave troll was missing its left eye, the jaw was crooked, indicating that something had hit it hard enough to make it break and dislocate. Clearly, the jaw was healed but not the right way. Troll´s massive body was covered in battle scars, one was big and nasty, right in the middle of its stomach telling you that the troll was almost disemboweled and still it survived even that kind of injury. This troll wasn´t anything you had fought against in Erebor.

“I got them!!”

Bilbo´s voice was heard suddenly and without any more thought, you twirled around barking your intense gaze on Bilbo´s pale face as he saw the troll standing there.

“Oh dear…,” he muttered as he stuffed the final fruit in his satchel and turning his eyes on you he then spun around realizing he had to figure out how to get down. But there was no time, the troll hollered like a wounded animal charging forward coming after you.

Barking angrily you kept watching Bilbo who finally came to apprehend the fact that he would have to jump down if he wanted to get out of there quickly.

“You´re joking…” he sighed wiping his face. But another furious bark from below forced him to take a deep breath and trust that you would catch him in time. Closing his eyes Bilbo dashed forward and leaped into the air a scream escaping from him as he felt falling rapidly toward the ground while the air violently hit him in the face. Squeezing his eyes shut tightly he praised himself for the impact that never came. Instead, he felt how your jaws closed around him gently and hot breath washed over his middle.

You jumped into the air opening your snout snatching him right from the air quite easily and landing safely to the ground Bilbo in your mouth you dashed forward hearing the troll wasn´t that far behind. All you needed to do now was to get the hell out from Ettenmoors and back to Erebor hoping Thorin and Kili would be still alive.


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I think my favorite part of the Lord of the Rings film by Peter Jackson is at the beginning of the movie at Bilbo’s birthday party the sheer amount of joy and happiness Gandalf get’s by making fireworks. 

Like look at this adorable wizard I strive for this level of happiness

Ok lets be real, if ‘the first thing you said to your soulmate is tattooed on your skin’ was real then greeting people with your full name would just be the thing that everyone did so that it would be easier to find your other half. Except that one time when your having a bad day and some idiot spills coffee all over your laptop and you spend a solid five minutes swearing at them and then they pull up their sleaves and there is your whole rant laid before you and you give a final 'shit’.

“Bilbo and Thorin were in love,” I say into the mic.

The crowd boos, yelling at me to get off the stage. I begin to walk off in shame when a voice speaks and commands silence from the room.

“They’re right,” they say. I look for the owner of the voice. There, in the 5th row, stands Richard Armitage himself.