Spirit Cold Part 9

If they’re still out there then the chasm grows

For all you know, for all you’ve known


A/N: Warnings: This is an especially smutty chapter, so proceed with a dirty mind 😉


Thorin leaned over your body, his bare chest touching your, almost, bare skin. His left hand was stroking your cheek, and his right was running his hands through your hair.

Thorin had stopped the little intimacy for a moment, just to make sure this is what you really wanted. And before h had a chance to start up again, he wanted to take a moment to look at you.

After all this time, every war he had fought in, every mile he walked, he had never found his One. Not in Erebor, not in the Iron Hills, no where.

He never would’ve thought that he would find his One in a different world. But here you were, laying beside him, looking at him just as intensely as he was looking at you.

Thorin smiled slowly as he bent over, his lips trailing over your lips as he worked down to your neck. Thorin licked the sensitive skin around your collarbone, his hands gripping your hips as you moaned and whimpered.

“I told you I would give you great pleasure.” Thorin kisses down your neck and chest, dipping in the valley between your breasts.

“Thorin…” He smirked against your soft and smooth skin as your hand fell to his shoulder.

You squeezed his shoulder quite hard, as Thorin yanked down the material covering your breasts. He stared at the luscious mounds for a moment before bringing his mouth down to the left nipple, pulling it between his lips.

Thorin began suckling on your nipple, the nub hardening underneath his tongue. Not wanting to leave the other nipple untouched, Thorin placed his thumb and forefinger on the other one, his fingers gently squeezing.

“Oh God…” He felt you shudder underneath his touch making the pride swell in his chest.

As his One, Thorin would go to the ends of the earth to make you happy. And when it came to pleasure, if Thorin made you lose your mind while screaming his name, that was just an added bonus.

“I’m not even close to being done.” Thorin pulled his mouth off of your nipple with a pop.

As he looked at you, his devilishly handsome smile was placed on his face. He gave you a moment of reprieve before he bent down once more, and started placing kisses on your stomach.

He moved down your body, placing kisses and flicking his tongue against your skin, earning whimpers and whines from you.

“You’re teasing me.” Thorin said nothing to your statement, rather he placed his hands on your thighs and spread your legs.

He placed gentle kisses to your thighs, moving from the outside of your thighs to the inside, and then he worked further up.

When he got to your hard clit, Thorin brushed his thumb against the nub once and then again. You jerked in response, closing your legs around his hand.

“It’s alright amrâlimê. I’ll be gentle.” He pushed your thighs apart, again, and leaned in.

Thorin blew warm air against your clit, every shudder only making him more eager to finally taste you. But he would take his time and not rush this.

He wanted every moment with you to last, every intimate moment needed to last.

“Don’t tease me Thorin.” He listened to your pleas, but Thorin did not do what you wanted.

Again, he rubbed his thumb against your clit, stroking the nub slowly and sensually. He wanted you to come undone because of his touch. Thorin wanted you to feel what real pleasure was.

“Thorin…” He leaned in and replaced his thumb with his tongue.

Thorin flocked his tongue against your hardened clit, his arm moving to hold your hips down on the bed. He didn’t want you to jerk your hips too much, as it would make it harder to please you if you were squirming.

“I promise you’ll get release.” Thorin pulled his mouth off your clit and moved down, his finger brushing against your swollen and wet lips.

“Thorin! Please!” Thorin looked up at you, your face flush and your chest rising and falling rapidly.

“Just relax.” Thorin leaned in and licked your swollen lips, groaning at the taste of your sweet and slightly salty juices.

Thorin lapped at all he could find on your lips, and when he was finished, he pushed his tongue inside you, curling it. He worked his tongue in and out of you, his arm having to push down on your hips, as you squirmed and moaned.

Thorin felt your hand fall to his hair, gripping it as you pushed his face closer to you.

“Thorin, fuck…oh God that feels so good!” Thorin knew he was giving you more pleasure than your boyfriend could and did.

He knew he was pleasuring you better and more deeply. Your boyfriend rushed, he didn’t take the time to get you properly excited and flushed. All your boyfriend cared about was his pleasure, not yours.

