thorin oeakenshield

bilbo's acorn aka bilbo's heart

There have been already some post about the parallel about bilbo’s acorn as his heart. I would like just to add this few things.

what bilbo said - what it could have meant

  1. i will plant it in my garden → i will recognize this sentiment
  2. one day it will grow →  my heart will grow to like you even more
  3. and every time i look at it i will remember → i will look at you
  4. i will remember the good and the bad → and i will remember it all
  5. and how lucky i am i have made it home → how lucky i am to have found you

what thorin said - what it could have meant

  1. it is a poor price to take back to the shire - i am not worthy of such importance

and lots of eye contact and smiles and bilbo’s last words before they were interupted were “THORIN”.
The intonation he used to say Thorin’s name was as if he was going to say something BIG. It sounded a almost desperate. 

possible right? 

anonymous asked:

I am of a similar age to you, I carry my sword wherever I go and I'd fight to the death for the people I love, I have befriended a number of dwarves, much to the displeasure of many of my people, but I must say i find you,intoxicating, I am but a simple elf girl, but I would follow you till the end of middle earth <3 I love you ):

Oh, an elf girl? Thank you my lady, and keep wielding that sword if that is the path you’ve chosen to walk through. To protect those you love is a honourable way to live. As for love, I don’t think my uncle would approve of it. In fact I think his reaction would be close to this