The final version of the map, plus some detail shots.  This was done with dmc embroidery floss on linen.  Stitches used include running stitch, back stitch, and satin stitch. 
All of the embroidery except for the frame was done freehand, and not counted. 

I plan to tea stain it and frame it in the future, but here are some pictures until then.


As a longtime Tolkien fan I’ve always wanted to make my own prop of Thror’s Map - even before the LoTR films came out, it was a project I had on my ‘when I get around to it’ to-do-list.

Taking a little time off over the festive break, and having seen the new film adaptation of The Hobbit, I decided to give it a go.

I used regular old drawing pens on 300gsm Watercolour paper, with a few different washes of umber and cadmium watercolour paint, and I even added a bit of coffee into the mix. I then weathered it by tearing, adding folds, and using a bit of fine sandpaper here and there.

The design is a mix of Tolkien’s original drawn map and the version used in the film but I tried not to be too preciousssss about it so there are some slight variations.

Next step is to decide how I want to frame it. I’m also playing with the idea of using LEDs to create actual glowing moon runes… but we’ll see.

Quick note about copyright: this is an item I have made for my own personal display and enjoyment. I do not own the rights to create these to sell, so please don’t ask.

You may find other Hobbit replica maps online (to varying degrees of quality!) and unless they are the officially licensed WETA version, it is likely these are in breach of copyright. As an artist and designer, I like to respect the intellectual property of others, just as I would hope my own is respected.

If you’d like a Hobbit map of your own and don’t want to purchase the official one, my advice is not to buy some crappy print out on 'textured photo paper’ but simply make your own!  Good luck and happy adventuring.

Well, finally I’ve done it! \o/ This is my new design, inspired in Thorin’s map of Erebor (wiiii~~~)

I wanted to do something like this since I saw The Hobbit, and here it is =D I’m very happy with this design ^^ I love that map, and for being the first time I try this design it looks good, no? ^^

Hope you like it


Yaaaaay, por fin!! \o/ Al final lo hice. Aquí está mi diseño inspirado en el mapa de Erebor de Thorin (no os podéis imaginar lo mucho que adoro ese mapa. algún día lo compraré).

Quería hacer este diseño desde que vi la película de El Hobbit, y por fin pude hacerlo. La verdad es que estoy contenta con el diseño, y para ser la primera vez que lo intento no ha quedado mal, ¿verdad? jejejeje

Bue, espero que os guste tanto como a mi xDDD