“You’re close, amrâlimê. I can feel you tightening around my tongue.” Thorin held you down with his left arm, and with his right hand, his stroked your clit with his thumb.

Thorin returned his mouth to your swollen lips, pushing his tongue inside you again, this time moving it as well as he could inside your tightening core.

“I’m so close Thorin.” Encouraged by your gasping, Thorin pinched your clit between his thumb and index finger, squeezing it like he squeezed your nipple.

“I’m going to cum, Thorin!” Your grip on his hair tightened as your jerked your hips up, the muscles in your thighs and legs going rigid as you clenched around his tongue, before releasing all over his mouth.

Thorin pulled away and licked his lips, sitting upright to wipe your juices off of his beard and face. When he leaned back down, he smiled affectionately at you.

You lay against the bed, chest rising and falling rapidly, a look of pure bliss on your face as you tried to calm yourself down.

Thorin brushed his lips against yours, before settling in between your legs, his hard erection brushing against your core.

“I want to go all the way. Don’t you dare stop.” Thorin pressed himself further against your core, and pressed his lips against yours.

He kissed you deeply as he pushed himself inside of you, filling you and stretching you. He heard you gasp against him, your fingers digging into the skin on his shoulders.

Thorin was larger than most men, one of the perks of being a dwarf, and while it was painful now, the pain would quickly turn to pleasure.

“Are you alright? Tell me when I can move.” Thorin watched as you winced and shifted underneath him, spreading your legs a little further.

Thorin placed a hand on your cheek, cupping it as he wiped a stray tear that was rolling down your soft skin. He didn’t move, but lay there, his shaft inside of your core.

“I’m okay. Just go slow.” Thorin moved against you, almost painfully slow, but he would not hurt you. He would never hurt you.

“It’ll start to feel better soon.” Thorin waited and watched as you began to squirm, a sign that you were starting to feel okay.

Still he went slow. It wasn’t until you wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him closer to you, that he really stared to move.

Thorin started moving his hips against you, his hard shaft statrting get coated in your building wetness. Each stroke of his shaft inside you, brought praises that fell from your lips to his ears.

“Thorin…please…you feel so good.” Thorin’s hand dipped down to grab your thigh, pulling your legs off his waist, and to his side.

This movement gave him more room, and gave him access to see his shaft moving in and out of you. The sight of you laying below him, mouth open in moans and whimpers, your hands gripping his wrists, was erotic and sensual.

The world melted away, everything that had ever happened and would happen didn’t matter. It was you and Thorin. It was the pair of you two in this moment, that’s all that mattered.

“Thorin!” Thorin pulled out and flipped you onto your stomach, his arms and hands brushing against your hips as he entered you from behind.

He bent down and pressed kisses from your neck down to your back, trailing his lips up as down. Thorin made sure you knew that this pleasure was for you, not just him. He wanted to make sure you felt as good as he did.

“Does that feel good? Do I make you feel good?”

He whispered in your ear as he his hand moved up your back to grab a fistful of your hair. Thorin pulled gently, your head angled back as he continued to jerk and move his hips against you.

“Yes, Thorin! God it feels so good!” Thorin let his mind wander to what it would be like if you were in Erebor with him.

It would be much of the same, you beneath him for the first few nights, screaming and moaning his name.

Or you would take control and you would be on top of him. Either way, the moans and screams would fill the royal chambers, your bed being well used.

But it wouldn’t just be about sex. Thorin would have you be his queen, his wife. He would proudly introduce you to his family, the company. He would proudly have you by his side, ruling over the great Dwarven city of Erebor.

“Thorin!” He pulled out and slammed back into your, nipping and sucking on your shoulder.

He could feel you tightening again, and with a quick few thrusts, Thorin groaned and released himself inside you.

“Amrâlimê…” He pulled out of you and lay down on your bed, grabbing you and pulling you into his embrace.

He wrapped you tightly within his arms, his lips meeting your forehead. He kissed the top of your head and your forehead a few times, speaking his love for you softly.

“That was…” Thorin cut you off by cooing softly as you fought to catch your breath.

“Just rest. We’ll rest.”

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