Alpha Dwarf Chapter 26

Waking the next morning Thorin looked to see Dwalin nodding his head in the direction of the others that were standing by the window looking outside. Making his way over to them he listened as Gandalf explained the plan. He and Bilbo would go out first after the dawrves would follow. “Only go out in pairs…. Bombur you count as two so you go out alone.” Gandalf said before taking a deep breath and heading out. Thorin waited as they all slowly headed out, he stared in the direction of his female, he could smell her eat strongly in the air and had to hold back the raging alpha in him. When everyone was out he made his way out to great their host, hopefully the man would not rip them to shreds as Gandalf said he had done to his last intruders. 

Beorn had invited them inside, not very happy with them being in his home but refusing to turn them away to be killed by the orcs. He had yet again had his eyes glued to where he knew his omega was sleeping when he heard Beorn mention Azog. Looking at the large man he saw him pouring everyone a mug of milk, “You know of Azog, How?” He asked and saw the skin changer sigh. “My people were the first to live in the mountains. Azog enslaved most of my people, not for work you understand but for sport. Killing and torturing them seemed to amuse him.” he said in a sad deep voice. Thorin listened intensely as the man he pitied told them about his life. He was just in the middle of telling them about mirkwood when they heard a small voice. Her sudden presence seemed to startle Beorn and he jumped up setting Thorin on guard. “Thorin…” Hearing the voice of his female Thorin’s eyes snapped to the hallway to see his wife standing there on shaking legs. She was holding herself up by one of the large posts and he saw her body trembling. Her face was flushed and she looked completely exhausted by the heat burning through her body. When he saw her go to fall he quickly went to catch her, cradling her small body against his own.

“A woman as well?” Beorn said looking to the wizard. “Ah yes, This is Whitney, Whitney Oakensheild, Thorin’s wife…” He said as Beorn made his way over to the two. Thorin stiffened as the male came closer to his female. Having to bite his tongue to hold back the growl in his throat. When the bear man came to stand beside them he looked down at the woman with clear worry. “She is in heat…” He said shocking Thorin, Nodding his head he saw as the man sighed. “Come with me.” was all he said before walking out of the room. Knotting his brows Thorin looked down to the whimpering omega in his arms before lifting her up and following after the man. He followed the man to a small shed a small ways from the house. Thorin watched as he lifted a latch opening the door. “It is not much but it is all that I have to offer. I use it to dry herbs in the summer. It will give you your privacy.” Looking inside Thorin saw the small shed to have a thick layer of hay on the floor. Knowing Whitney needed to mate soon he looked up to the man’s eyes and bowed his head in thanks. Handing him a pile of blankets he walked away, leaving the couple alone.

Closing the door behind them, Thorin flipped the latch rendering them in almost total darkness. Laying one of the blankets over the hay before placing Whitney in the center. As soon as he pulled away she curled up in pain. Sitting beside her on the blanket he unlaced his boots and then her own. Slowly he peeled the dirty and mostly torn clothing from her body. Pulling the mithril vest over her head he sucked in a breath at the many bruises and cuts that littered her body. He had not seen her body since their time in RIvendale and was shocked at how it looked now. Before this journey he had made sure she never did too much, he remembered throwing a fit if even the smallest scrape tainted her skin. The only marks he wanted on her body was the ones he made. Letting out a huff of air he grabbed his knife from his boot, cutting the breast bindings from her chest and pulling the underwear down her legs. Seeing her completely bare made his cock grow incredibly stiff, how he missed the luxuries of home, where he could take her daily, sometimes multiple times a day. He would be happy when they would once again have time for each other. Undressing himself he layed down beside her and purred at their skins touching once again. Hearing her whimper he ran his nose up her jaw but felt her growl and try to move away from him. Knotting his brows he went to stroke her cheek when she bit down on his hand making him groan in pain. Growling he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her neck to arch back, Growling he bit down on her throat. He didn’t break the skin but made sure to make his point. “Enough! I’m sorry. I know I acted like a fool and I’m sorry. I know your mad at me and you have a right to be but you need to mate. You are weak and in pain and as much as you don’t want me near you right now you are going to have to get over it because I refuse to let you lay i pain because you are too suborn to admit when you need help! So I am going to fuck you for the next few days and when we are done you can go back to being mad at me if you want, Do I make myself clear.” he snarled and heard as she gave a small whimper but felt her nod her head. 

Instantly his mouth slammed into hers. Thorin was quick to push his tongue into her mouth, groaning at her taste. Without breaking from her mouth he ran his hand down her side to her thigh. Spreading her legs he settled himself between them. Rubbing his fingers up her slit he let out a feral growl making slick coat his fingers. Spreading it around he lined himself up with her entrance before pushing in. Hearing her whimper he held down her hip with one hand while his other stayed fisted into her hair. She cried out into his mouth at the slightly painful stretch, Not wanting the others to hear his female cries he kept his mouth over hers. Once he was settled he gave her the much needed time to adjust to his girth. Breaking form her mouth he kissed down to her neck. “Good girl.” he cooed to her, nipping at her ear. Feeling her shiver he smirked and pulled back his hips before slowly rolling them back in. Kissing her neck he trialed his hand from her hip to her breast, pinching the small bud between his fingers. When she cried out he moved his other hand to cover her mouth. “Mmmmm…” she moaned around his hand as he snapped his hips into hers. Nipping at her neck he let out heavy breaths into her skin. “My sweet omega. Mmmm. Going to fill you up with my seed. Is that what you want, do you want your alpha’s knot?” he said in a deep voice making her whine around his hand and nod her head.  Grinning he felt as she began to tremble under him and knew she was close to her own release. Gripping her thigh in his hand he threw it over his back, allowing him to go deeper into her. When he began to growl and grunt he burried his nose into her neck and licked at the skin. Pushing his knot into her body he sunk his teeth into her neck and filled her with his seed. He held his hand over her mouth as she screamed, making sure no other man would hear his females music. When he was done he pulled back to look at the claiming mark, licking at the wound to make sure it would stay clean. Rolling over he held her close, petting her head as she rested up for their next matting session. 

It took only two days this time for her heat to end and although Thorin knew they needed to hurry to the mountain he missed the closeness with his female. Lifting her onto the pony he went to grab the supplies Beorn had given them. Whitney looked at nothing while she waited for them to leave. When she felt a presence she looked up to see Beorn standing beside the pony she was on. “eat these it will help give you your strength back.” he told her handing her a small burlap bag. Opening the drawstring she saw them to be candies. Popping one in her mouth she hummed at the sweet taste of honey and lavender. “Thank you for all you have done to help us.” She told him in a soft voice and saw as he just bowed his head. “You are an omega?” he said more than asking. Nodding she saw him nod, “How did you know?” She asked tilting her head to the side. “I have been around a long time, I know many smells.” he said before walking away to go talk to thorin. The female watched curiously as the two men talked. When they both looked to her she knotted her brows. Seeing Thorin nod his head in thanks he made his way back over to his wife, mounting the pony to sit behind her. “What was that about?” she asked as they rode towards Mirkwood. Thorin took a deep breath before moving to hold of her hands in his own, “He told me to take care of you. That if I harm you he will eat me.” Whitney couldn’t help but let out a giggle at the threat making Thorin chuckle as well. “It will take him a week to chew through your hard head.” she joked making Thorin smack her leg.