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What are your thoughts on Obi Wan and Padawan Anakin being sent on a mission to help a recently reinstated king handle delicate diplomatic negotiations and Anakin starts to hero worship Thorin a wee bit and he and Fili and Kili get into shit (1/2)

And Anakin loses his temper and Thorin sees it so they end up having a heartfelt talk about falling to your inner demons and Obi Wan and Balin and Dori eye roll lots?


My thoughts are simple: I need it.

A Storm Is Brewing - Part 1


   Thorin Oakenshield was victorious as he took one last blow to Azog’s chest with Orcrist. He watched as the orc took a final breath before he pushed him over the edge of Ravenhill. The entire battlefield full of dwarves, orcs, men, and elves heard Thorin as he yelled “Kayamu! Kayamu!”

His words were followed by the chorus of more than a thousand dwarves celebrating the defeat of the orcs.

  Months went by and the dwarves of Erebor completed the reconstruction of their beloved home. The mountain returned to its former glory, and Thorin had signed orders to befriend men and elves. Thranduil was given his share of the gems, Laketown received their part of the treasure, and the eldest prince of Erebor began his royal training.

In the midst of Fili’s training, he also found love. He found love with the daughter of a well-known nobleman in Dale. Her name was Saerwyn. He loved her more than anything in the world, and eventually called her his One.

Thorin knew about Fili’s newfound relationship. He became furious that the young prince spent more time with the girl than his training to be the future king.

An argument broke out between Thorin and Fili about this one night. Cursing in Khuzdul could be heard in the meeting room.

  “Fili your priorities have not been set straight. I told you after the battle that you would train; not fall in love!”

  “Uncle! I can have a life outside of royalty too. It’s just not fair.”

Thorin blasted right back at him. “Life isn’t fair Fili. If it were, your father would be alive. Moria would not have been destroyed – “

Fili interrupted.

  “Excuse me Thorin for not being so bold and brash like you.” He chose his words calmly and carefully. “If I am king, I cannot love Saerwyn properly. I cannot spend time with her.”

  “If you do not come to your training sessions, you will not be permissed to see her ever again. Do you understand?!”

Fili had no choice to agree in order to keep his relationship.

  Fili continued his training week after week, month after month. Two years into his training, he became fed up. His familial relationship with his uncle was strained. He hardly spoke to his own brother. He even thought about ending his union with Saerwyn.

These thoughts continued to flood his mind as he sat one day during a council meeting. Dwalin had to pull him out of his thoughts.

  “Aye, laddie. You should pay attention.”

Fili only threw him a hateful look, but received a harsh reply in return.

  “Don’t look at me like that. I know your mind is on that lass, but this is important.”

While the meeting was going on, Gandalf pushed the doors open suddenly. He looked concerned. Everybody knew when the wizard looked scared, they knew to be scared too.

Thorin greeted him. “Gandalf. What brings you to the council?”

  “You must all be warned. Azog’s brother is on his way to avenge his death. I have seen the army; it is too great for us to bear. I am on my way to tell your cousin in the Iron Hills immediately.”

  “How far away are they?” Thorin half-whispered. “Do we have time to prepare?”

Gandalf lowered his head. “You will be lucky if Aloth does not arrive by nightfall.”

The wizard left the dwarves to themselves. The room was silent with fear and a sense of impending doom. Thorin stood with them, minus Fili, and raised his fist and said, “Du bekar!”

10. You’re my Arkenstone.

Fíli barely listened when his uncle ordered them to search for the Arkenstone. Instead his eyes wandered to his brother, leaning against a column and trying to appear as if it wasn’t to keep the weight off his bad leg. Kíli had a habit of belittling his own needs in order to appear grown. It made him look only younger in his mere need to prove himself and he cursed Thorin for putting these thoughts into Kíli’s head since they had been called the heir and the spare for the first time. Granted, their uncle had never used those words himself, but he’d never done anything to stop them.

So when the other’s got to work in the huge hall filled with what seemed to be endless mountains of treasures, Fíli marched to his brother’s side and pulled him along wordlessly. The confusion was obvious in the brown, wide orbs, but Kíli was smart enough to wait with questions until they were out of sight and earshot.

“Where are we going? We are supposed to look for the Arkenstone,” Kíli protested meekly, but stumbled along instead of fighting against the blond’s grip.

It encouraged Fíli in his decision, knowing that the archer would be less compliant if he was feeling well.

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Anti-Bully Tactics

Title: Anti-Bully Tactics 

Summary: When you overhear Fili and Kili poking fun at Bombur, you snap.  You never liked bullies, they may not be meaning in such a manner, but it still struck a chord with you. 

Warnings: Language. Bullying.  Yelling. 

Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

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You stretched as you made your way back to the company.  Being on this journey was hell on your body.  Going from your life of office work to being thrown into this journey with the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, it was definitely causing some aches and bruises.  Hell, that was true from the first moment.  You were walking down a path in the park when something pulled you through this…portal thing…then BOOM…you fell upon a fallen log and into the company. Bruises. And Aches. All over your body.

But you were getting used to this life.  The company seemed to take you on easy enough, helping you find your own feet in this new world.  You smiled as you thought of all the new fiends you have made, but then paused when you heard your name said.  You stopped behind the large tree and listened for a moment, wondering what they were saying.

“Y/n is a sight! We must have good favor with the gods for her to fall into our company!”  You knew that voice, that light-hearted yet slightly mischievous tone.  Kili.  

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I just finished reading your fic The Road Goes Ever On and On. It was so good! I've always loved the idea that Thorin and Bilbo travel together and I haven't seen a lot of fic that do that, especially so far in the world! (1/2)

I love learning about different cultures and places in the world, and it was a true delight to see more unknown/less talked about parts of middle earth explored! I especially loved Ia, Raga, and when they were sailing.             


Tbh, I guess road trip fic is a bit of a niche genre, especially in fantasy worlds. It was lovely to explore through writing (and I’m always happy to know it was also fun to see this all in reading) - I didn’t find much information regarding the east to work with, and since I’m no Tolkien scholar and not into going through his letters to find snippets of information, I took what I found (aka the place names mostly), made a wild guess what Tolkien might have been inspired by (aka it’s probably not completely wrong to assume Ia was inspired by China), and then ran with it.

ANNNND I’m really glad you liked Raga, because that one was completely made up. Ia and the cities there I found on some maps; the same for Khand. Since Ia may be assumed to have been vaguely inspired by China and they head south from Ia, Raga ended up having faint South East Asian influences which then got mixed with Polynesian influences (and elvish architecture). (I so would move there if it was a real place, tbh). Anyway, this is why one of these days I’ll write a long rambly post where the inspirations for the various places came from WITH PICTURES.


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Thanksgiving PSA

It is Monday. go take your turkey out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator. It needs to sit there overnight to start to thaw before you can put it on the counter tomorrow night. I know at least six people last year on my Tumblr feed who were still trying to thaw out there turkey as of mid day on Thursday.

If, like us, you have not bought a turkey yet that is fine. Just make sure when you do buy it it’s refrigerated and not frozen. Or you will be fucked.