Imagine Thorin accidentally calling you his wife

Fili and Kili : * teasing you*
You: No, stop it you two!
Thorin : fili! Kili! Leave my wife, I mean (y/n) alone!
Fili and Kili : * start referring to you as auntie*

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Cats Day 13

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: You decide to not take a dwarf’s insults anymore and Thorin is not too happy and Dwalin is not too happy either.

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You sigh from your seat on the throne. You just wanted to go back home to your kittens, but you were stuck in a meeting with a few nobles from the Iron Hills.

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Imagine telling Thorin about Richard Armitage

Thorin: *furrows brows* “So you are telling me that we are the same Person?”

You: *sighs* “Yes, Thorin, for the hundredth time.”

Thorin: *slams fist on table* “IMPOSSIBLE! There is no way he is as majestic as I am! I mean, just look at me! I am a bloody king!” *flips hair*

You: *jokes* “No, you’re the most majestic creature that has ever crossed my way. Richard’s got nothing on you. Nobody compares to you, my king.”

Thorin: *doesn’t get the sarcasm* “That’s what I thought!”

You: *rolls eyes* Goodness gracious…“

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Congrats on 1K! I love your writing, just read through a ton of reader inserts lol. Can I have some headcanons about Thorin comforting you (maybe like apologizing after he accidentally hurts their feelings or something)? No smut please

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  • Sometimes, when you have enough of Thorin’s stubbornes, arguments happen. They never last long and they’re not bad but when he’s angry he tends to not put a filter on and sometimes a harsh word slips through.
  • You instantly fall silent, too hurt to continue the fight and storm out of the chambers you share with him.
  • Thorin knows he overstepped the line and hurt you, and he regrets it immediately. He hates himself for making you upset.
  • He doesn’t get any sleep that night, waiting for you to come back. You don’t, you decide to spend the night at your sister’s, seeking comfort and calmness.
  • He feels guilty, so very guilty and plans on how to apologize.
  • You come back the next morning, your eyes still a bit red from crying and Thorin makes to touch you but walk pass him with no word said.
  • He knows he’s in trouble and he knows he has to make it better.
  • First thing - he goes to the fields around the Mountain to collect your favorite flowers. It’s not much, but you always smiled when he brought them so that’s a start.
  • Then, Thorin asks the kitchen staff (especially Bombur) to prepare a meal containing your favorite dishes.
  • When he’s back in your chambers, you’re already gone. Thorin assumes you when to tend on your duties - usually, you busy yourself to not think about what upset you.
  • So, he begins to prepare everything for the evening. Flowers are put in a vase, once the meals are delivered, Thorin prepares the table. He waits, although impatiently, for you to walk in.
  • You’re stunned when you step into the living room and Thorin jumps onto his feet, with apologetic expression.
  • “Y/N, my Queen, I admit I am fool. I’ve hurt my most precious gem. But I promise that I will do my best so that it never happens again. Would you, please, forgive me this time?”
  • “You’re lucky that I love you so much, Thorin. I was ready to slap you yesterday.”
  • “You’re allowed to do that should I say something like that again.”
  • He sighs with relief when you take the flowers and sit to dine with him. He was ready to beg you to forgive him and the thought of losing you made him realize that he has to appreciate you more.
  • And he sure does.